So this is where the game really starts. Character generation is the most important aspect in game play as well as probably the most exciting. It is at this point a person has the most freedom to develop their character without any repercussions or limitations. Ironically enough the fate of each character is dependent on these six dice. The black triangle is the four sided, the red dice is the six sided, the blue is the eight sided dice, the green is the ten sided, a twelve sided dice not shown here, and the orange dice which is twenty sided. These are the dice that will generate the initial statistics that will govern your character and will continue to generate statistics that will direct game play. These same inanimate objects will ultimately decide the fate of individual characters as well as the group as a whole.

One of the most common questions people ask or the most common concern is what they should become. They want to know what they should become or what type of character a group needs. This is really not the correct way to create a character. The group should not be used as a reference point for character generation. When creating a character one should become the type of character they want for they maybe stuck with that character for a long time. Also generating a character that fits your style creates a truly diverse group

1. Generating the prime ability scores, they consist of Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. Here is A brief description of these for those new to the game: Strength is how strong you are, how well you hit in combat and how much damage you do. Important for those interested in combat. Intelligence is how well you learn and retain skills and attributes. Intelligence is important for those destined to become wizards, monks, and rogues. Skill development is linked to intelligence. Wisdom is how well you are able to use your abilities. It is your willpower to resist mind control and is most important to those that follow any divine path. Dexterity is how agile you are and how well you are able to maintain defense. A high dexterity makes it harder for people to hit you. Dexterity is important for rogues, monks and fighters. Constitution is your overall health and how well you resist anything thing that would affect your health. A person’s hit points are linked to their constitution score. This is important to every character. Finally charisma is the overall impression you make on people . Charisma is most important for sorcerers, bards, priests. To find out the generation procedure a person first rolls the six sided dice. Page 169 in the dungeon’s master’s Guide dictates which method to use to generate these 6 ability scores.

2. A race and a class are chosen. A person can become only one race and one class. As The game progresses you must stick with the race you chose but you can add one or two more classes and add as many prestige classes as you want.

3. All of the information related to your race and class are filled in the appropriate fields: Your age, physical description, money, racial traits, class traits, your combat stats, hit points, moral bent, bonuses related to your race and your ability scores.

4. Picking of skills. Skills are one of the ways a person can customize and make their character unique. People start with a base amount of skills they choose and can add more later or develop the ones they have. Skills are abilities that you have to roll the 20 sided dice to see if they succeed. There is a chance of failure. The more intelligence you have the more skills you can have or make stronger. You can add or develop your skills every level.

5. Feats. These are inherent abilities that can make your character extra ordinary and unique. They basically are inborn or become part of your character makeup. You start off with some feats and add new ones every couple of levels. Also the character class you chose may give you some bonus feats on different levels. If you already know what feats are you can go directly to the compendium of feats page.

6.Choosing spells or psionic abilities. If you become any class that allows you cast spells either divine or arcane you start with a base amount. You may choose them. If you have mind based powers the premise is the same. You start with a base amount and therefore must choose.

7. Buying equipment: Buying equipment is the last stage of character generation. Based on your starting money you may go and buy the equipment best suited for your character.

8. Character Sheet. Your final information is entered in a premade automated character sheet made in Filemaker Pro. This sheet contains a large percentage of Edition 3.5 rules programmed within with room to add and customize these features as your character grows. Once completed it will reside on a server that is accessible during gameplay as well as having the ability to be remotely viewed. Talk to the DM for more details.