A feat is a special feature that either gives your character a new capability or improves one he or she already has. For example, Lidda (a halfling rogue) chooses to start with the Improved Initiative feat at 1st level. That feat gives her a +4 bonus to her initiative check results. At 3rd level (see Table 3–2: Experience and Level-Dependent Benefits, page 22), she gains a new feat and chooses Dodge. This feat allows her to avoid the attacks of an opponent she select by improving her Armor Class against that opponent. Unlike a skill, a feat has no ranks. A character either has a feat or does not.

This is compiled version of all the feats extracted from relevant books found in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons pdf library. It was constructed to provide a concise guide to the feats that are allowed in my campaign. Of course it goes without saying, so I will type it here, all feats are subject to the Dungeon Master's approval.