Prestige Class Descriptions Best Suited For Alignment or Race Base Attack Bonus Skills Needed Feat Requirements Spellcasting Special Requirements Source of Prestige Class Issue
Abjurant Champion the abjurant champion focuses his arcane abilities both to augment his personal defense and to hinder enemy spellcasters. Perfectly suited for martial stalwarts who dabble in magic, this class offers characters the ability to improve their combat skills in ways neither soldiers nor spellcasters can.
Those fighting classes that want to dabble in the arcane arts Any +5 None Combat casting Must be able to cast first level arcane spell with at least one of them being abjuration Must be proficient with at least one martial weapon Complete Mage
Acolyte of the Ego An acolyte of the ego seeks to master but one truename—his own. In so doing, he learns to fortify himself against harm and unleash pain and suffering upon his enemies. He cares less about the truenames of other creatures. He devotes his study to his true self as he experiments with the pronunciation
of his truename to increase his power.
Those who seek to master one truename Humanoid None Truespeak 9 ranks None None Must speak four languages Tome of Magic
Acolyte of the Fist: Any general class. Allows improved martial capabilities with your hands Monks Any Lawful None Tumble Ranks: 8 Jump Ranks:8 Improved Unarmed Strike, Iron Will, Stunning Fist None Once a character begins to take on levels they must add until they reach Level 10 Complete Adventurer
Acolyte of the Skin A spellcaster questing for power Might undertake the ritual of Bonding replacing their skin with that of a living demon in return for power and supernatural abilities Any spellcasting class Any Non Good None Knowledge the planes 6 ranks None Caster 5th level Must have made peaceful contact with a summoned evil outsider Complete Arcane
Aeromancer Aeromancers pay heed to the flow and source of magical energy the move through the worlds natural weather Those that wish to tap into the power of natural weather and nature to increase their arcane power.
Any None Knowledge Arcana 14 ranks, Knowledge Nature 5 ranks Any two metamagic feats Access to and ability to cast spells, gust of wind and control weather None
Dragon Magazine Issue Number 308
Agent of The Crown Agents of the crown specialize in using their wit and personality to overcome their foes, talking their way past potential enemies and blending into the social fabric with a practiced ease. Connections are an agent of the crown’s lifeblood. Finally an agent enjoys the sport of supporting the crown Any class wanting to support their monarchy Any None Diplomacy 8 ranks, Knowledge (local, nobility, royalty, or court protocol) 8 ranks, Sense motive 8 ranks, Speak languages 2 in addition to your native tongue Skill focus Diplomacy or sense motive None Gain an official recognized position within a government as an operative, typically by fulfilling an important mission for the throne or earning the court’s trust. Though the crown has no ties to you Ultimate Prestige Classes
Agent Retriever Finding items , especially long lost ones is an agent retriever’s specialty. A member of this class has a knack for hunting down unique and valuable items, unrelentingly following every clue, every whispered rumor, and every trail, no matter how cold, until the object for person) is in hand. He is the ultimate bounty hunter, able to move among the planes in his quest. Anyone interested in finding items Any but must be lawful in alignment None Gather information 24 ranks, Knowledge the planes 15 ranks Track None required None Epic Level Handbook
Agitator There are those half-orcs that are heralds who seems to possess unique bardic abilities that can used even during their fearful rage. They are a rare breed among their kind but can use an arrays of barbarian and bardic powers at their disposal Half-orcs that are barbarian bardic combo class Any half-orc +5 Bluff 6 ranks, Diplomacy 6 ranks, Intimidate 6 ranks, perform 6 ranks of either drums, storytelling, epic, or chant, sense motive 6 ranks None None required Rage, Inspire courage, can speak 3 languages, Heroes of high favor
Alienist Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time. For them , magical power is the triumph of the mind over the rude boundaries of dimension, distance, and often sanity Any spellcasting class Any None Knowledge the planes 8 ranks Augment summoning able to cast at least one summoning spell of 3rd level or higher Must have made peaceful contact with an alienist or a psuedo-natural creature Complete Arcane
Anarchic Initiate The anarchic initiate is more than a wilder, he is an initiate to the truth that underlies the wildness in depth of his being. Wildness is not merely a psychological trait, rather it is an aspect of cosmology psionic class Any race but chaotic alignment None Knowledge psionics 8 ranks, Knowledge the planes 8 ranks Maybe over channel if you don’t meet the special requirement None Wild surge class feature or Over channel feat Complete psionics
Ancestral Avenger A secret few are trained to focus on the destruction of the dark elves gaining abilities to fight them Elves that hate the evil drow Any elf or half elf 5 Wilderness Lore 5 ranks Alertness, Iron Will, Tracking v None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 279
Anima Mage Greedy and ambitious, they exploit the powers of the vestiges to which they bind to advance their own abilities. Anima mages see such displaced entities as mere tools, no different from spell component pouches or a wand of fireball. With the power of a vestige, an anima mage can tap a resource all but unknown to his rivals to gain an edge against other spellcasters. The anima mage is a loner, an outsider, and a potential enemy to both binders and witch slayers arcane spellcasting classes Any Non good None Intimidate 4 ranks, Knowledge the planes 4 ranks Any metamagic feat Ability to cast second level arcane spells Ability to bind second level vestiges Tome of Magic
Animal Lord Each animal lord forms a bond with a group of animals. Some animal lords are simple defenders of their kind content to live as apart of nature’s creatures are meant while others believe that nature’s creatures are meant to guard and improve the world
Neutral good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral, or neutral evil +5 Handle Animal 4 ranks, Knowledge nature 2 ranks, 4 ranks in following appropriate None None None

Anipath Anipaths are psychics with an almost feral connection to the animal world which have strong animal instincts and bestial intensity. This interaction is one that quickly leads these anipaths down a path of primal discovery that culminates in the realization that deep inside, there is not a big difference between man and animal Any psion related class Any +4 Animal empathy 4 ranks, Handle animal 4 ranks, wilderness lore 4 ranks Track Manifester of the 3rd level or higher Manifesting capabilities Ultimate Prestige Classes
Anointed Knight The anointed knight is a holy soldier who has taken great pains to learn the intricacies of alchemy in order to become a more capable combatant. Armed with an ancestral weapon, her unquenchable thirst is matched only by her extraordinary combat prowess. Any Any race but good alignment +5 Craft ( alchemy) 5 ranks, knowledge arcana 3 ranks, Spellcraft 3 ranks Ancestral relic None required None Book of Exalted Deeds
Apostle of Peace In a world where conflict usually means violence, where good and evil meet regularly on the field of battle, where might often makes right and power is measured in gold pieces, the apostle of piece is a lone voice crying in the wilderness Any non violent character Any but good alignment None Concentration 10 ranks, diplomacy 6 ranks Sacred vow, Vow of nonviolence, vow of peace, and Vow of poverty None Base will save is +5 Book of Exalted Deeds
Arcane Archer Master of the Bow skilled in magic to supplement their combat
Any elf or half-elf 6 None Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus on Bow Ability to cast first level spells None Dungeon Master's Guide
Arcane Avatar Sometimes in their studies of magic wizards and sorcerers develop unique abilities and powers unrelated to their arcane spellcasting. Arcane avatars are so named for their supreme mastery of magic. Though they do not know as much experience as sages they hold tremendous power at their beck & call Any high level arcane spellcaster Any None None Any 4 metamagic feats Ability to cast 6th level arcane spells None required Ultimate Prestige Classes
Arcane Burglar A lone arcane burglar is an artist, far above such cheap antics as picking pockets, slashing purses or blatant highway robbery. He prefers to pick a target, find out as much as possible about that target and then relieve the target of portable valuables adventuring classes with some arcane spellcasting Any None Appraise 6 ranks, Climb 8 ranks, Open lock 6 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks None Arcane spellcasting is a benefit to have prior but not fully necessary It the character is not of an arcane spellcasting class, he must acquire some arcane tutoring to learn the basics of arcane magic. The training takes 1d4+2 months and costs 2d6x100 gp Ultimate Prestige Classes
Arcane Delver Arcane delvers are elves that push their power even further, going beyond the capabilities of normal wizards into a finer and more precise control of the magical energies that make spells work. They are not organized but receive due recognition by their peers. They usual have master- student bonds elves, half-elves, or elf-friends that cast arcane spells Elf, half-elf, or Elf-friend None Spellcraft 10 ranks The character must possess at least three metamagic feats The character must be able to cast 3rd level arcane spells or 3rd level divine spells from the magic domain None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Arcane Hierophant Arcane hierophants wield a blending of arcane magic and divine magic with a heavy emphasis on nature and the elements. Though they possess the learning and discipline commonly associated with wizards, they also have practical knowledge of the natural world commonly associated with druids. Like druids, they can change shape into animal and elemental forms, but they also can wield powerful arcane spells. Any combo arcane and divine class that want a better tie to the natural world Any non lawful +4 Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge nature 8 ranks None Ability to cast 2nd level arcane spells and ability to cast 2nd level divine spells Trackless step class feature Races of the Wild
Arcane Leech They are those spellcasters that feel they are entitled to the spells of any other spellcaster they encounter. Known as arcane leeches, these talented arcane spell casters are able to quietly remove spells from the very minds of their targets, increasing their own power and crippling their foes Any spellcaster class with some spontaneous casting Any None Knowledge arcana 15 ranks, Spellcraft 15 ranks None The ability to spontaneously cast arcane spells, the ability to cast dispel magic None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Arcane Trickster Combine knowledge of spells with intrigue, larceny, or mischief
Any non-lawful None Decipher Script 7 ranks, Disable Device 7 ranks Escape Artist 7 ranks, Knowledge Arcana 4 ranks Sneak Attack +2d6 Ability to cast mage hand and at least one arcane spell 3rd level or higher None Dungeon Master's Guide
Arcanist The arcanist trades all other abilities in his pursuit of more magic and power. Always a multiclass spellcaster of more than one spell-casting class, the arcanist oversteps borders and taboo to practice his magic as powerfully as possible. He uses arcane and divine magic ignoring the gods to cast more spells of the highest level Combination classes of arcane and divine Any none Concentration 7 ranks, Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, Knowledge nature or religion 5 ranks, spellcraft 7 tanks None Ability to cast arcane and divine spells of the first level None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Archmage The highest art is magic—often referred to as the Art. Its most advanced practitioners are frequently archmages, characters who bend spells in ways unavailable to other spellcasters. An archmage gains strange powers and the ability to alter spells in remarkable ways, but must sacrifice some of her spell capability in order to master these arcane secrets. Those whose pursuit of the arcane wanting to reach new heights Any None Knowledge arcana 15 ranks, Spellcraft 15 ranks, Skill focus Spellcraft, Spell focus in two schools of magic Ability to cast seventh level arcane spell knowledge of 5th level or higher spells from at least five schools None Dungeon Master's Guide
Argent Savant Of all the energies summoned or shaped by magic force is the the most pure. An argent savant regards spells that evoke magical force as the noblest and most fascinating spells Spellcasters Any None Knowledge arcana 6 ranks, spellcraft 12 ranks None Able to cast at least five spells with the force descriptor one of which must be fifth level None Complete Arcane
Artificer The artificer is fascinated with magic items. He seeks fulfillment by putting his efforts into analyzing and creating items. They typically inhabit towns and cities but never live in villages Anyone interested in creation of magic items Any None Knowledge arcana 10 ranks, Craft ( Any ) 10 ranks total in all crafts Two item creation feats besides brew potion and scribe Scroll Though it doesn’t say One would assume some spellcasting ability The artificer must have a large workshop worth 5,000 gp to build and establish and must have created at least one magic item with each of his item creation feats Ultimate Prestige Classes
Ashworm Dragoon Some of the sand-hardened folk who have lived in the desert for millennia have come to appreciate the qualities of the ashworm. The skill of training ashworms as mounts has become popular, but you have been able to form a bond with a single ashworm so strong that the ashworm serves almost as an extension of your will. You, and talented riders like you, are known as ashworm dragoons. As an ashworm dragoon, you ride across the vast desert sands (and sometimes beneath or beyond). You choose your own path, whether that involves defending your people, taking service with a patron, or striking out in search of adventure. BECOMING AN ASHWORM DRAGOON Fighting or adventuring classes that are drawn to wild desert life Any +5 Handle animal 4 ranks, Ride 8 ranks Mounted combat, Ride by Attack None required Must have ridden an ashworm dragoon Sandstorm
Assassin An enhanced ability to act as a spy, paid killer, informant. Get spell casting ability
Any neutral or evil None Disguise 4 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks None None The character must kill someone for no other reason than to join the guild Dungeon Master's Guide

Avengers are the mysterious sentinels of a nation-state, sworn to protect it no matter the cost. While chivalrous knights and doughty fighters take to the field of battle in defense of their homeland, avengers fight from the shadows striking down their targets swiftly and precisely. Avengers are a variant of the assassin prestige class from the DMG that does not require its members to be of evil alignment.

While any character can qualify to become an avenger, most that do so have levels of ranger, rogue, or monk. Avengers use guile and stealth to reach their targets, so while a bard can qualify for this class, their flamboyance and the verbal components of many of their abilities can make the successful completion of a mission difficult. Because of the reliance on physical attacks to achieve their goals, wizards and sorcerers likewise rarely become avengers. Some avengers take levels of fighter to boost their combat skills, while a few, and very rare, paladins also follow this path.

Any Any non-chaotic None Disguise 4 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks. None None The character must have killed an enemy leader or champion in defense of his homeland or nation. Wizards of the Coast
Avenging Executioner In Broken hearts and shattered dreams of the tragically wronged, seeds of vengeance take root. Avenging executioners are victims pushed past the limit of endurance who hunt sentient creatures out of a need for justice anyone seeking vengeance Any race but any non-good alignment +5 Hide 4 ranks, Intimidate 6 ranks, Move silently 4 ranks None None required Must have been tragically wronged in some manner Complete Scoundrel
Battle Trickster The battle trickster engages in combat not only to defeat enemies but to impress them with martial and acrobatic prowess, he Amazes onlookers with daring and death defying stunts making a spectacle of war Any that meet the requirements usually rogues and bards Any +5 Any three skills +6 ranks in each None None required 2 skill tricks Complete scoundrel
Battleguard of Tempus To be a soldier priest of Tempus that specialize in every aspect of military affairs Any that wish to combine the divine spellcasting class with that of a warrior class
Any Non Lawful 4 Craft Armor smithing 5 ranks, Craft weaponry 5 ranks, Handle Animal 3 ranks, Ride 3 ranks Combat Casting, Leadership, Weapon Focus any Ability to cast 2nd level divine spells. Clerics must have access to the war domains. Must have been in at least five battles and on the winning side of three involving 50 or more combatants Dragon Magazine Issue Number 317
Battlesmith A battlesmith is a skilled dwarf armorer and weaponsmith who uses her experience in battle, as well as her masterful weaponsmithing and armorsmithing abilities, to create deadly items for her kinsmen to wield in defense of their homes. While typically only spellcasters can craft magic items, dwarven ingenuity has found a number of ways to make skill serve where non dwarves must rely on magic. Dwarves that want to combine smithing and combat Dwarf +5 Craft armorsmithing or craft weaponsmithing 10 ranks Armor proficiency heavy. Endurance, Weapon focus warhammer None required The character must have created a dwarvencraft weapon and used it in battle Races of Stone
Bear Warrior Bear Warriors literally adopt a bear’s strength in rage of battle, actually transforming into bears while they fight. Only characters that can tap into the spiritual powers of rage can become bear warriors Warriors classes, spirit people Any +7 None Power Attack None Rage of Frenzy ability Complete Warrior
Beastmaster A beastmaster feels more at home among the animals of nature than fellow sentient beings. Overtime, these wanderers befriend a wide variety of animals, from mighty dire lions to tiny weasels Any that associate with nature Any None Handle animal 8 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Skill Focus ( Handle animal ) None None Complete Adventurer
Beloved of Valarian the Unicorn Deity The beloved of Valarian are women who have foresworn the love of mortals to dedicate themselves entirely to the unicorn deity valarian, thus fostering a close bond with unicorns. Any female that can forgo the love of mortals Any race but must be good alignment +7 Knowledge nature 5 ranks, Ride 10 ranks Mounted combat, sacred Vow, Vow of chastity None required Female and must meditate at a druid’s grove and fast until she saves the life of animal in danger Book of Exalted Deeds
Bereft The bereft are a group of truenamers who devote themselves to mastering the word of unmaking, a powerful component of Truespeech purportedly able to unravel creation. Through liberal uses of the word’s syllables, a bereft studies its effects so that one day he can master the complete word of unmaking and perhaps unlock the meaning of reality. As he advances in level as a bereft, he learns new syllables of unmaking that create a variety of disruptive effects. After much patient study, he finally learns how to combine these potent syllables into the terrible, deadly word of unmaking. Those that wish to use words to unmake creations Any neutral None Truespeak 13 languages None None Must have been the subject of a ritual of renaming spell Tome of Magic
Berserk Berserks are warriors who dress themselves in bearskins (“berserk” comes from “bear sark,” or “bear shirt”), taking advantage of the fear most people have for wild animals and simultaneously inviting the wild rage of the animal into the warrior’s body. Berserks whip themselves into a battle
frenzy, biting their shields and howling like animals. They are ferocious fighters and seemingly insensitive to pain while this madness lasts.
Any fighting class Any non lawful +5 None Armor proficiency medium, martial weapon proficiency battleaxe, longsword, or warhammer, Shield proficiency None None Deities and Demigods
Berserker Often confused with the more common barbarian, the berserker is a fighter who is able to achieve the heightened state of mind in close combat. Known to be deadly warriors, berserkers wind themselves up into a lethal fury that allows them to fight longer and hit harder than normal. Any fighting class Any +4 None Cleave, Endurance, Iron Will, Power Attack, Weapon Focus, Weapon specialization None None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Black Flame Zealot The order of the Black Flames is the hidden blade of their faith , a secret society of hold slayers devoted to the worship of a dark deity of fire and destruction. Trained in the unholy arts
Cleric and rogues ANY non good None Hide 8 ranks, Knowledge 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks Exotic weapon proficiency (kukri), Iron Will Able to cast 2nd level divine spells Sneak attack +1d6 Complete Divine
Blade Bravo A few, however, possess a real talent for fencing and develop a love of the blade and battle. They become addicted to the rush of combat and devote themselves to studying its many strategies. Their obsession transforms the sport, elevating the sometimes in elegant cut and thrust of battle into an art form that an leave observers breathless and opponents bloody. These blade bravos also specialize in techniques to battle creatures larger than they are—a necessity for any gnome interested in pursuing the arts of war. Not surprisingly, gnome fighters and rogues of all types find themselves drawn to the life of the blade bravo Any gnome that wants to specialize in rapier wielding Gnome +5 Bluff 5 ranks Combat expertise, Weapon finesse, Weapon Focus rapier None None Races of Stone
Bladesinger Blade singers are elves who have blended art, swordplay, and arcane magic into a harmonious whole. bards, fighters, spellcasters Elf or half elf +5 Balance 2 ranks, Concentration 4 ranks, Perform 2 dance ranks, Perform sing 2 ranks Tumble 2 ranks Combat Casting, Dodge, Combat Expertise, Still Spell, Weapon Focus ( Longsword or rapier) Ability to cast arcane spells of first level or higher Proficiency with Longsword Complete Warrior
Blighter When a druid turns away from the land the land turns away from her. You become a force of destruction bringing desolation wherever they go Ex-Druids Any Non Good 4 None None 3rd level druid spellcasting class Must be an ex -druid previously capable of casting 3rd level spells Complete Divine
Blood Magus Formerly deceased spellcaster who, when returned to life, gain understanding of their blood’s importance bequeathed by their close call Arcane spellcasters Any but lawful good None Concentration 4 ranks Great fortitude, Toughness Arcane spellcaster The caster must have died and been returned to life Complete Arcane
Bloodchild Many gods have discovered the simplest method to acquire such a representative is to inject their essence into the unborn child of their faithful. This divine seed takes time to root but will develop as the child grows. The majority of children do not know of their divine heritage Divine classes Any +11 None Empower spell Ability to cast holy aura or unholy aura as a divine spell A god has to have some hidden interest in the character rebirth Ultimate Prestige Classes
Bloodhound A bloodhound tracks down wrongdoers and brings them to whatever justice that awaits them. Any Any +4 Gather information 4 ranks, Move silently 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Endurance, Track None None Complete Adventurer
Bloodwitch Blood witches often set themselves as the heads of brutal cults, allowing them to snatch sacrificial victims to cast their magic. These practices make the blood witch a very unwelcome sight and most kingdoms will persecute and disband such cults before they gain power Any spellcasting class that will use blood to fuel their magic Neutral or evil None Concentration 10 ranks, Knowledge arcana 10 ranks Any two metamagic feats, Skill Focus Concentration Able to cast 3rd level spells None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Bone Archer Bone archers are craftsmen. They have learned an ancient craft of fletching (crafting arrows) using bones. These arrows are light and barbed, and they almost seem to seek out living targets when wielded by their craftsman. Those already familiar with the necromantic arts find these handcrafted bone arrows are easily enchanted with short-duration necromantic energies. Combo fight and arcane spellcasting classes that use bows Any None Knowledge arcana 6 ranks, Craft bowyer/fletcher 8 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks weapon focus any bow, Point blank shot Ability to cast four or more necromantic spells with one being at least second level Learned the craft of bone Fletching from a bone archer Three Arrows for the King
Bounty Hunter version 1 Wanted..... dead or alive. This is the clarion call for bounty hunters across the land, who make their profits by pursuing the rewards offered for the heads of hundreds of bandits, criminals, and desperate men, women, and creatures who transgress a law or cross the wrong person Any class Any +6 Intimidate 8 ranks, Gather information 4 ranks Alertness, Track None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Bounty Hunter version 2 ring e' m back ... Usually it s bring them back alive, but not always. However you want them, the Bounty Hunter is ready to deliver,for a price. The Bounty Hunters treasure is the personal or institutional vendettas of others. Some states and nations employ Bounty Hunters to track down escaped prisoners, political activists and enemies of the state Any class Any +5 Intimidate 5 ranks, Gather information 8 ranks, move silent 5 ranks Alertness, Track None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Bowman Charger Warriors who feel comfortable attacking on the backs of horses. Cavalry
Any 6 Handle Animal 8 ranks, Ride 8 ranks Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, Weapon Focus None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number

Branch Dancer Character who develop a kinship with the forest learn to listen to the trees, befriend them and defend them
Any non evil None Balance 5 ranks, Climb 5 ranks, Knowledge Nature 5 ranks Track None Must receive the blessing of a treant for heroism in defense of a forest and 3 months training of another branch dancer Dragon Magazine Issue Number 310
Brawler There are few fighters as low a reputation as the brawler and their true skills are rarely recognized. Brawler’s are noted to pick on the weak for nothing more than sport and fun. However they are highly skilled individuals who possess self discipline and specialize in unarmed combat Fighting Classes ANY +5 None Alertness, Improved Unarmed Strike None Strength 15+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Brimstone Speaker Brimstone speakers regard the secret language of truenames as nothing less than a gift from the gods. Through assiduous study, they master truenames that enable them to call eladrins, archons, and angels to fight on their behalf. They also know the truename they’re most famous for: the tongue
of fire that burns away the stain of evil everywhere.
Those who think that Truespeak is the words of the gods and how it can call their aid to the player Any good None Truespeak 10 ranks None And divine spell casting Worship a deity that provides access to the Fire or Good domain
Ability to cast true prayer of the chosen
Tome of Magic
Buccaneer The buccaneer is one who has made the ocean his home, his life, and his passion. They do not take themselves or others seriously and make their living off the sea. Often dedicated explorers they are often mistaken for rogues of the sea. Adventuring or fighting class but any that fulfill the requirements are allowed Any +3 Balance 6 ranks, Swim 6 ranks, Tumble 6 ranks None None Charisma 13+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Calligrapher It is a given of magic that words have power and written words have the power that stays. It was only a matter of time before the rogue calligraphers began to understand the way words work in magical writings, and put their trained dexterity to good use wielding a pen instead And rogue or adventuring class Any Lawful None Craft calligraphy 8 ranks, Decipher script 4 ranks, Forgery 4 ranks Skill focus in Craft calligraphy and forgery None required but can’t hurt The character must have been in a situation where he was attacked fro knowledge someone wanted to either destroy or obtain Ultimate Prestige Classes
Candle Caster Also called spell chandlers, these specialists make and fill their candles with immense power Those who wish to infuse their arcane power with mystical candles
Any None Craft Candle making 6 ranks Great Fortitude Ability to cast 3rd level or higher spells The candle caster must initially possess a supply of at least 100 undertwigs Tome and blood
Cat Burglar Developing beyond the common pilfers, cutthroats, footpads and looters are the cat burglars. Masterful acrobats they ply their trade in the cities and towns , retrieving artifacts and treasure for their sponsors or for themselves executing their duty as though it was an art adventuring classes Can’t not be lawful good None Balance, climb, disable device, gather information, hide, jump, Move silently, open Lock, search, tumble and use rope all must have 4 ranks Alertness and dodge None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Cavalier A fighter that represents the ultimate in mounted warfare, the quintessential night in shining armor. The charge of the cavalier is the most devastating offensive weapons any culture can hope to field Fighters, people interested in mounted combat Lawful +8 Handle Animal 4 ranks, Knowledge nobility 4 ranks, Ride 6 ranks Spirited charge, weapon focus ( lance), Mounted combat , ride by attack None None Complete Warrior
CaveStalker The Underdark’s most dangerous predators are not its horrific monstrosities, crawling and festering in the darkest of grottoes. Rather, they are the deadly cavestalkers, moving effortlessly through a jungle of living rock—and none are as much at home in these caverns as the drow. Just as a surface ranger feels at peace in the heart of a virgin forest, so too is a cavestalker is at home in the wilds of the Underdark Those that have a pension for a ranger or druid type class for the Underdark’s Any +2 Knowledge dungeoneering 4 ranks, survival 8 ranks Track None required The candidate must have natural darkvision to allow successful navigation of the Underdark Tunnels Drow of the Underdark
Celestial Mystic The mysteries of the seventh mounting heaven, the Celestial layer of Chronias, are unplumbed even by the archons who inhabit Celestia’s lower layers. Tales say those that enter have their inherent goodness magnified until their essence joints with Celestia itself Any Lawful good character
Any race but lawful good alignment None Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, Knowledge the planes 4 ranks, knowledge religion 6 ranks, spellcraft 6 ranks Servant of the heavens, Sacred vow, Vow of Abstinence Able to cast 4 level spells None Book of Exalted Deeds
Cerebremancer Cerebremancers access both the arcane mysteries of spellcasting
and the psionic powers of the mind. Cerebremancers tend to be driven, ambitious sorts, willing to sacrifice more subtle abilities in exchange for pure power.
Those wishing to exploit both their psion and arcane classes Any None Knowledge arcana 6 ranks, Knowledge psionics 6 ranks None Able to manifest 2nd level psion powers None Expanded Psionics Handbook
Cerebrex One who combines arcane power the expanding capability of one’s own senses
Any None Concentration 8 ranks, Craft ( Alchemy 4 ranks, Knowledge Arcane 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks) None Ability to cast 2nd level spells None

Chameleon A member of any class can become a chameleon—because, after all, a chameleon can become anyone. This class literally can achieve the power to gain attributes of any class including spell casting Any class that wants the ability to become any other class Any None Bluff 8 ranks, Disguise 8 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks Able Learner none required but can help None Races of Destiny
Champion Champions specialize in leading the armies of good in battle. They are formidable heavy infantry warriors specializing with the weapon and shield style of common troops. Most feel their place is with common warriors who do the hardest fighting. The champion values their ability in leadership, to inspiration and the skill to overcome advisories in combat, above all other virtues. They pray to their gods for the courage and ability to lead. Any divine fighting class with leadership potential but usually paladins of neutral or lawful sort Lawful good or neutral good +7 Craft armorer 2 ranks, Craft weapon smith 2 ranks Diplomacy 6 ranks Expertise, Leadership, Power attack, Weapon focus any single handed None required Character must have the ability to turn or rebuke undead Paths of the Righteous
Champion of Corellon Larethian The champion of Corellon is a noble elf fighter, an elf knight or lord who can stand up to any orc or human warrior. All elves admire the grace, discipline, and skill necessary to become a swordmaster, and the champion of Corellon is the very paragon of elven swordsmanship. Clad in shining elven mail or plate, the champion relies on quickness, agility, and an almost scholarly study of the most difficult and advanced techniques of swordplay instead of brute power. As the name suggests, a champion of Corellon Larethian holds a special place in elf society. Any elven or half-elven fight class that worship Corellon Any non evil and elf or half-elf +7 Diplomacy 4 ranks, Knowledge religion 2 ranks Proficient with all martial weapons and heavy armor, Combat expertise, Dodge and mounted combat None required Must worship corellon larethian. In addition to the feats listed you must also take weapon Focus longsword or Exotic weapon Proficiency for elven thinblade or elven courtblade Races of the Wild
Champion of Gwynharwyf (Barbarian champion) Gwynharwyf’s is the celestial patron of barbarians. The model for how rage and righteousness can coexist in a single being. Any barbarians or any that fly into a rage Any race but chaotic good alignment +6 Intimidate 9 ranks Knight of stars, Righteous wrath None required None Book of Exalted Deeds
Charlatan Those that excel at the pretense of having power. They are masters of trickery and falsities. She can can convince anyone of being something that she is not. bards and rogues and any that want to deceive. Any v Bluff 8 ranks, Knowledge arcana 2 ranks, Knowledge religion 2 ranks, Perform 4 ranks, Spellcraft 2 ranks Skill Focus bluff None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 335
Chevalier Chevaliers ride into battle with a divine certainty. No one has greater control or understanding of their mount. In every way they strive to represent the best of chivalry. By their very actions they demonstrate the greatness possible in all beings. The chevalier’s presence upon a battlefield bolsters the morale of allies and provides them with a formidable military asset. Evil beings truly dread a chevalier, for the powerful combination of warrior and mount can threaten even the mightiest of horrors. Any Good paladin class that wishes to enhance their link to their mount Any paladin class +7 Handle animal 4 ranks, Ride 8 ranks Inspired courage, Leadership, Mounted combat ride by attack None required Charisma 15+, Possess the aura of courage ability, Have a special mount with which they share an empathic link. Should be a paladin Paths of the Righteous
Child of the Night They prefer to call themselves “black transmogrif sts,” but most know them as children of night. They are more than spellcasters, more than scholars, and—they claim—more than mortal. For those who have the will and the depth of knowledge to join their ranks, ascension beyond the earthly
form awaits, for the children of night become the stuff of shadow itself
Any spellcasting class interested in the shadow plane Any None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge the planes 8 ranks None Ability to cast mysteries or ability to cast spells with the darkness or shadow descriptor Must have visited the plane of shadow

Chimeric Champion of Garl Glittergold They epitomize gnome ingenuity and trickery. They specialize in the art of illusion and the art of item creation. Such gnomes are usually fun loving tricksters. Gnomes Gnome None Craft ( alchemy ) 3 ranks, Knowledge Arcana 10 ranks Brew Potion, Scribe scroll Able to cast third level or higher divine spells Base will save +5, Patron deity Garl Glittergold Dragon Magazine Issue Number 328
Chirurgeon The need for curative solutions that can affect a larger audience that a priest could handle is where the art of chirurgeon comes in handy. They use surgical techniques combined with herbal lore and a healer’s touch to overcome what limited spellcasting can not Divine classes with a pension for new healing techniques Any None Heal 8 ranks, Profession herbalism 5 ranks Skill Focus ( heal ) Extra turning Must be able to cast divine spells Must have the ability to spontaneously cast curing magic and channel positive energy Ultimate Prestige Classes
Chosen of Bahamut A Chosen of Bahamut is a half-dragon who has proved himself to full-blooded dragons and more
importantly, to Bahamut, the god of good dragons. Through his actions, he has shown that he is goodhearted
and wishes to be closer to his kin. A Chosen of Bahamut becomes more like a dragon in various
ways that would be otherwise unattainable without divine assistance.
Must be some racial portion of a metallic dragon, be able to cast divine spells, and worship Bahamut Any good aligned race +5 Knowledge Religion 8 ranks None Must be able to cast divine spells Must worship Bahamut and speak Draconic Internet web document  
Chosen Warlord Blessed by his deity, wading into the battlefield wielding his
sacred weapons, the Chosen Warlord is an icon of war for the
churches of the mighty war-gods. Chosen Warlords are living
banners of their deity s might, boosting the morale of faithful troops
while bearing the blessings of sharp steel to the infidels.
For those of a fighting class with a war or combat deity Any +7 Knowledge religion 5 ranks Power attack, Leadership, Weapon focus Deity’s favored weapon None required Must worship a deity that grants the war domain to his or her clerics, and be in good standing with the church of said Deity to receive the blessings of the chosen warlord. You must have magical weapon of deity’s favored type Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Church Inquisitor A cleric who is concerned with corruption and evil within specialization in divination and abjuration Clerics and priests, possible paladins Lawful good and lawful neutral Will +3 Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, Knowledge religion 4 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks None Able to cast zone of truth as a divine spell Must be a member of a lawful good church or religious order, and must have already uncovered some corruption within that organization Complete Divine
Church Provisioner The provisioner is an important part of the magical supply chain. Skilled in brewing potions, provisioners ensure magic is available where needed. By drawing upon the faith of the congregation, the provisioner is able to create potions at a much faster than would otherwise be possible. Divine classes with a pension for brewing potions Any None Spellcraft 8 ranks, Alchemy 4 ranks Brew Potion Able to cast create food and water as a divine spell None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Cloaked Dancer The cloaked dancer dances into the hearts and minds of her audience, beguiling those around her with boundless charm and careful dance moves, leaving her victims in a state of ecstasy even as she kills them Any class but normally bards and rogues Any None hide 5 ranks, perform ( dance ) 10 ranks Sleight of hand 5 ranks None none required None Complete scoundrel
Cloud Anchorite A cloud anchorite is one who seeks to be surrounded by the awe and beauty of the mountains and mountain tops, seeking a way to divulge the path to immortality Monks or those with unarmed strike capabilities Any race but must be lawful alignment +5 Climb 9 ranks, jump 9 ranks, knowledge 9 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Improved unarmed combat, mountaineer None The prospective student must live for a week on her own in a wilderness region, during which time she can travel no lower than 12,000 feet in altitude Frostburn
Coal-Tongue raver A deadly mix of a rogue with barbarous abilities. They sometimes have no concept of ownership but you would be hard pressed to find a coal-tongue raver guilty of larceny. They are bent to be merciless killers. Any half-orc that wants to combine the barbarian and rogue class Any non lawful and non good +5 Handle animal 9 ranks, Intimidate 9 ranks, Wilderness lore 9 ranks None None Sneak attack 1d6 or better, must have suffered ability score loss due to poison temporary or permanent. Base fortitude save +5 Heroes of High Favor
Combat Trapsmith Combat trapsmith can litter a battlefield of dungeon with devices of their own cunning design. they can put together a variety of traps, ranging from annoying to deadly, in mere seconds. with a bit of preparation a combat trapsmith can turn a difficult battle into an easy exercise or vice versa rogues and scouts or any that meet the requirements Any Any Craft (trapmaking) 8 ranks, disable device 6 ranks, search 6 ranks Trapfinding None required Must have the trapfinding ability Complete scoundrel
Commando The commando excels at hitting the enemy hard and fast before slipping away undetected. They often operate behind enemy lines, picking out sniper positions and organizing ambushes against columns of troops or important targets Any fighting or adventuring class Any +4 Hide 8 ranks, Spot 4 ranks Point blank shot, Far shot None required Sneak attack damage for at least 1d6 Ultimate Prestige Classes
Connection A connection constantly works to maintain his network of contacts. If there is one truth to the social scene, it is that chaos reigns. nothing remains constant, fashions change, language changes, and what is considered popular and acceptable one day can become the social suicide the next day. A connection must stay one step ahead Any class and character with charisma Any None Diplomacy 8 ranks, Gather information 8 ranks, Sense motive 8 ranks Skill focus diplomacy None required charisma ability 14+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Consecrated Harrier The consecrated harrier acts as a bounty hunter for her religion or organization. A consecrated hunter fight blasphemers, heretics, and those that betray or attack the church directly Any lawful that serves the church any lawful +5 Disguise 5 ranks, Gather Information 5 ranks Track None The candidate must accept an assignment from her church to locate and destroy some specific individual enemy of the church Complete Divine
Contemplative Those that attain for greater closeness to their deity want to connect and feel the tangible power of their god emanating from them. They actively seek to make this bond closer priests or divine worshippers Any None Knowledge 13 ranks None Able to cast first level divine spells Must have had direct contact with one’s patron deity or a direct servant of that deity, or with an enlightened being embodying the highest principles of an alignment Complete Divine
Cosmic Descryer The cosmic descryer is interested in the infinite variety of the planes and fascinated by the different layers of the multiverse. She uses experimentation to grow knowledgeable in the whirl and gyre of the cosmos, developing an extraordinary affinity for all things planar. Furthermore, she derives power from that fundamental understanding. She is particularly adept in the summoning arts, able to call and command the most powerful outsiders known. She can travel to other planes with ease, adapting herself to those otherworldly environments no matter how alien. Those high level characters that want to tap into the power of the multiverse Any None Knowledge the planes 24 ranks Spell Focus conjuration, epic Feat energy reistance Ability to cast gate and any planar ally or planar binding spell Must have previously traveled to any other plane of existence Epic Level Handbook
Cragtop Archer In times of peace, the cragtop archer hunts across the deep mountain canyons, felling animals too canny for other hunters to approach. In times of war, the cragtop archer fights from a ridgeline, raining arrows down on her foes from hundreds of yards away and winning battles from seemingly impossible distances. Cragtop archers train their eyes and minds to find targets at great distances, and to quickly compensate for wind, movement, and other factors that affect shots of such difficulty. Few warriors can match the cragtop archer’s ability to hold higher ground against a group of enemies Any character that wants to put special bent on their archery Any +6 Climb 10 ranks, Spot 5 ranks, Survival 5 ranks Far shot, Mountain Warrior None required None Races of Stone
Crusading footpad A few select rogues robs others for a much higher purpose and cause. The crusading footpad is the paladin of rogues. He steals from vile cults, foul necromancers and villainous nobles in an effort to hamper evil. The crusading footpad may draw reprimands from paladins but their intentions are always in the right place Any adventuring class Any good +4 Knowledge religion 4 ranks Dodge, iron will None required Wisdom 13+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Crypt Lord Crypt lords have chosen to leave the world of the living behind to focus on the power granted by the netherworld. They are the most notorious of necromancers, distrusted even by their peers. As crypt lord increases in skill , his powers reinforce his body with traits found in the undead Arcane or divine spellcasters interested in undead Neutral or evil only None Knowledge undead 7 ranks Spell focus necromancy Ability to cast seven necromantic spells, at least one being a 3rd level or higher An aspiring crypt lord must have suffered a life-draining attack of an undead creature, be it energy drain or ability score loss, before they are able to understand the forces of unlife well enough to enter this class Ultimate Prestige Classes
Cyrokineticist A cryokineticist calls upon the power of cold for protection, transfiguration, and attack developing his abilities to the point where he can harness to the most pure elemental cold for his bidding Psionic based characters Any race but lawful alignment None Concentration 8 ranks, Craft alchemy 1 rank, knowledge psionics 2 ranks None Able to manifest energy emanation None Frostburn
Daggerspell Mage In a reclusive monastery in the heart of an ancient forest a varied group of druids and arcane spellcasters train together. Daggerspell mages see the quick movements of their deadly daggers as an attendant part of their spellcasting. Druids, arcane spellcasters. Any non-evil
Concentration 8 ranks Weapon focus ( dagger ), Two weapon fighting None Arcane spellcaster level, Sneak attack +1d6 Complete Adventurer
Daggerspell Shaper In a reclusive monastery in the heart of an ancient forest a varied group of druids and arcane spellcasters train together. Daggerspell shapers see the precise martial powers of the their twin dagger style and their magic as an extension of one powerful philosophy. Druids and arcane spellcasters Any non-evil
Concentration 8 ranks Weapon focus ( dagger) two weapon fighting None Wild shape class feature, Either sneak attack +1d6 or skirmish +1d6 Complete Adventurer
Darkwater Knight The Darkwater Knight serves as the greatest and holiest of protectors of the Darkwater Guardians organization. She constantly seeks out those who would despoil, pollute, or otherwise take advantage of nature's waters Any nature deity Any non-evil   Knowledge Nature 6 ranks, Surivival 6 ranks, Swim 6 ranks

Skill Focus: Swim

Water Focus

The ability to cast three spells one of which must be 2nd level and one of which must have the water descriptor None

Dragon Magazine


Dark Hunter A special type of class that focuses on hunting down and eliminating creatures found in dark remote regions. They use stealth. ambush, and deception to single out foes and remove them fighters, rogues, any class that wants to hunt Any +5 Craft (trapmaking) 5 ranks, Knowledge dungeoneering 2 ranks, Move silently 2 ranks, Survival 2 ranks Blind fight, track None None Complete Warrior
Dark Minstrel Survivors of tragedies. Raconteurs of the last moments of mighty kingdoms. Bards of the Abyss. The Dark Minstrel spreads the words of great tragedies they have witnessed, or those witnessed by other Dark Minstrels. Through their dark performances they spread dread and fear across the lands, keeping children from sleeping at night, and arousing basest fears in adults For bards that have a dark side Any non good None Perform 8 ranks, Hide 4 ranks Alertness None required but usually have arcane spellcasting Been a passive witness to a great tragedy or wrongdoing that will forever be remembered Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Darksoul Wizards and sorcerers have found a way to tap into the power of the dark. The black arts of a darksoul draw upon power of the Plane of Shadow and from the negative energy plane to empower their castings. The lure of darkness has trapped other creatures outside succumbing to the darksoul Evil drow or Evil spellcasters Usually drow or half-drow but not limited too None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge the Planes 5 ranks None The character must be able to cast 2nd level spells Evil characters of any race may take this prestige class even if not drow Ultimate Prestige Classes
Darkwood Stalker Elite elven fighters trained to hunt and destroy their ancient foe the orcs elves that want to hunt orcs Any elf or half elf 5 Hide 5 ranks, Listen 5 ranks, Move Silently 5 ranks, Spot 5 ranks, Survival 5 ranks Dodge, Track None Must be able to speak orc Complete Warrior
Dauntless Hero Dauntless heroes are the champions of those too afraid to defend themselves. Holding no fear of death the threats and intimidation of others are inconsequential. It is often a dauntless hero who opposes evil nobles and criminals who exploit those too scared to fight back. Their very presence can incite hope and bravery in even the most terrified of hearts. In combat they are the rock to which others anchor themselves, for the dauntless hero never surrenders or flees a good cause. For any paladin class that seeks to protect those good people that can’t defend themselves Any good +6 None Iron will, leadership None required Charisma 15+ and posses the aura of courage ability, usually a paladin class Paths of the Righteous
Dawncaller Dawncallers are goliath bards responsible for guarding their tribe throughout the night. They patrol the darkness at the edge of a sleeping Goliath camp, keeping the many monsters of the mountains away while the other goliaths rest. In the morning, they awaken the rest of the tribe with stirring songs of goliath bravery. Because dawncallers must have great musical aptitude,nearly all have at least a few levels in bard. Many have levels in ranger, barbarian, or fighter as well, because dawncallers are often a goliath tribe’s first line of defense. Any mixture of bardic classes with some fighting Any but typically goliath race None Perform sing 8 ranks, Spot 4 ranks, Listen 4 ranks None None required but usually arcane spells from the bard Bardic Music ability Races of Stone
Death’s Chosen Becoming a death’s chosen necessitates turning one’s back on life and the living. The demands of the master are all that matter—even if the master hungers for the blood or souls of the living. A loyal death’s chosen can be a great boon to a powerful and predatory undead. For anyone that wants to form a working relationship with an undead master Aberration, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid +5 Knowledge religion 1 ranks, Spot 2 ranks None None The character must be accepted as death’s chosen by a sentient undead creature with at least as many hit dices as the character Libris Mortis
Deepwarden Deepwardens are typically adventurers or retired dwarf militia members who wish to explore the depths of the earth. They travel deep underground and survive on their own, far from civilization. There they search for new resources, threats, or other interesting findings, and send reports back to their city comrades. Any dwarf that loves the deep underground and its exploration Dwarf +5 Climb 5 ranks, Heal 5 ranks, Jump 5 ranks, Knowledge dungeoneering 5 ranks, Survival 5 ranks Endurance None required None Races of Stone
Defender of Sealtiel Sealtiel is a celestial paragon who serves as a patron of defenders, those who protect the weak from the depredations of the strong, fight the forces of evil when they assault the good and defend the ideals of goodness and truth. Any lawful good Any race but lawful good alignment +7 Listen 5 ranks Diehard, endurance, servant of the Heavens None required None Book of Exalted Deeds
Dervish Simple wanderers with no roots to call their own. They learn the dance of war as they grow up and new steps to this dance of war are added as they progress nomadic warriors, gypsies Any 5 Perform ( dance ) 3 ranks, Tumble 3 ranks Combat expertise, dodge, mobility, Weapon Focus ( any slashing weapon) None None Complete Warrior
Devout The devout prestige class embodies the best of their Faith. They embody the caring, merciful and benevolent aspects of any lawful good religion. When facing evil it is the righteous, just and courageous aspects of their faith that comes to the fore. These paladins worship their Gods through prayer and deed. The devout never lack purpose for faith leads them where needed. Nor does the devout suffer from uncertainty for faith contains all answers. Any paladin or divine fighting class that wants to embody his deity. Any Paladin class None Concentration 10 ranks, Knowledge religion 10 ranks Skill focus Knowledge religion , Skill focus concentration Characters must be able to cast divine spells of second level or higher usually a paladin class Paths of the Righteous
Diamond Dragon Clinging more closely to neutrality, these gem dragons are beast of crystal and thought and are masters of the power of mind, rather than arcane forces. Scholars think gem dragons were the first to unlock the powers of the mind psionic related characters Any race but any neutral alignment +3 Knowledge arcana 3 ranks None Manifester of psion powers Ability to manifest a 3rd level psionic power, draconic Dragon Magic
Dire Stalker Few half-orcs are as dangerous or as feared as the barbarian ranger. Combining a burning hatred of their favored enemy, the ability to track, and a fleetness of foot that rivals most predators, there are few more dangerous foes to have on your trail as the dire stalker Those half-orc that want to combine the barbarian and ranger classes Half-orc +6 Climb 6 ranks, Hide 6 ranks, Intimidate 6 ranks, Intuit direction 6 ranks, Listen 6 ranks, Move silently 6 ranks, Spot 6 ranks, wilderness lore 6 ranks Run, track None required Favored enemy any humanoid Heroes of High Favor
Dirgesinger Dirgesingers voice melodies not of celebration and joy, but of sorrow and grief. They seek to spread this melancholy outlook far and wide, believing that only those who give in to their sadness can truly understand the world. Any bard that wants to tap into the power of melancholy melodies Any non good None Knowledge religion 4 ranks, perform any 8 ranks Requiem None but most likely will have arcane spellcasting ability Bardic music class feature Libris Mortis
Dirty Monk The Dirty Monk is traditionally a monk who has fallen from the path and pursued less honorable and stringent professions, using his monastic skills to earn  a living as a rogue or even a drunkard. Monks that don’t follow the straight and narrow path and will resort to fighting dirty. Any neutral, lawful evil, or neutral evil +4 Heal 4 ranks Improved unarmed strike None required Must have sneak attack ability dealing +2d6 Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Disciple of the Eye The way a disciple of the eye fixes her gaze on someone can be remarkably unsettling. A leashed draconic fury is smoldering inside her—the promise of a retribution so great that its mere intimation is enough to make observers fear for their lives. As a disciple of the eye, you know the messages that the eyes alone can impart. Indeed, eyes can both send and receive information. You are able to collect heightened knowledge about your environment.
More important, your merest glance guarantees your foes that by the time you move to become a blur of dragon-inspired bloodshed, it is already too late for them.
Either monk, sorcerers, or rogue types of classes with dragon blood Any lawful None Concentration 8 ranks, Spot 8 ranks Improved unarmed strike None Dragonblood subtype Races of the Dragon
Disciple of the Word Disciples of the word are intellectual warrior monks who, through a deeper understanding of their truenames, transcend the limits of their mortal form. Disciples commit themselves to a studied pursuit of introspection tempered by pious devotion to the principles of Zuoken as penned by the hand of the first disciple, Akahuza. Through these teachings, disciples develop techniques that allow them to defy the limits of reality. Any monk that want to transcend their mortal form by using Truespeak Any lawful +4 Truespeak 4 ranks Improved unarmed strike, Stunning fist None Evasion Tome of Magic
Disciple of Thrym Thrym lord of the frost giants, rules from his colossal ice citadel in Jotunheim. His servants include a dedicated clergy that travel the multiverse heralding the Fimbulwinter,an enduring cold depicting the end of the world Any that meet the requirements Any race but any non-good alignment +4 Intimidate 4 ranks, Survival 8 ranks Weapon Focus Great axe None Cold, Endurance fear, or cold Subtype Frostburn
Discreet Companion Found mostly in decadent environments such as found in old empires, sprawling cities where the influential and wealthy gather, the discreet companion ply the oldest of trades to mask their true business intentions. The companion sells their information to the highest bidder without his client knowing Any class Any non lawful None Gather information 10 ranks, bluff 6 ranks, diplomacy 8 ranks, Innuendo 4 ranks, Perform 4 ranks, Profession 5 ranks Alertness, skill focus on gather information None required An established career, or at least a sideline, in some sort of companionship for pay trade or profession, with its related profession skill Ultimate Prestige Classes
Divine Archer The Divine Archer is a holy and upright man, blessed by higher powers with uncanny skill in the bow. Many were once archers who took up the cloth; others were crusaders who discovered their talents with the bow through the course of their ministry. Regardless of their background, they all have two things in
common: mastery of the bow, and a strict allegiance to their deity. They are the hunters of the undead and demons, and arethe bane of those who would practice or spread evil
Human or Elven who wants to fight evil through the use of archery Any good aligned +6   Weapon Focus: Bow, Extra turning Yes. Ability to cast divine spells Must be able to turn undead    
Divine Elven Archer Elfs of Divine Nature who seek to complete the mastery of the bow and archery in the service of their deity. Their deity imbues their bow with skill with divine power Elf or Half-Elf Any   Craft: Bowmaking 8 ranks

Rapid Shot

Weapon Focus:Longbow, Shortbow, Composite Longbow, or Composite Shortbow

Yes. Able to cast 3rd level divine spells Worship a deity that would have some sort of connection or access to an Elven domain Internet File  
Divine Crusader You embody the devotion and dedication of your deity. Even more than a cleric, the divine crusader serves as a symbol of a specific symbol or aspect of their deity. fighting classes that worship a deity Must match deities 7 Knowledge religion 2 ranks Weapon focus in deities favorite weapon None None Complete Divine
Divine Emissary Epic Level deities have need of powerful servants, many of whom are epic clerics, paladins and other characters. However some deities may choose a single proxy through which a little of their own power flows through Anyone that has a patron deity and is epic level. Any +23 Knowledge religion 23 ranks Weapon focus ( deity’s favored weapon) epic feat great smiting None required Must have a patron deity. You must have completed some quest that furthers his deity’s goals so much so that is impresses the deity. If the deity has no other divine emissary, the god may choose the character. Epic Level Handbook
Divine Emissary Non epic level A divine emissary is called upon to deliver whatever his god declares. As a sideline to this role, the emissary often handles negotiations for the church. His Charisma, divine mandate and speaking skills gives him authority even with outsiders Divine classes Any None Diplomacy 10 ranks, intimidate 4 ranks None Ability to cast divine spells Ability to turn or rebuke undead Ultimate Prestige Classes
Divine Hammer The divine hammers are clerics trained to hunt other clerics, using the power of their own deity to oppose the powers of their enemy. In Times of trouble, divine hammers are dispatched to track down and dispose of enemy clerics and in peace they spend their time looking for new targets And fighting class with ties to a religion Any +7 None Power attack, cleave None required Ability to turn or rebuke undead Ultimate Prestige Classes
Divine Herald The path of the divine herald destroys the weak of will or spirit. It involves mysteries and trails that slowly erode the divine herald’s mortality. In return the divine herald gains supernatural powers like those of the gods, eventually casting aside mortal limitations entirely Divine classes Any +8 None Extra spell turning, Iron will Ability to cast divine spells +8 Will bonus save. Must perform a great quest of service on a behalf of a deity, the deity then must decide to grant the character divine herald status. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Divine Huntsman Part ranger, part fighter and part druid it would seem, the divine huntsman can follow tracks through the worst terrain and follow his quarry to the ends of the world to bring it down. Most divine huntsmen are either rangers or elven clerics, who can achieve the prerequisites of the
class fairly easily.
Any druid, ranger, or fighting class that uses bows Any +4 Knowledge religion 8 ranks, Knowledge nature 6 ranks, Wilderness lore 6 ranks Martial weapon proficiency any bow, Point Blank shot, Track Ability to cast second level divine spells Worshipper of a deity of the hunt Three Arrows for the King
Divine Oracle Divine crusaders are such mortals blessed by visions from their deities those that worship a deity. Any None Knowledge religion 8 ranks Skill Focus Knowledge religion able to cast a t least 2 divination spells None complete divine
Divine Prankster While many gnome clerics follow the teachings of Garl Glitter gold, a few have such great devotion to the Prankster God that they stand apart from others among his clergy. These individuals embrace Garl’s methods of teaching through harmless object lessons and dedicate their lives to acting as his agents in the world. While some wonder whether devotion to the Prankster God or a wicked sense of humor actually drives these self-titled “pranksters,” none can deny the potent abilities they exercise in their quest for the perfect educational prank. Any gnome that has a divine class that enjoys a good prank Gnome
none Bluff 8 ranks, Perform comedy 8 ranks, Sleight of hand 8 ranks None Able to cast second level or higher divine spells The character must be a worshiper of deity Garl Glittergold Races of Stone
Dracolexi A dracolexi lives in a world forgotten by most creatures alive today, back when the first Draconic words reverberated with preternatural meaning. As a dracolexi, you try to understand that primordial vocabulary by
devoting yourself to the study of ancient dialects and languages, hoping to discover exactly how certain Draconic words were once uttered. These words hold little power until a dracolexi understands the meaning behind them. When a dracolexi can finally pronounce the word with the original emotional and intellectual subtext in mind, he can invoke instantaneous arcane power.
Any arcane class wishing to unlock the power of draconic words Any None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Perform oratory 4 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks Eschew materials or still spell Must be able to spontaneously cast 2nd level arcane spells, must know at least one language dependent spell Must be able to speak draconic plus at least two languages from the following list: Auran, Dwarven, Elven, Ignan Races of the Dragon
Dracolyte Only a few take up the worship of the draconic gods. The dracolyte is the most dedicated of these rare individuals, a divine spellcaster who devotes his energy and support of deities of dragonkind. As he gains power he receives abilities associated with the dragons themselves. any divine class worshiping a dragon Any alignment and any race None Concentration 8 ranks, diplomacy 4 ranks, Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, Knowledge religion 8 ranks Toughness, dragonfriend Able to cast 2nd level divine spells Any non dragon Draconomicon
Dragon Descendant A secretive monastic order, the dragon descendants taps into the power of their draconic heritage to call on their ancestors in times of need. Then they fight in synthesis with the spirit of a long dead dragon that bolsters both offense and defense Any class with the still mind feature Any none Concentration 8 ranks Combat reflexes,, Dragontouched, or draconic heritage any chromatic dragon, improved unarmed strike None Still mind class feature Dragon Magic
Dragon Devotee Dragons hold a great fascination for some individuals, leading those folk into closer and closer association with the powerful race. Some individuals (primarily those related to sorcerers) feel the call more strongly, thanks to their dragon ancestry, occasionally even leading them to attempt to awaken their blood and bring those traits to the fore. Learning more about dragons is the first step toward understanding them. The dragon devotee expands upon this knowledge and begins to manifest dragonlike qualities Any class wishing to get closer to the powerful draconic race Any non dragon race, no draconic template +5 Knowledge arcana 1 rank None None Speak draconic Races of the Dragon
Dragon Disciple A person who wants to explore their dragon heritage or prefers a life of exploration. A volatile power burns within and the link to dragons grows stronger Any wanting to unlock their powerful draconic heritage
Any non dragon ( can not be a half dragon ) None Knowledge Arcana 8 ranks None Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation Must speak Draconic. Player must choose dragon type on first level of this class subject to the DM approval Dungeon Master's Guide
Dragonscribe Occasionally from the ranks of the learned and wise comes an individual
who devotes himself totally to the study of draconic lore. Unlike many seekers of knowledge, dragonscribes do not simply pore over moldering tomes and ancient scrolls. Rather, they travel across the breadth of the world and across planes, if necessary) to speak, question, contact, and bargain with living dragons.
Those that wish to glean knowledge arcane or otherwise right from the dragon’s mouth so to speak
Any None Diplomacy 7 ranks, Knowledge arcana 13 ranks Spell Penetration, Iron Will Must be able to cast a second level or higher arcane spell from the abjuration, Conjuration and divination schools the character must have observed at least three different kinds of dragons personally. Must speak draconic Dragon Magazine Issue Number 296
Dragon Lord A dragon lord is the general at the head of an army, the emperor at the helm of an empire, or warleader who dominates a battlefield. he learns much from dragons modeling his tactics and philosophies from these powerful creatures any class Any +6 Intimidate 9 ranks None None None Dragon Magic  
Dragon Rider of Bahamut While Bahamut has few worshipers among the non-dragon races, those that exist tend to be exceptional individuals. Of those individuals, a select few actively pursue the war against Tiamat, and of those few even fewer are chosen to become Dragon Riders. These Dragon Riders do not dominate good dragons, but partner with them as equals. any class capable of mounted combat and a followe of Bahamut Any lawful good, lawful neutral, or neutral good follower of Bahamut None Ride 8 ranks, Knowledge(arcana) 4 ranks. Mounted Combat, Dragonfriend None Bahamut must be your patron Internet web document
Dragon slayer version 2 Where men and dragons have crossed paths, dragon slayers have emerged. A combination of devastating martial prowess and insane bravery, a dragon slayer dares to stand against dragons and other titanic beasts by dealing massive damage to those that that threaten to destroy towns & fortresses Usually fighting classes but can be any Any +5 None iron will, power attack None required In order to become a dragon slayer you must help defeat a dragon in combat. This dragon can be of any size, but it must be a chromatic or metallic dragon. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Dragonheart Mage Some arcane spellcasters are fascinated both by the dragon’s hardy physical nature as well as the dragon’s spellcasting ability. The dragonheart mage is perfect for the dedicated spellcaster who wishes to embrace the power of dragon blood while still advancing in magical expertise.
spellcasters wanting to examine more the spellcasting ability of dragons and tap into that Any None knowledge arcana 8 ranks Draconic heritage usually have some casting ability Draconic Language Races of the Dragon
Dragonkith Dragonkiths are creatures that serve and aid dragons. They live with or near a dragon or a group of dragons, acting as servants or peers. In return for their services, the dragon’s bestow upon a dragonkith special abilities and even physical changes using complex rituals only known to their kind Any class that can meet the requirements Any +6 Knowledge Arcana 4 Alertness, endurance None required Must be chosen by a dragon of the same alignment. If dragonkith ever ceases its relationship with the dragon or the dragon dies, the character loses all abilities granted by the dragon. Must speak draconic Draconomicon
Dragonrider some dream of soaring through the clouds atop a might draconic steed, feeling the wind on their faces, afraid of nothing. The dragonrider doesn’t simply dream of this, he leads it Any class Any +5 Diplomacy 4 ranks, Handle Animal 4 ranks, ride 8 ranks Mounted combat, Skill focus ( ride ) None required None Draconomicon
Dragonslayer Version 1 They come from all walks of life, from all cultures and societies. they may be poor, or wealthy, strong or wise, good or evil, skilled with the blade or spell. But all dragonslayers share a singular courage and strength of heart, a necessary commodity in their line of work. Any class Any +5 Tumble 2 ranks Dodge, iron will None required None Draconomicon
Dragonsong Lyrist The dragonsong lyrist taps into the power of dragonsong, an ancient form of performance, that originated among the draconic races, to create strange and wondrous magical effects. usually bards or anyone with the feat dragonsong Any non evil None Concentration 5 ranks, diplomacy 5 ranks, Knowledge arcana 5 ranks perform ( oratory) 10 ranks Dragonsong None required Must speak draconic Draconomicon
Dragonstalker The dragonstalker prefers a much more subtle approach than the dragonslayer. She uses stealth and guile to track her prey, striking with skill and uncanny accuracy when the time is right Any that can fulfill the requirements Any +5 gather information 4 ranks, Hide 6 ranks, Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, move silently 6 ranks, Search 6 ranks Blind fight, track None required Must speak draconic Draconomicon
Dread Pirate A dread pirate has mastered every aspect of larceny on the high seas. His network of spies tell him when a particularly valuable cargo is shipping out. Rogues, fighters, swashbucklers. Any non lawful +4 Appraise 8 ranks, Profession ( sailor ) 8 ranks, Swim 4 ranks, Use rope 4 ranks Quick draw, Weapon finesse None The character must own a ship at least 10,000 gp. The method of acquisition is of no matter. Complete Adventurer
Dreamer The power of dreams is a potent thing. The dreamers have learned to harvest this miraculous energy and distill it down into useful forms. The dreamer seeks to either enter the dream wholly or bring a portion of the midnight world into the light of day Spontaneous spellcasters interested in world of dreams Any None Alchemy 10 ranks, Knowledge arcana 10 ranks, Concentration 5 ranks None The ability to cast spontaneous spells None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Dreamwalker Dreamwalkers know that dreams are not closed off realms, but rather separate kingdoms in a vast ephemeral empire. They have a special gift, one that allows them to enter this place and see what others keep secret and even interact with those that sleep at an intimate subconscious level. Any psion that wishes to use dreams to manipulate reality Any None Psicraft 8 ranks, Autohypnosis 8 ranks Iron Will Manifest at least three psionic powers Dreamwalkers must have access to the psychoporation class of psionic powers. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Drunken Master Martial students through a weaving and staggering of about as if inebriated can avoid many blows. Monk, ninja, and rogue classes or fighters that like unarmed striking Any None Tumble 8 ranks Dodge, Great Fortitude, Improved unarmed strike or the monk’s ability of unarmed strike None Flurry of blows ability, evasion ability, must be chosen by existing drunken masters and survive a night of revelry among them without being incarcerated, poisoned, or extraordinarily embarrassed Complete Warrior
Duelist A nimble acrobatic fighter with a good amount of intelligence. Swashbuckler
Any 6 Perform 3 ranks Tumble 5 ranks Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 275
Dungeon Delver The dungeon delver is the ultimate adventuring rogue. he is skilled at moving stealthily through all types of dungeon terrain, detecting and disarming inconvenient traps, bypassing locks, locating treasure, and filching protected items rogues, spellthieves Any None Climb 10 ranks, Craft( Stonemasonry) 5 ranks, Knowledge dungeoneering 5 ranks, Move silently 5 ranks, Open Lock 10 ranks, Search 10 ranks Alertness, Blind fight None Must have survived a great trial underground. Either a solo expedition that has given him enough experience points for advancement to the next level, survival of a cave or other collapse, or living a year without seeing the light of the sun, Trap finding class feature Complete Adventurer
Dwarf Defender Sponsored champion of a dwarven cause
Dwarf 7 None Dodge, Endurance, Toughness None None Dungeon Master's Guide
Dweomerkeepers Dweomerkeepers are the shepherds of arcana—priests
whose faith grants them an intuitive grasp of the very
fabric of magic. Skilled practitioners of both arcane and
divine magic, they seek to explore magical theory and
create new spells and magic items. As the devoted
agents of the deities of magic, dweomerkeepers defend
against those who seek to warp, twist, or hoard spells,
magic items, and arcane lore.
Most dweomerkeepers are cleric/wizards or
cleric/sorcerers, although other class combinations—
particularly those that include specialist wizard, bard,
and ranger—are not unknown.
Dweomerkeepers can be found throughout the
land. Some dwell in lonely, isolated towers and are
wholly consumed with their magical studies. Others
live in huge cities where all manner of magic can be
brought together and shared (willingly or not).
Ability to cast arcane and divine spells and as a special requirement; the candidate must have created at least
one magic item, whether of a permanent nature or not
Any None Knowledge (arcana) 8 ranks, Spellcraft
8 ranks.
Any item creation feat and any metamagic
Ability to cast arcane and divine spells Must have the Domain: Magic Web Enchancement to the Complete Divine  
Earth Dreamer Deep are the dreams of mountains, and the earth trembles with the power of their dreaming. Earth dreamers move within these ancient dreams, attuning themselves to their power and mastering strange abilities over the earth. Many other characters and creatures consider earth dreamers to
be a strange lot, partly because these exotic spellcasters are liable to remain silent for years at a time, contemplating the power and beauty of the earth dream
Any spellcasting class combo or not that is interested in tapping into the power of the under deep Any None Knowledge nature 5 ranks, Spellcraft 10 ranks Earth sense Able to cast first level spells None Races of Stone


Earthshakers are spellcasters who have chosen to tap the power of the earth itself. Earthshakers command the great geolOgical forces that shape the world: earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers, and more. Nothing is more intrinisic to nature than the forces that bind it, so il is not surprising that most earthshakers are druids. A few clerics of nature deities also become earthshakers because they believe that tectonic forces are direct manifestations of their gods. NPC earthshakers often use their powers to fight foes of the earth. Any spellcasting combo Any None

Knowledge Dungeoneering 6 ranks

Knowledge Nature 12 ranks

None Ability to cast Soften Earth and Stone Must Be Able to Speak Terran Dragon Magazine 342
Ebon Saint The ebon saint lives in darkness, but seeks to expose his enemies to the light. Flitting from the shadows to learn the secrets of his enemies and dispatch them as quickly , the ebon saint seeks to further his personal agenda by gathering and exploiting those that oppose him psion related class with roguish abilities Any None Bluff 8 ranks, disguise 8 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Move silently 8 ranks Combat expertise, improved feint None Sneak attack +1d6 or psionic sneak attack +1d6 and must have a psionic power point reserve of at least +1 Complete Psionics
Ectopic Adept Ectoplasm is the preferred medium of creation for the ectopic adepts and his mind serves as the mold, kiln, and wheel from which his works are turned. An adept see each new astral construct as a unique work of art. ANY PSION CLASS Any none Psicraft 8 ranks Skill Focus ( craft sculpting) ECTOPIC FORM ANY MANIFEST POWERS Must be able to manifest astral construct Complete Psionics
Effigy Master Fascinated by the animating force of life, the effigy master is an expert in the imitation of true life. You can infuse your creations with life Spellcaster Any None Craft leather working, metalworking,or wood working 1o ranks, Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, spellcraft 5 ranks, Use magic device 2 ranks Craft wondrous Item None Must have the simulacrum spell on a class spell list whether or not the character is able to cast it. Complete Arcane
Eldritch Disciple All warlocks harbor at least a grudging respect for the entities responsible for their powers. They are clearly beings of great mystical might, and thus worthy of regard. A rare few warlocks go beyond this attitude to actual reverence or worship of the fiendish, fey, or extraplanar powers that have made them far more than mortal For warlocks that also worship either a chaotic or evil deity Any None Knowledge religion 8 ranks, Knowledge the planes 4 ranks None Ability to use least invocations Ability to turn or rebuke undead, must worship a chaotic of evil deity Complete Mage
Eldritch Knight A character that wants to study the martial and arcane arts to equal degree
Any None None None Must be proficient with all martial weapons and be able to cast 3rd level spells None Dungeon Master's Guide
Eldritch Master Sorcerers or bards who pacts with powerful outsiders give them a dominating presence and a level of magic beyond what they know Arcane Spellcasting class Any sorcerer or bard or spell caster None Knowledge Arcana 8 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks, Diplomacy 2 ranks, Intimidation 2 ranks None Must be able to cast arcane spells The eldritch master must have made a pact or bargain with some powerful, otherworldly, entity in exchange for the granted bonus in power Dragon Magazine Issue Number 280
Eldritch Theurge Most of those who find themselves blessed (or cursed) with magic burning in their fiendish blood become warlocks, but a rare few study formal magic to better understand and control their powers. The result is the eldritch theurge, a master of both spells and invocations, a mage with the terrifying
combination of potent spells and a reserve of abilities he can't possibly exhaust.
For the combo class of warlocks and arcane spellcasters Any None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge the planes 8 ranks None Ability to use least invocations Eldritch blast +2d6 Complete Mage
Elemental Savant A person who studies the basic building blocks of existence: air, earth, fire and water learning to harness their power. Eventually they transcend their mortal forms and become elemental beings spellcasting class Any None Knowledge Arcana 8 ranks Energy Substitution None Prior to being an Elemental Savant the person must have had peaceful contact with an elemental or an outside from an elemental subtype Complete Arcane
Elocator Elocaters are renowned for their agile combat stratagems, their knowledge of motion and space to set themselves up for quick attacks against slower opponents. Elocaters excel on the field of battle, slipping in and out of harm’s way like a violent wind, surprising foes with their sudden
opportunistic attacks and then darting away before foes are able to retaliate. Elocaters are also known for “getting there,” wherever “there” is. They are swift travelers, proficient in simple scouting or in gaining entrance into locked and trapped treasure vaults.
Any fighting psion class that wants to harness the power of mobility Any +3 Concentration 8 ranks Mobility, Spring attack Able to manifest first level powers None Expanded Psionics Handbook
Elven Treehunter There are elves who feel a deep connection to the trees around them. Then there are those elves who become silent arboreal hunters, stalkers in the trees. And some few of them find themselves "chosen" by the treefolk to be guardians and hunters of the trees. From the arboreal heights of the forest they spy down upon invaders and woodsmen alike, waiting for the perfect shot with their wooden longbows Any elven race that uses bows and has affinity for trees Elf or half-elf +6 Climb 8 ranks, Wilderness lore 10 ranks, Knowledge nature 6 ranks Alertness, Precise shot, Uncommon Balance Ability to cast pass without a trace and treeshape None Three arrows for the king
Emissary of Barachiel Ruler of the first heavens of celestia, Barachiel is patron of lawful good heralds and messengers. he is charged with the defense of Celestia and the promulgation of law and goodness on the material plane Any Any race but lawful good alignment None Diplomacy 8 ranks, Knowledge the planes 4 ranks, Servant of the heavens, Words of creation None required None Book of Exalted Deeds
Empowered The empowered place their faith in the raw abilities of the common person. They live by the belief that only will separates mortal from god. The realm of the divine is accessible to anyone if he but perseveres on the trail to attain it. While ordinators wait for the gift of power from the gods the empowered hunt it down. Any person wishing to aloft himself into the world of the divine and eventually obtain the power of the gods Any None Concentration 1o ranks, Knowledge religion 15 ranks Iron Will, Epic iron will None required The candidate may not worship outsiders of any kind, if they were clerics or worshippers of a specific god, they must renounce the god and instead become a worshipper of a philosophy of ideas such as good, evil, chaos, humanity and so on. Base will save +10 Dragon Magazine Issue Number 308
Enlightened Fist Some monks combine a rigorous discipline at the academic study with martial arts. For these monks, that study includes the practice of magic and the implementation of certain arcane tricks Monks and spellcasters. Any None Concentration 8 ranks, Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, Spell Craft 5 ranks Combat casting, Improved unarmed strike, Stunning fist Arcane spellcaster level 3 None Complete Arcane
Enlightnened Spirit Although the fiendish origins of the warlock's power can't be denied, he need not fully embrace the darkness. Some warlocks start down the fiendish path, then repent and turn toward the light. Such rare individuals are called enlightened spirits. warlocks who want to tap into their good side and use their powers for good Any good None Knowledge the planes 8 ranks None Any invocation Eldritch blast +3d6 Complete Mage
Entropomancer As some spellcasters probe the depth of divine power the most advanced gain attunement to the great nothingness that lies at the center of the universe. The entropomancer can tap into the destructive force of the nothingness divine spell casters of chaotic nature Any non good None Concentration 5 ranks, knowledge arcana 5 ranks great fortitude, magical Aptitude Able to cast 4th level divine spells None Complete Divine
Epic Infiltrator The epic infiltrator is an agent of espionage, an undercover operative, and sometimes a saboteur. He is the plant in the enemy’s forces, going incognito to retrieve secret battle plans or steal a valuable item Those skilled at bluffing and epic level Any None Bluff 24 ranks, diplomacy 10 ranks, disguise 24 ranks, Read lips 10 ranks Alertness, epic level feat polyglot None required Must have successfully spent one month using the disguise skill to pose as someone else Epic Level Handbook
Evangelist, Prestige Class Evangelist travel the world proclaiming their devotion to a particular deity, pantheon, or religious doctrine. They seek to convert others to their particular way of thinking. Priests or paladins The same alignment as their deity None Bluff 8 ranks, gather information 5 ranks, Knowledge 5 ranks, Perform 6 ranks, Sense motive 5 ranks Negotiator or Persuasive None None Complete Divine
Exalted Arcanist Tales say that sorcerers gain their innate magical ability from draconic blood, and many sorcerers loudly champion this legend. But not all believe that is the only source of such power. Some trace the source of their power back to celestial influence Any spontaneous casters. Any race but good Alignment None Knowledge arcana 9 ranks, Knowledge religion 4 ranks Consecrate Spell, Purify spell Able to spontaneous cast 3rd level arcane spells Base will save +5 Book of Exalted Deeds
Executioner Executioners rely on overwhelming force and their cold-blooded drive to eliminate their quarry to win the day. If an assassin is a delicate poisoned stiletto, the executioner is a heavy laden sledgehammer Any fighting or adventuring class Any non good +7 Intimidate 6 ranks, Spot 6 ranks Cleave, Power attack, Sunder None None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Exemplar IS someone who believes that most individuals and creatures possess a wellspring of untapped talent and capability and that the multiverse would be a better place if everyone lived up to their potential. any Any None Diplomacy 6 ranks, Any other skill 13 ranks Skill Focus None None Complete Adventurer
Exotic Weapon Master Those people who have a strict perseverance to learn to master those weapons considered exotic Characters that like using exotic weapons
Any +6 Craft ( weapon smithing) 3 ranks Exotic weapon proficiency ( any Exotic weapon ), Weapon Focus, ( any Exotic weapon ) None Races that have familiarity with an exotic weapon are considered to have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for the purpose of meeting the requirements for this class Complete Warrior
Explosives Specialist Explosive specialist study not only the art of producing explosives but methods to effectively apply them. They can also branch out into the manufacture of firearms, research and improvement to their basic bomb design Any class Any None Alchemy 8 ranks, Craft Blacksmith or metalworking 8 ranks Craft wondrous Item Arcane spell caster level 3 None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Eye of Gruumsh Evil orcs who serve in Gruumsh’s image can go on to be his most powerful servants Orcs and half orcs orc or half orc +6 None Exotic weapons Proficiency ( orc double ax ), Weapon Focus ( orc double ax ) None The character must be a worshiper of gruumsh and orc Complete Warrior
Faith of Faerun:Silverstar Silverstars are dedicated advocates of freedom and tolerance, wanderers on the path of truth, and absolute foes of Shar. They seek to build harmony among lycanthropes andnonshapechangers, and they protect the weak and the oppressed everywhere Any divine characters that follow the goddess selune
Any race 4 Intuit Direction 2 ranks, Sense Motive 2 ranks Blind Fight, Dodge, Mobility, Sprint Attack Ability to cast 2nd level divine spells as well as having access to the moon domain None Dragon Magazine Issue Number
Fatespinner A Fatespinner has pulled back the curtain of chaos, chance, circumstance to glimpse at a deeper truth and probability. When one event occurs innumerable possible ones do not as the universe blindly seeks balance Spellcasters Any None Knowledge Arcana 10 ranks, profession gambler 5 ranks None Ability to cast arcane spells of the 4th level or higher one of which must be divination The Fatespinner must have avoided death by the machinations of fate. Complete Arcane
Fervent Antagonist Half-orcs who wish to follow the path of the paladin but can not ignore their innate ability or want to rage. They do follow their pantheon of deities though many have been found to see other deity’s to help them control their rage. they fuse their barbarous nature with that of the paladin Any half-orc who wishes to combine the barbarian and paladin as a combo class Half orc of any alignment +7 Diplomacy 5 ranks, Handle animal 5 ranks, Intimidate 5 ranks, Knowledge religion 5 ranks, Ride 5 ranks Merciless rage None None Heroes of High Favor
Fiend Slayer A shadowy character that has a hatred for evil outsiders and has dedicated their life to ridding the world of them Those that had evil outsiders Any non evil any non good 4 Knowledge Arcana 5 ranks, Knowledge the Planes 5 ranks, Favored Enemy Any evil outsider ( demons, devils, etc.) Must be able to cast protection from evil None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 287
Fiendbinder A fiendbinder seeks to unlock the truenames of demons, devils, and other vile fiends, and use that knowledge to bind them to service. The actual binding
rituals can be quite complex, so a fiendbinder must also be a practiced student of the summoning arts. However, even the most gifted fiendbinder plays a dangerous game
Those that wish to manipulate fiends with the use of words Any Non good None Knowledge the planes 10 ranks, Truespeak 10 ranks None Ability to cast summon monster IV Speak abyssal, speak infernal Tome of Magic
Fiendish Summoner The Fiendish Summoner specializes in summoning Evil Planar beings, uses both arcane and divine magic to call his allies Those that wish to utlize good or evil extraplanar creatures to support their cause or help in situations Any None Good None

Knowledge Arcana 8, Knowledge Religion 8, Knowledge The Planes 8

Augment Summoning Able to cast 2nd level divine spells and 2nd level arcane spells, must have the Daemon/Demon/Devil Domain and must Specialize in Conjuration School Must speak Infernal and Must make a pact with an Evil outsider before taking this class Web based  
Firestorm Berserker A firestorm berserker personifies the infemo. When he rages, mind and soul are transformed into a blazing, uncontrolled fire that feeds on everything. His inner self is like. a dry stack of kindling. ready to errupt into flames at any moment. In the beginning:, the fire of his rage burns only within, showing no outward sign of ils presence. later, however, the flames of his fury begin to manifest themselves in combat. Eventually, the firestorm berserker must bailie with his own inner blaze lest it consume him. Those that have a special connection to elemental fire and want to increase that connection regardless of the safety and can rage uncontrollably as part of their class Any chaotic +8 Intimidate 6 ranks Iron Will, Great Fortitude, Toughness None Ability to Rage 3/day Dragon Magazine 342
Fist of the Forest For some among the guardians of the green, the pursuit of an animalistic lifestyle is a form of asceticism. A feral disposition seems to come naturally to others. In either case, the result is a powerful defender of nature. any defenders of nature Any +4 Handle animal 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks great fortitude, improved unarmed Strike, Power attack None required Must have gained approval as a fist of the forest by leaders of the band of Guardians of the green. then adopt a lifestyle of an animal Complete champion
Fist of Zuoken The Fists of Zuoken are members of an order of martial artists devoted to mastering their own physical and mental development while protecting psions and other psionic creatures. The fists of Zuoken believe that mental powers are to be nurtured in all who possess them. In addition to their formidable prowess in combat, fists of Zuoken develop mental powers that surprise and astound their enemies.
For those monks wishing to also use the power of their mind in outside ways rather than just inner Any +4 Concentration 9 ranks Wild talent None Still Mind class feature Expanded Psionics Handbook
Flame Steward The Sacred Flame is an interdimensional source important to non evil gods and flame stewards study its energy those the worship the power of fire and flame and can cast Any non evil None Heal 8 ranks, Knowledge Religion 5 ranks, Knowledge Arcana 5 ranks Endurance, Power Attack None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 283
Flayerspawn Psychic Willing to sacrifice her life, appearance, and even her sanity, the flayerspawn psychic walks a dangerous road, growing in psionic power as she slowly embraces her secret mind flayer heritage Any psion class Any None Knowledge psionics 8 ranks Illithid heritage Ability to manifest psionic charm Undercommon Complete Psionics
Flux Adept Combining arcane magic and ones own internal body systems to become a reckoning force
Any None Heal 5 ranks, Knowledge Arcana 7 ranks At least on metamagic feat, Endurance, Great Fortitude Ability to cast second level spells None

Fochulucan Lyrist Warrior, Thief, spy, poet, woodland champion, the Fochlucan lyrist is a legendary figure who serves as the herald and teacher to great kings. Only the best and the brightest become these Bards any neutral None Decipher script 7 ranks, Diplomacy 7 ranks, Gather information 7 ranks, Knowledge ( Nature ) 7 ranks, Perform string instruments 13 ranks, Sleight of hand 7 ranks, Speak Language ( Druidic ) None None Bardic Knowledge and evasion abilities Complete Adventurer
Force Mage Combining innate magical ability with skill at crafting arms and armor force mages are able to create fantastic, durable items. Force mages guard their knowledge closely and only those with an inborn talent for magic and trained familiarity with armor and weapons join their ranks Spellcasters with the pension to make arms and armor Any but most commonly dwarves and gnomes None Craft weapon smithing 11 ranks, Craft armor smithing 11 ranks , alchemy 1o ranks Craft magic arms and armor, weapon specialization None listed but one would think the title would say some sort of spellcasting None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Force Missile Mage A cabal of arcane spellcasters focuses their study on on perfecting and harnessing the spell magic missile bending to suit their needs Any class or person that can cast magic missile Any None Concentration 9 ranks, Spellcraft 9 ranks Combat casting Able to cast magic missile None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 328
Forest Reeve Forest reeves are chosen by the guardians of the green to patrol local wilderness areas to check for dangers and humanoid activities that could be harmful to the land. The forest reeve’s job is to defend the forest whenever he can any defenders of the forest or those associated with it Any +5 Knowledge nature 2 ranks, Listen 4 ranks, spot 4 ranks survival 6 ranks Endurance, track None required Must be chosen as a forest reeve by the leaders of guardian of the green, the serve a six month apprenticeship to a guardian of the green who has at least three forest reeve levels. This requirement can be waived if the would be forest reeve performs an extraordinary service for the guardians of the green Complete champion
Fortune’s Friend The fortune’s friend lives by his luck. He doesn’t worry about much of anything, including where his next meal comes from and trusts to luck, perhaps more than he should Monks, rogues, scouts, priest and bards are the main class any +3 Any skill 8 ranks Any luck feat None required None Complete Scoundrel
Frenzied Berserker The thrill of the combat is what draws a berserker to battle. There are no heroics, no morals, just the call of battle to draw them in. fighting classes or those that live for battle Any non-lawful +6 None Cleave, Destructive rage, Intimidating Rage, Power attack
None Complete Warrior
Frost Mage All frost mages become adapted to cold environments as their skin slowly turns to frost. they learn to take advantage of the natural or magically enhanced frostfell environment harnessing the existing cold to further empower their own spells any arcane casting class that likes or is fascinated by cold Any none Knowledge arcana 8 ranks Frozen magic Able to cast first level arcane spells The characters must spend 24 hours unprotected in a blizzard Frostburn
Frostrager The frostragers are powerful and dangerous warriors believed by some to be gifted by the god of the frost giants, Thrym, with an unstable but powerful supernatural battle rage Any class capable of raging Any +6 Intimidate 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Frozen Berserker, Improved unarmed Strike, Power attack none The character must have been reduced to fewer than 0 hit points by cold damage, either by magical cold attacks or by taking enough damage from exposure to extreme cold environments. Rage as a class ability Frostburn
Gallant Gallants are among the most strategically minded of paladins. They realize many evil beings are too powerful to defeat by force of arms alone. From this belief they have developed a philosophy that eschews reliance upon heavy arms and armor to emphasize the abilities of the individual. Their fighting style reflects this attitude and takes advantage of the mobility of an unencumbered fighter and precisely timed attacks with precision weapons Any divine fight class that relies on strategy to overcome their enemies Any Good +5 none Improved initiative, weapon finesse rapier, weapon focus rapier None required Ability to smite evil, immunity to fear, a divine bonus to their saving throws, charisma 15+, Dexterity 15+ usually a paladin class Paths of the Righteous
Geomancer Geomancers study the art of channeling magical energy from many sources through the land itself. A geomancer may research like a wizard, pray like a cleric, or sing like a bard. arcane and divine multiclass character Any None Knowledge arcana 6 ranks, Knowledge nature 6 ranks
Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells and 2 level divine spells None Complete Divine
Geometer Runes, sigils and glyphs. The geometer is the master of written magic and spells inscribed with a perfectly rendered diagram Any arcane spellcasters Any None Decipher script 9 ranks, disable device 4 ranks, Knowledge arcana 9 ranks, Search 4 ranks Scribe Scroll Able to prepare and cast 3rd level arcane spells None Complete Arcane
Ghost Faced Killer From out of nothing a specter of death appears, an armored shadow with a brilliant blade held high. Long ago a pact was made with demon spirits to allow them to pass invisibly and intangibly through barriers Any Evil +5 Hide 6 ranks, Concentration 4 ranks, Intimidate 8 ranks,m Silently 6 ranks Improved initiative, Power attack None None Complete Adventurer
Gifted Maker Many are the tales of great craftsman who possess no magical ability, but create great works, marvelous items of great ability, through craft and force of will. Legends speak of the aid of magical tools or workshops, but most of the times the crafter must depend on their superior skill Any class that wants to craft item of superior quality Any None 10 ranks or more in Craft or Profession of a relevant making profession Iron will, skill Focus in Appropriate craft or profession None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Gladiator Champion Whilst a fearsome warrior in his own right, the gladiator champion had honed his skills and abilities to one end alone, victory within the arena Sheer slaughter takes second place for his true expert. Most are hooked upon the roar of the crowed and a thousand eyes fixed on them Fighting classes Any +6 Handle animal 6 ranks, Perform 4 ranks Power Attack, Combat Reflexes None required The character must have spent a few years in gladiatorial fights or have gained fame and status in spectacle combat Ultimate Prestige Classes
Gnome Giant Slayer Relying on a combination of agility, combat prowess, and pure craftiness, the gnome giant slayer is the bane of all creatures that use their size to terrorize the small Gnomes and small creatures that fight larger ones Gnome +5 escape artist 3 ranks, Speak Language ( giant ) Tumble 3 ranks Dodge, Mobility, Spring attack None None Complete Warrior
Golden One Golden ones are clerics and paladins who follow a less offensive path than their brethren. Filled with positive energy, they take their name from the gold aura of protection that surrounds them. The Aura increases in power over time, granting protections against both physical and magical attacks Divine classes and divine fighting classes Any Good None Knowledge religion +10 ranks Extra turning Ability to cast divine spells Ability to turn and rebuke undead, Must worship a deity that grants access to the good domain but the character need not have access to it Ultimate Prestige Classes
Gray Guard Only the most realistic and battleworn paladins become gray guards. The know the cruelties of the world cannot be expunged merely by good example and kind words. they join the bloodstained ranks out of a sense of necessity Any paladin class that is lawful good Any but lawful good alignment None Knowledge religion 8 ranks, sense motive 4 ranks None None Required Must adhere to a code of conduct that prevents the character from performing evil acts. Lay of hands class feature Complete scoundrel
Green Sentinel The green sentinel is a special kind of hunter trained from a very young age in the art of hunting the supernatural. Serving as elite guardsman for elven nobility as well as peacekeepers of the land, the green sentinels forego the study of normal combat styles or magic schools focusing on ways to combine the two. combo classes that have fighting and magic abilities Elf +5 Knowledge arcana 5 ranks Power attack and spell penetration Arcane spellcasting None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Green Star Adept
Fighting class mixed with spellcasters Any 4 Decipher script 2 ranks, Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge architecture and engineering 2 ranks, Knowledge geography 2 ranks, Knowledge history 2 ranks Combat casting Arcane caster level 1st Must acquire a piece of star metal weighing at least 2 ounces, powder it, and consume it by drinking it in a specially prepared infusion. This infusion requires arcane reagents costing 1,000 gp and takes one week to prepare Complete Arcane
Guardian Paramount The guardian paramount is an extraordinary bodyguard, a protector of others who is skilled in preventing harm to his charge. he often places himself in danger, taking the brunt of attacks meant for the person who he is protecting any epic level character Any +15 Spot 13 ranks Alertness, lightning reflexes, uncanny dodge, evasion None required None Epic Level Handbook
Guardian, Psionic Left unchecked, the power of psionics can be a dire danger in an unsuspecting world. It is the duty of the guardian, the mission each one is to uphold is to defend against the threats of those who would Ill use psionic powers against those that are defenseless to such attacks. a sense of duty to protect the world. any psion Any +4 Concentration 8 ranks Iron Will, psionic bastion Manifest of at least four powers one of which must be telepathic None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Guildmaster For some, The passion of a rogues life doesn’t diminish as they age. Rogues dream of one day leading their own guild. Adventuring classes Any non good +3 Bluff 5 ranks, Diplomacy 8 ranks, Disguise 4 ranks, Gather information 10 ranks, Intimidate 8 ranks Leadership, Skill Focus Intimidate None Sneak attack ability Ultimate Prestige Classes
Halfling Outrider Elite champions whose task it is warn their fellows of, and of protect them from danger. halflings Halfling +5 Listen 3 ranks, Ride 6 ranks, Spot 3 ranks Mounted combat, Mounted archery None None Complete Warrior
Hand of the Winged Masters Dragons often need expert servants to be their eyes, ears, and hands in humanoid society. A hand of winged masters has dedicated his life to the service of a single dragon or to a group of dragons united in a common cause any with the type of attacks listed in the special section Any +4 bluff 4 ranks, Hide 4 ranks, Move silently 4 ranks, Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, sense motive 4 ranks Dragontouched None Sneak attack, sudden strike, or skirmish +2d6, Draconic language Dragon Magic
Healing Hand The healing hand is a healer in every sense of the word, a person full of compassion, mercy, and determination. Healing Hands travel into the most hostile territories bringing divine healing with them and showing those who know only violence and pain that there is another way And Good divine spellcasting class with a pension for healing Any non evil or neutral None Heal 10 ranks Skill focus heal Ability to cast first level divine spells None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Heartfire Fanner Hearttire fanners teach the ways of the Brotherhood of the Bummg Heart, as well as epl,omlzing Those qualities the Brotherhood espouses. In their travels they further Inflame their souls by giving the unitiated a taste of what true life feels like. Trained in techniques thatT evoke aI plethora of powerful emotions in their comrades, they earn converts to their cause not with convincing words, but with demonstrations that show others what they miss by living in their cold, mundane ways. Most heartfire fanners are bards, although any character suitably skilled in some method of inspiring performance can make a compeTent member of this class_ Any None

Perform 10 ranks

Diplomacy 10 ranks

Skill Focus (Perform)


None None Dragon Magazine  
Heartseeker Kin to the mystical arcane archers that protect and defend elven communities, hearfseekers (or the quelaenvyn, as the elves name them in their ancient language) defend the hidden enclaves of their people from draconic invasion through the skillful blending of physical prowess and arcane might. Masters of the traditional elven art of archery and devotees of magic, heartseekers specialize in delivering ranged attacks designed to pierce the physical and magical defenses that make dragons and their kin such feared adversaries Any half-elf or elf that wants to use his exceptional archery skills to infuse this skill with the power to take down a dragon. Any Half-elf or Elf +4 Concentration 8 ranks, Listen 5 ranks, spot 5 ranks Combat casting, Spell penetration, Weapon focus any bow Ability to cast arcane spells None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 296
Hellbreaker Hellbreakers are consummate adventurers. Called thieves by their detractors and heroes by their apologists, they specialize in infiltrating infernal strongholds and relieving them of their treasures. To this end, they develop a number of technique that for combating the legions of hell any class with the special traits listed Any race but chaotic alignment None Bluff 8 ranks, Knowledge the planes 4 ranks, Sense motive 8 ranks Combat expertise, Improved Feint, and Undo Resistance None Sneak attack 2d6, skirmish 2d6, or sudden strike 2d6. Language Infernal Tyrants of the nine hells
Hellfire Warlock The hellfire warlocks are a secretive group of specialist warlocks who have mastered hellfire, a dangerous energy found only in the nine hells. By tapping into this infernal power, these characters learn to infuse their eldritch blasts and magic items that they wield with the dark power of hellfire Warlocks Any None intimidate 6 ranks, Knowledge the planes 12 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks None Must know Brimstone Blast or Hellrime Blast Language infernal Tyrant's of the Nine Hells
Hellreaver A warrior whose outrage at the actions of fiends and their ability to corrupt and seduce without consequence fuels an array of combat abilities. these potent options make these warriors tremendously effective combatants of these fiends any sort of fighting class Any race but Good Alignment +5 Knowledge the planes 4 ranks Power Attack None Must slay an outsider with the evil subtype Tyrant's of the Nine Hells
Herald Version 1 Serve as eyes an ears of a noble. Any Any 4 Bluff 4 ranks, Diplomacy 6 ranks, Gather Information 8 ranks, Knowledge History 10 ranks, Knowledge Nobility 10 ranks Sense Motive 4 ranks None None Must speak at least 3 languages Power of Faerun  
Herald Version 2 Those who believe a herald to be sedentary would be surprised to see one in action. A herald is often appointed to deliver a message to distance countries, serve as a liaison on a battlefield, and remain vigilant for treachery and difficulties in the realm. A herald is part scout, part diplomat and part warrior in service of crown and country any class with some spellcasting and fighting ability Any +3 Knowledge nobility and royalty 8 ranks, diplomacy 8 ranks, Gather information 6 ranks Skill focus on knowledge nobility and royalty Must be able to cast first level divine or arcane spells Heralds only exist as presented here in lands with a feudal or similar government Ultimate Prestige Classes
Hierarch Hierarchs are appointed leadership rolls because a need arise to help govern the church and are usually called upon to help scout out new areas for their religion to take foundation. This is a period of intense adventuring as the Hierarchs is expected to travel, explore and seek out places and people appropriate for his faith Divine classes Any None Knowledge religion 9 ranks Leadership Must be able to cast divine spells Hierarchs are appointed, not made. The Games master must approve any levels in this class, judging the deity’s need for a new hierarch and the potential character’s performance on the god’s behalf. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Hierophant A divine spellcaster who rises high in the service of hid deity gains access to spells and abilities the less faithful
Any None Knowledge Religion 15 ranks Any Metamagic Feat Able to cast spells 7th level divine spells None

High Proselytizer The high proselytizer is the holy inspiration that beings religious movements. She is the word of her deity, spreading the teachings of her god and sharing her beliefs in a truly stirring display of rapture and fervor Epic level characters Any None Diplomacy 12 ranks, Knowledge religion 24 ranks, Leadership, Epic leadership Able to cast 5th level divine spells Must have a patron deity Epic Level Handbook
Highland Stalker The best high altitude hunters are highland stalkers. They are consummate trackers with an instinctive knowledge of the mountain territories Scouts, barbarians, rangers Any +5 Listen 8 ranks, Spot 8 ranks, Survival 8 ranks Track None Skirmish or sneak attack class feature Complete Adventurer
Holt Warden Holt wardens are the highest spiritual leaders in the guardians of the green. they provide the religious inspiration for the organization’s ongoing struggles, and the guardians of the green choose their leaders from this august circle Any defenders of the forest Any race but neutral alignment None Knowledge nature 8 ranks, Survival 4 ranks None Able to cast 3rd level divine spells including the three lowest level plant domain spells Must be chosen as a holt warden by the leaders of the band of the guardians of the green, then serve a one year apprenticeship to a guardian of the green who has at least five holt warden levels Complete champion
Holy Liberator The holy liberator is a holy warrior a distant cousin to the paladin who is dedicated to overthrowing tyranny wherever it may be found. They are strong willed and independently minded Warriors that are holy or worship a god Chaotic good +5 Diplomacy 5 ranks, Sense motive 5 ranks Iron will None None Complete Divine
Holy Scourge The holy scourge is a multitalented soldier in the endless war against evil, an arcane caster who instills within his magic the power to cleanse the world of wickedness and depravity. Although he lacks actual divine spellcasting power, he makes up for this shortfall by infusing his evocations with holy power and developing abilities that help him smite evil wherever it appears. Those that want to infuse their arcane magic with holy power Any Good None knowledge religion 2 ranks None Able to cast three evocations spells and ability to cast third level arcane spells None Complete Mage
Hoodoo The Hoodoo is content to keep to their hovel or tent at the outskirts of the village where she can study the arcane in peace. Though still subject to violent influxes of rage they long to unlock the secrets of the arcane Any half-orc class wanting to combine the might of the barbarian with the arcane study of the wizard Half-orc +4 Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, scry 8 ranks
Ability to prepare second level arcane spells Rage, Base will save +4, must be able to speak any one of these languages: Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Draconic, Ignan, Infernal, or Terran Heroes of High Favor
Horizon Walker An unceasing traveler that finds intrigue to the universes most dangerous places
Any None Knowledge Geography 8 ranks Endurance None None

Hospitaler Hospitalers are a fighting force of necessity, sworn to poverty, obedience, and the defense of those in their care. It is your duty to protect those in your care fighters with divine spellcasting ability Any non-chaotic 5 Handle Animal 5 ranks, Ride 5 ranks Mounted combat, ride by attack Able to cast first level divine spells None Complete Divine
Hulking Hurler Usually brutish and always incredibly strong love nothing more than to wrench boulders, trees, and even buildings and throw them at their foes Large type creatures Any +5 None Point blank shot, power attack, Weapon focus ( any thrown weapon) None Large size or larger Complete Warrior
Hunter of the Dead A person who devotes their life to destroying undead. The undead are the most hatred enemy any that hate undead Any non evil 5 Knowledge Undead 5 ranks or knowledge religion 5 ranks None None They must have had one level of energy drained by the undead. A scar they carry around, Must be able to turn undead Complete warrior or Dragon Magazine Issue Number 276
Icesinger People respond in different ways to tragedy. Some become angry; others are strengthened by their ordeals. A few. however, are filled with a despair so great that their soul, become as cold as ice, spuming all warmth and joy. These are the Icesingers-men and women who have been emotionally scarred to the point of utter desolation and indifference. Icesinger.s channel their chilling despair in to song and pass their pain to all who can hear them. . Some icesingers use Iheir powers to prevent others from experiencing the anguish they themselves have endured. Some fueled by an icy hatred of Joy and warmth simply seek to bring pain to all they encounter. All icesingers must have at least some experience with music in order to craft their songs of pain Any Non-Good None Concentration 9 ranks Iron Will plus either Skill Focus ( Concentration) or Skill Focus ( Perform) None Bardic Music Ability Dragon Magazine 342
Illithid Slayer A primary illithid slayer credo is “Do or die,” where “do” means “ find and slay illithids.” Slayers have no use for those with faltering hearts (another of their credos—which, truth be told, number in the hundreds). It is a poorly kept secret that while slayers are most adept at hunting and slaying illithids, their abilities make them deadly to any psionic creature. Those that have a pension for killing illithid and maybe stopping other psionic creatures Any +4 Knowledge dungeoneering 4 ranks Track Must have power points in reserve Must have killed an illithid, either individually or as a part of a group composed of no more than six members and must have a psionic power point reserve of at least 1 power point Expanded Psionics Handbook
Illumine Soul The illumine soul is a conduit of positive energy. he is able to forge a blade of semisolid psychic energy and infuse it with the essence of the positive energy plane. He becomes a light in the darkness and can turn the undead Any class that can manifest a mind blade and is not evil Any race but any non-evil alignment None Knowledge psionic 8 ranks, Knowledge religion 4 ranks None none Mind blade, psychic strike +1d8 Complete Psionics
Illusionist Illusionist is one of the most popular spellcasting classes among gnomes due to their natural affinity for illusions. Some gnomes have an even greater affinity for illusions than the average representative of their race, resulting in the prestige class known as the shadowcraft mage. Any gnome interested in delving into the world of shadowmagic and illusions Gnome None Bluff 4 ranks, Hide 4 ranks Spell Focus Illusion Able to cast three illusions spells and at least one shadow spell of 4 level or higher This class used to be a class called an illusionist, also see illusionist pdf, they are similar for those that know the old school Races of Stone
Incarnate Druid Prestige Class Incarnates are druids who have not only committed to themselves absolute neutrality, but in fact are the literal embodiment of the ideal. They are a very rare breed of being that has been reincarnated many dozens of times. They are true tenets of Nature and upheld its laws Druid classes Neutral None Knowledge nature 7 ranks Quicken Spell Cast 4th level druid spells The character must have never voluntarily possessed an alignment other than neutral. And they must be able to wild shape Ultimate Prestige Classes
Infiltrator To an infiltrator a locked door is not a message to stay out but a challenge to break in. A specialist in the art of being where he doesn’t belong, an infiltrator can slip past guards, open complex locks and disable lethal trap with an almost supernatural ease Any adventuring class Any non good None balance 5 ranks, disable device 9 ranks, Escape artist 8 ranks, Move silently 8 ranks, hide 8 ranks, Climb 8 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks Use rope 5 ranks, Use magic device 9 ranks Dodge, alertness None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Infused Spellcaster or Warrior The infused are mortals the creatures of the upper planes deem worth of being agents for good in time of peril
Any non evil 4 None None None The character must share their soul with the personality of a particular celestial. Dragon Magazine Issue Number 321
Initiate of Pistis Sophia Pistis sophia is the monk of the Celestial Hebdomad, a contemplative , mystic and ascetic patron for those who follow similar spiritual paths Any contemplate class or monks Any race but lawful good alignment None Concentration 9 ranks Sacred vow, Sanctify Ki Strike, Servant of the heavens None needed Base save bonus Will +5, Reflex +5 Fortitude +5 Book of Exalted Deeds
Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries Not all who explore the mysterious powers of the dragons do so out of heritage or religious faith. Some become students of knowledge that lead to greater power any any None Concentration 6 ranks, Jump 8 ranks, Knowledge 6 ranks, Knowledge 4 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks Alertness, unarmed strike, power attack None required Must speak draconic Draconomicon
Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil Colors also harbor innate properties that can be brought forth by a skilled mage. You approach the prismatic barrier by mastering one by one its constituent veils or layers. You are taught the ultimate secrets of abjuration Spellcasters Any None Knowledge arcana 12 ranks, Knowledge nature 4 ranks, Spellcraft 12 ranks Greater spell focus ( abjuration) Spell Focus (Abjuration) Skill Focus ( spellcraft) Able to cast five abjuration spells including at least two that are 4th level or higher None Complete Arcane
Investigator In order to ensure no dangers are festering within areas under the church’s control, most religions support an order within their ranks that specializes in investigating threats to their congregation. The investigators looking into crimes that are mundane and spiritual Divine classes
Any +3 Knowledge religion 8 ranks, Knowledge Law 5 ranks none Ability to cast discern lies as a divine None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Invisible Blade Invisible blades are deadly fighters who prefer to use daggers and related weapons in combat. their training and techniques make them as lethal as a well armed fighter Rogues, fighters who are quick and sneaky, spellcasters Any None Bluff 8 ranks, sense motive 6 ranks Far shot, point blank shot, weapon focus ( dagger, kukri, or punching dagger None The candidate must defeat a worthy opponent in single combat using one or more daggers Complete Warrior
Iron mind Elite warriors trained to resist mental compulsions of all kinds, members of the iron mind prestige class defend dwarf and gnome kingdoms against intrusions by mind flayers, dark elf enchanters, and the like. An iron mind becomes one with her armor, and its presence protects her from mental assault as thoroughly as it wards against physical blows. Iron minds combine the protection and assurance that their armor provides with rigorous training to overcome physical injury through mental power into one seamless fighting technique. Any psionic class or combo class Any +3 Concentration 8 ranks Armor proficiency heavy, Invest armor, Iron will Able to manifest one first level psionic power None Races of Stone
Itinerant Warder of Yondalla Itinerant Warder of yondalla support their community of halflings and followers of yondalla. Dedicating themselves to those they call family. They are happiest traveling with those that they consider family and will protect them Halflings or followers of yondalla Halfling None Diplomacy 10 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks Dodge, mobility Able to cast divine spells Base will save +5 Patron deity yondalla Dragon Magazine Issue Number 328
Jobber Nomadic Halflings which are dedicated opportunists
Any Halfling 3 Appraise 4 ranks, Diplomacy 6 ranks, Gather Information 4 ranks, Alertness None Must be literate and chosen by the Halfling community to serve as a jobber Dragon Magazine Issue Number 310
Justicar People who desire is bring criminals and evil people to justice anyone that wants to bring evil people to justice Any lawful 6 Survival 5 ranks, Gather Information 5 ranks, Search 5 ranks Track, Skill Focus [ Gather Information ] None None Complete Warrior
Justicar of Taiia Justicars of Taiia are the members of the Purifying Flame sect whose oracular ability is limited, but who fulfill the role of carrying out Taiia’s sentence against wrongdoers. They are devoted to Taiia’s Destroyer aspect, revering the consuming power of the sun’s flames, and emulating their righteous wrath Any worshippers of taiia Any Non good +4 Knowledge religion 6 ranks None None required Patron deity Taiia Deities and Demigods
Justice Hammer of Moradin Elite clerics of moradin bring their god’s justice wherever they go. The actively work to order the world in which dwarves must walk by seeking out and stopping injustices and inequity Dwarves or followers of moradin Dwarf +5 Concentration 5 ranks, Knowledge local 3 ranks Iron Will, Power attack Able to cast divine spells Patron deity moradin Dragon Magazine Issue Number 328
Keeper of Songs Keepers of songs have an important role in elven society as guardians of tradition. More than just bards they learn the ballads and anecdotes that give strength and meaning to elven culture. Many bards and spellcaster add this prestige class to spice up their existing abilities elves or half-elves that are bards or spellcasters Elf or half-elf None Knowledge history 5 ranks, Perform 8 ranks None Ability to cast 2nd level spells divine or arcane None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Kensai They are the masters of body, mind, weapon and will. he devotes his strength and his life to the service of a master or an ideal he accepts greater than himself any fighting class that serves an oath to a master or ideal Any Lawful +5 Concentration 5 ranks, Diplomacy 5 ranks, Ride 5 ranks Combat expertise, weapon Focus ( any weapon ) None Must complete an oath of service to either and overlord or an ideal Complete Warrior
Knight Channeller There are those who have learned to channel the positive energy
of the positive elemental plane in order to turn the undead or to heal
their comrades. There are others though, who learn other martial
uses of positive energy.
any divine fighting class wishing to tap into the positive energy plan. Any good +5 None Martial weapon proficiency any 2, shield proficiency, Heavy armor proficiency, weapon focus (1 martial weapon) None required Blessing of the church that is lawful good or within one alignment step of Lawful good. Must have been healed of major damage at least 75% of your total hit points by divine curing magic Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Knight of The Chalice An elite knightly organization devoted to fighting demons and other evil outsiders. Motivated by the pious hatred of these creatures that embody the principles of evil and routinely invade the material plane. paladins and rangers or any fighting class with divine abilities Lawful Good +8 knowledge the planes 5 ranks, Knowledge religion 10 ranks None Able to cast divine spells None Complete Warrior
Knight of the Scale Bolstered by the divine power of their god and driven by the force of their sacred duty, knights of the scale travel throughout the world raising sword and shield against the threat of dragonkind. Undaunted by the primal fury of formidable breath weapons and razor-edged claws, these stalwart heroes do battle wherever the taint of draconic evil gains a foothold. Those of divine fighting class that wish to belong to an order of ridding the world of evil dragons and their doings Any Good +6 Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, Ride 4 ranks, Mounted combat, Weapon focus Heavy lance None required A character seeking to become a knight of the dragonscale must have killed a dragon either singly of part of a group of young adult age or older and commissioned a suit of armor constructed from its scales Dragon Magazine Issue Number 296
Knight of the Griffin An esoteric and widespread order of knights, those fighters belonging to the Order of the Griffin are rarely found together massing their forces against evil armies. Instead they tend to travel alone or hangers-on searching out evil doers and vanquishing them in the name of good And fighting divine or meeting the requirements Any Good +7 none Great Cleave, Weapon Focus, weapon specialization None required Must join the order of the griffin Ultimate Prestige Classes
Knight of the Left Hand Every religion has a need for martial strength at one time or another. Whether it is to defend temples from defilers, lead a crusade , or quest for lost artifacts. These knights go beyond the typical training of the church to hone their combat skills far beyond the norm. divine fighting classes or war clerics Any +6 None Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon Focus in the deity’s chosen weapon Must be able to cast divine spells The character’s deity must offer War as a domain. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Knight of the Right Hand A knight of the right hand is an agent of peace clad in the raiment of war. His role as a diplomat and negotiator is a unique and vital one. While any clergyman can sue for peace, his is the task of ensuring that hostilities do not escalate into violence. divine classes that specialize in fighting and want peace Good or neutral +6 Diplomacy 8 ranks Leadership, Skill focus in diplomacy Must be able to cast divine spells The character must be able to turn. His deity must offer the war domain and be good or neutrally aligned Ultimate Prestige Classes
Knight Protector Are martial characters dedicated to restoring the ideals of knightly chivalry before they fade forever fighting classes Lawful neutral or lawful good +5 Diplomacy 6 ranks, Knowledge nobility and royalty, 4 ranks, Ride 6 ranks Armor proficiency ( heavy ) , cleave, great cleave, Mounted combat, Power attack None None Complete Warrior
Knights of the Sacred Seal A knight of the sacred seal is never alone because she has formed a true partnership with a single vestige. Her oath requires her to champion and protect her patron vestige, to
take its seal as her symbol, and to advance its goals in the world. As her relationship with her patron vestige deepens, a knight of the sacred seal taps a well of abilities unavailable
to other binders, becoming more than she once was.
Any soul binding classes Any non chaotic +4 Knowledge arcana, knowledge religion, or Knowledge religion 5 ranks Weapon focus of any weapon None Soul Binding class feature Tome of Magic
Legend Few commoners believe the legend really exists where a lone person single handedly defeats entire armies, immense dragons and saved entire civilizations many times over. They are the people of myth and legend. Any Fighting class Any lawful +15 None required Endurance, Great Cleave, Great fortitude, Improved critical strike, Leadership, Run, Toughness, weapon specialization None Required Must have personally slain a creature with a challenge rating of at least 15 without Aid Ultimate Prestige Classes
Legendary Dreadnought The legendary dreadnought is the ultimate soldier, an absolute force of destruction, a total warrior who excels at sheer combat prowess. While some rely on cunning and reflexes in a fight, and others uphold a code of honor, the legendary dreadnought wades into battle, completely bent on relentless, steady destruction Any epic level character Any +23 Intimidate 15 ranks Combat reflexes, great Cleave, improved bull rush, Improved critical None required None Epic Level Handbook
LightBearer Gnomes of Halflings bent of protecting and stewardship Gnomes of Halflings bent of protecting and stewardship Any good None Knowledge Religion 8 ranks, Knowledge Local 4 ranks, Diplomacy 4 ranks Alertness None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 285
Lion of Talisid The undisputed ruler of the guardinals, Talisid, the Celestial lion is an enormously powerful force of good and good alone, undiluted by the concerns of law or chaos. He is also a might druid. Any druid like class or ranger. Any race but neutral good alignment +4 Knowledge nature 9 ranks, Survival 9 ranks Favored of the companions Able to cast summon nature’s ally II the character must have an animal companion as a class feature Book of Exalted Deeds
Living Blade Dedicated their lives to honing skill in a single edged weapon, the living blade is the master of combat, the very epitome of all fighters. Few will cross swords with them and live to tell Fighting classes Any +7 None Weapon focus (slashing weapon), Weapon specialization (slashing weapon) Whirlwind attack None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Longbowman The Longbowman is an archer of exceptional skill and mastery over his weapon of choice, the longbow. Longbowmen have taken the advantages of their chosen weapon and have trained to exceed the logistical envelope of their chosen role. They live and breathe longbow, eat longbow, drink longbow and dream longbow. Any class that can use a longbow that wants to enhance their ability with it Any +5 None Point blank shot, precise shot, Marital weapon proficiency any bow None required Training from another longbowman of any level or military archer of level 5 or greater Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Lord of Tides Survival in the waste depends on the ability to locate drinkable water, and many desert dwellers have this innate sense. The abilities of the lord of tides go beyond this basic need. You are in touch with the power of Kikanuti; as you
grow in experience and power, you gain control over the lifeblood of the world. You can sense the movement of magma, summon beings of elemental might, and even open portals to the Elemental Planes
Any divine or arcane class interested in manipulating elementals and portals to the elemental planes Any Any Survival 8 ranks Scorpion’s resolve Ability to cast second level divine or arcane spells You must undergo an initiation ritual and return with a relic Sandstorm
Lords of Sorcery There are some among the wizards who see the spontaneous casting abilities of the Sorcerers and yearn for their flexibility,. The Lords of Sorcery are those who have learned the true mastery of the sorcerer’s ways combined with the arcane knowledge of their wizardly pursuits. By focussing on one aspect of their magical studies, they have learned to spontaneously create arcane effects within that field. For those arcane spellcasters that are used to preparing spells who want to be able to spontaneous cast some. Any None Knowledge 8 ranks Spell focus ( Chosen school ) Ability to prepare and cast arcane spells of 3rd level or higher, including at least three spells at each level from the Chosen School Must be apprenticed by an arcane spellcaster who can cast spells without preparation including at least 10 spells from the chosen school Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Loredelver Loredelvers are illumian spellcasters who find and explore ruins, disable the magical protections that guard them, and sift through the ancient secrets found within. They rarely spend time in the enclaves of the illumians, instead crisscrossing the world in search of archaic lore for their cabal’s library An illumian race that wants to add more knowledge and magic to their library Illumian None Decipher script 10 ranks, disable device 5 ranks, Knowledge arcana 10 ranks, Knowledge dungeoneering 5 ranks None Ability to cast at least one 3rd level arcane spell from the divination school Trapfinding class feature Races of Destiny
Loremaster These are spellcasters who concentrate on knowledge, valuing lore and secrets over gold
Any None Knowledge ( any two ) 10 ranks Any three metamagic feats, Skill Focus [knowledge any ] Able to cast 7 different divination spells one of which must be 3rd level or higher None

Lost One Many half-orcs seek to find inner peace and seek out the solitude of monasteries to help them reeducate themselves in a life of peace and solitude. But their inner rage is hard to overcome and they find themselves unable to always control this. As a result they are expelled. Still seeking fulfillment they try to embrace their barbarous side and monk side Any half-orc that wishes to have a barbarian monk combo class Half orc +4 Diplomacy Improved unarmed strike, Stunning fist or equivalent None Base will save +4, Rage, Frenzy, or Ki class ability, must be literate in at least one language Heroes of High Favor
Lotham The Lotahm are an ancient order of psions who bond with a bird that they enhance with their own psionic energy. They take on traits of their birds, psionically bonding with them as extensions of themselves. Those with psionic powers that wish to tap into birds Any None Handle animal and animal empathy 8 ranks in one 4 ranks in another Skill Focus Handle Animal Ability to manifest at least on pyschometabolic and clairsentient power
Thee Complete Librum Of Gar'Udok's Necromantic Artes
Luckstealer As a luckstealer, you’re part spellcaster, part professional gambler—and 100% mischief-maker. You’re the halfling who fleeces local card sharps out of their hard-earned gold, then disappears in a puff of smoke when the swords come out. Not that you flee, of course—you’re just moving to the perfect ambush spot and signaling the rest of your caravan to rob the town treasury while the locals are busy fighting you. Any spellcasting halfling character that wants to enhance his luck Halfling None Profession Gambler 9 ranks Dallah Thaun’s Luck Ability to cast Third level arcane or divine spells Luck Domain Races of the Wild
Lyric Thaumaturge The lyric thaumaturge understands better than most how the natural harmonics of the universe pervade all things. Music might be its most pleasing form, but magical energy has harmonics of its own. The lyric thaumaturge has learned to make her magic and her music resonate into harmonic chords that enhance the effects of both Those bards that wish to enhance their arcane ability through music Any None Knowledge arcana 6 ranks, perform any 9 ranks, spellcraft 6 ranks Melodic casting Ability to cast second level arcane spells Bardic music 5/day Complete Mage
Maester Maesters are the master crafters of the gnome world combining technical and magical experience to create incredible marvels. They specialize in the creation of magical items, bending all their skills and ability towards the construction Gnomes that are arcane spell casters Gnome None Craft 8 ranks, Use magic device 4 ranks Any two item creation feats arcane spell caster level 5 None Complete Adventurer
Mage of the Arcane Order Also called the guild mage, this is a spell caster who belongs to an academy and guild know as the Arcane Order. Its first tenant is the advancement of magical knowledge and research while the second tenant is support the order
Any None Knowledge Arcana 8 ranks Two metamagic feats one of which must be a cooperative spell Ability to prepare arcane spells of the 2nd level or higher Prospective members must pay an initiation fee of 750 gps

Magic Filcher Specialize in stealing from most dangerous targets, wizards and wizard strongholds but they also steal from any spellcasters
Any None Disable Device 10 ranks, Knowledge Arcana 8 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks, Use Magic Device 5 ranks None Must be able to cast arcane spells None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 310
Magical Trickster Relying as much on her wits as on her spellcasting prowess, the magical trickster can sacrifice her spell casting ability to gain even greater access to skill tricks Spellcasting classes Any None None Any one metamagic feats Able to cast 3rd level spells Any two skill tricks Complete Scoundrel
Malconvoker A few who understand the complexity of the battles that rage throughout the planes have taken up a dangerous path, entering into powerful pacts with the foulest of abominations of the lower planes to turn evil against evil. Any spellcasting class Any race but any non-evil alignment None Bluff 4 ranks, Knowledge the planes 4 ranks Augment summoning, Spell focus conjuration None required but from listed above you need some Ability to cast summon monster III Complete Scoundrel
Master Bowman Few archers attain the skill of master bowman. Such fighters are renowned for being able to land their arrows with pinpoint precision and at a range that is deadly to their enemies. It is said that a master bowman has supernatural powers to guide their arrows Any class capable of using a bow Any +12 Concentration 4 ranks, Craft (Bower/Fletcher) 8 ranks Far Shot, Point blank Shot, Precise shot, Quick Shot, Shot on the run, Weapon Focus ( any bow ) Weapon specialization ( Any bow ) Non None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Master of Intuitive Archery As its name implies, the martial arts school of Intuitive Archery teaches the use of the bow. It is an "internal" school, meaning that it concentrates on harnessing the flow of one's life force to achieve complete control over oneself - and since the bow is an extension of the self, this control enables masters of the school to perform remarkable feats of archery. But such feats are secondary to the purpose of the school, which is introspective in nature: its deepest teachings emphasize that perfecting one's skill is simply a metaphor for the journey towards enlightenment Any class looking to focus on their archery skills Lawful +8 NONE REQUIRED None None Must have achieved mastery of the Intuitive Archery style see side bar in pdf Three Arrows for the King
Master of Many Forms A master of many forms has no shape that she calls her own. Instead she occupies whatever body is most expedient for her at the time. Though they base their identities on their external form they come closer to their true selves through her transformations People who can shift their form Any None None Alertness, Endurance None Wild Shape class feature Complete Adventurer
Master of Masks The master of masks is the weaver of a thousand faces, with an identity as fluid as that of a crowd of strangers, this thespian of possibilities decides what is real and what can be Any class Any None Bluff 8 ranks, Disguise 8 ranks, Perform act 8 ranks, None None required Must have successfully impersonated an individual, fooling even that person’s friends and associates. Must speak at least four languages Complete Scoundrel
Master of Radiance Masters of radiance channel the pure, undiluted power of the sun. Often originating in a good-aligned druid sect that reveres the sun, they have a holy purpose to scour the earth clean of undead. Wielding the sun’s radiance as a weapon, they are the bane of any evil creature that lurks in the darkness. Any divine class with an affinity for the sun and using its power to dispose of evil Any non evil None Knowledge nature 8 ranks, Knowledge religion 5 ranks None Able to cast daylight as a divine spell None Libris Mortis
Master of Shadow Some driven or domineering souls seek nothing less than mastery of darkness itself—the ability to turn the very shadows into their agents and allies. These are the masters of shadow, commanders of soldiers as dark and insubstantial as night itself. For those with the force of will to enter their
ranks, the very shadows serve at their beck and call.
Those spellcasters interested in control shadow itself Any None Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, Knowledge the planes 8 ranks Shadow familiar Caster level 5th or mysteries 5th None Tome of Magic
Master of Shrouds The master of shrouds is an evil or neutral spellcaster who magically seizes
incorporeal undead and sets them to do her bidding. Plucking vile creatures such as wraiths and shadows from their restless haunts, she summons them to her presence and commands them to work her will. Furious at their forced servitude, the wrathful undead spread fear and death in their wake.
Any spellcaster with some divine powers that would use the undead for their own purposes. Any non good None Concentration 5 ranks, Knowledge religion 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks Augment summoning, Spell focus ( conjuration ) Able to cast protection from good as a divine spell Able to rebuke or turn undead, Will base save +5 Libris Mortis
Masters of the East Wind Wizard/ monks are slightly more prevalent among The Masters of the East Wind than sorcerer/ monks. In the past, the Order has welcomed bards who've adopted the lawful alignment to become monks and then Masters of the East Wind. Masters of the East Wind spend a fair amount of time in the laboratories and libraries in the world they are present in but they also relish traveling to new lands to obtain new knowledge in Arcane Lore Monk classes who posseses an arcane spellcasting class either wizard, bard, or sorcerer in that order of preference Any lawful None Climb 10 ranks None Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells Ki strike as a class feature Dragon Magazine 342
Masters of the North Wind Druidic training is practically a prerequisite for Master of the North Wind training, as is the martial arts prowess of tne monk. In a fight. the master of the north wind has the fierce countenance of an animal fighting for its life, but his movements nave the serene grace of a trained monk.Inveterate travelers, Masters of the North Wind are comforlable spendins months or even yeas away from the comforts of civilization. Monk who have multiclassed with a druid based class. Lawful Neutral None Climb 10 ranks None

Able to cast 3rd level divine spells

Ability to shapechange as a class ability
Ki strike as a class feature Dragon Magazine 342
Masters of the South Wind Masters of the South Wind were once rogues, although a significant minority were once bards who adopted the mental discipline necessary to accent their abilities. Masters of the South Wind excel at espionage. sabotage. and other cloak and dagger jobs. They aren'l assassins, and they won't poison foes or strike her dead from the shadows. When they do their missions well, no one knows they were there. Monks who have started out as Rogues and Bards Any lawful None

Climb 10 ranks

Hide 10 ranks

Disguise 10 ranks

Move Silently 10 ranks

Uncanny Dodge

Must complete a solo adventure Ki strike as a class feature Dragon Magazine 342
Masters of the West Wind Clerics who worship deities are the most likely Masters of the West Wind ,the Masters of the West Wind regard themselves as guardians of freedom, acting to make sure everyone has the freedom that the Wind enjoys. Different masters of the west wind emphasize different sorts of freedom: One might uphold freedom of movement, while anolher might strive for freedom from suffering. Moreso than the other categories of master, Masters of the West Wind cling to the religious and philosophical beliefs they held before they came Master of the West Wind Monks who started out as divine spellcasters Any lawful None Climb 10 ranks None

Ablity to cast 3rd level divine spells

Ability to turn undead

Ki strike as a class feature Dragon Magazine 342
Master of the Secret Sound A master of sound where words and sounds become weapons of destruction
Any None Knowledge Arcana 5 ranks, Listen 5 ranks, Perform 8 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks Alertness Must be able to cast 5th level spells The master of secret sound must undergo a ritual for every new level attained Dragon Magazine Issue Number 297
Master of the Unseen Hand They delight in crushing their foes with an invisible force, flinging massive objects into the sky and disarming enemies with a single thought Those that can use telekinesis either through arcane or psionic powers Any None Concentration 8 ranks None Able to cast telekinesis spell, or access telekinesis as a spell like ability None Complete Warrior
Master Specialist The master specialist studies the very notion of specialization. Though she, too,
focuses on one school above all others, she so thoroughly devotes her attention to mastering her chosen discipline that she gains insight beyond the reach of any mere specialist.
Any specialist wizard want to enhance their specialization Any None Knowledge arcane 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks Spell Focus school of specialization Must be able to cast second level arcane spells Must be a specialist wizard Complete Mage
Master Thrower Characters that rely on quick reflexes, good planning, and of course, deadly aim to survive in a world that values, brute strength over clever tactics. they establish a camaraderie with each other Rogues, fighting class, any character that relies on throwing weapons any +5 Sleight of hand 4 ranks Point blank shot, Precise shot, Weapon focus ( thrown weapon ) None None Complete Warrior
Master Transmorgrifist Is an arcane spellcaster who has chosen to specialize in spells that change his or her form. The ability to polymorph has become a fearsome juggernaut of physical battle Spellcaster that shape change Any non lawful None Bluff 2 ranks, Disguise 5 ranks Eschew Materials or none Able to cast alter self and polymorph None Complete Arcane
Menacing Brute Life as a half-orc in a human city is never easy, and some half-orcs are driven to desperation by the struggle of living in a place where one is never truly welcome. The menacing brute takes advantage of how most humans fear half-orcs, playing on that dread to make his living. He combines
resourcefulness and determination with a ready wit and the willingness to do jobs that others find distasteful—and do them well.
Any half orc that wants to capitalize on their fierceness Half-orc +5 Intimidate 5 ranks, Knowledge local 2 ranks Search 2 ranks Iron Will None required None Races of Destiny
Metamind All metaminds strive for “power to burn”—they are unconcerned with glamor or flashy behavior, but rather are single-mindedly determined to amass as much psychic power as possible. Someone who takes one or more levels of metamind is sometimes colloquially referred to as a “head” by
other psionic characters. In game terms, a metamind is all about power points. Any character with some manifesting ability can become a metamind
to enhance his or her mental strength—
Those that wish to improve the amount of power points and hence availability of powers to their psychic class Any None Knowledge psionics 8 ranks, Psicraft 4 ranks Psicrystal affinity Manifester 4th level None Expanded Psionics Handbook
Mind Mage Introspective arcanist using self awareness to understand the world around him. The result is a blending of psionics and magical power Any
Any None None Any two spell feats Ability to cast 3rd level or higher arcane spells and the ability to manifest 2nd level or higher psion powers The candidate must have either received training in the art of the mind magic or somehow acquired comprehensive texts from which to learn the secrets Dragon Magazine Issue Number 313
Mindbender Mindbenders seek to control the thoughts and dreams of others. They have usually turned to spellcasting to enhance their mind control hold the promise of complete mental domination Spellcasting class that uses charm school Any non-good None Bluff 4 ranks, Diplomacy 4 ranks, Intimidate 4 ranks, sense motive 4 ranks None Ability it cast charm person, use charm person as a spell like ability, or use the charm invocation None Complete Arcane

Mindspy A mindspy knows how easy dealing with a foe if you are privy to your foe’s every thought. By reading the minds of her enemies, a mindspy knows exactly what they are going to do a fraction of second before they do Any class with the ability of detecting thoughts Any +3 concentration 8 ranks None Able to cast detect thoughts as a spell or spell like ability None Complete Warrior
Mole Are patient and tenacious, as combatants they live for ambush and live underground Any
Any 3 Appraise 3 ranks, Hide 3 ranks, Profession Miner 1 rank, Search 3 ranks None None Must have worked in mines for 1 year or lived underground for 5 years Dragon Magazine Issue Number 310
Monks of the Enabled Hand A monk with a special brand of unarmed fighting Any
Lawful None None Improved Unarmed Strike, Deflect Arrows, Expertise, Improved Disarm None Must obtain permission to join the order Dragon Magazine Issue Number 299
Montebank Montebanks are cons artists and frauds, capable of slipping into new identities as others change clothing. While they an fit in just about anywhere they go, they are also adept at getting out of tight situations Any rogue, bard, scout class but open to all Any race but non-lawful alignment None Bluff 8 ranks, Knowledge arcana, local, or psionics 4 ranks, spellcraft 4 ranks Deceitful None required None Complete Scoundrel
Moulder Half-orcs that utilize a barbarian druid combo class to help breed new types of animal companions to serve them. Using their wild shape ability in conjunction with several ferociously protected secret rituals, the moulder develops his own animal companions fusing them together into magical beasts Any half-orc barbarian druid combo class Any chaotic or non good None Animal empathy 6 ranks, Handle animal 6 ranks, Knowledge nature 8 ranks, Wilderness lore 8 ranks None Ability to cast druidic divine spells Rage, wild shape class ability, Fortitude base save +6 Heroes of High Favor
Mystic Keeper of Corellon Larethian Mystic keeper of corellon Larethian focus on protecting the elven race through magic and warfare. they devout themselves to the preservation and advancement of eleven life and art Elves, half-elves, Elf or half-elf +5 Concentration 10 ranks, Perform (dance) 2 ranks Still spell, Weapon finesse Able to cast divine spells patron deity corellon Larethian Dragon Magazine Issue Number 328
Mystic Theurge Blurring the lines between divine sources and arcane they draw power from both Any
any None Knowledge Arcana 6 ranks, Knowledge Religion 6 ranks None Able to cast 2nd level divine and 2nd level arcane spells None Dungeon Master's Guide

Mythic Exemplar Few are as devoted to history as the disciple of Legend, and none among that august group are as committed to their paragons as the mythic exemplars. variety of classes if they meet the requirement Any see special Knowledge history 3 ranks, plus anyone one of the following, diplomacy 7 ranks, Intimidate 7 ranks, knowledge arcana 7 ranks, knowledge religion 7 ranks, or move silently 7 ranks see special see special Must be a member of the disciples of Legend. Also any one of the following: Base attack bonus +5, able to cast 3rd levels spells, sneak attack +2d6, or ability to grant allies a bonus on attack rolls, saves, or checks as an extraordinary ability Complete Champion
Nature’s Warrior Nature’s warriors are defenders of the wild, protectors of the natural world, and often druids that have spent too much time in wild shape form Druids, characters that can wild shape. Any neutral +4 Knowledge nature 8 ranks, Knowledge the planes 2 ranks, Survival 8 ranks track None Wild shape ability Complete Warrior
Navigator Wizard The navigator wizard is an elusive and rare figure that is a studious practitioner of arcane arts that ventures to the sea. They use their arcane arts to help navigate and explore new lands and uncharted territories both for their own knowledge as well as to get paid to fund their research Arcane spellcaster interested in exploration Any arcane spellcaster None Profession navigator 6 ranks Spell Mastery Must be able to cast divination of second level or higher None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Nightcloak Servants of the twisted and perverse deities of evil,
nightcloaks delve into forbidden secrets and study evil
lore. They are beings of iron will and determination,
although that determination is perverse. Nightcloaks
weave webs of intrigue, mental domination, blackmail,
and control through the use of illusion, necromancy,
and enchantment, yet they are not afraid to smash their
toys if doing so suits their purposes. Cruel and intelligent,
they do not fear slipping away from battle only to
return and grind their foes to dust at a later time.
Honor is of no consequence to nightcloaks; they do as
they please, as long as their actions further their own
power and, by extension, that of their divine patrons.
Clerics become nightcloaks more often than characters
of any other class. Many have levels of wizard, sorcerer,
bard, or rogue in addition to the class that
granted them divine spellcasting ability. The path of
the nightcloak rarely appeals to rangers, even though
they too can cast divine spells.
Nightcloaks dwell in communities large and small,
often worshiping their evil deities in secret. Many
work to overthrow governments, organize secret
cabals, and create false cults to further their ends
Any character that has ties to the Divine and is capable of casting Divine spells of at least 3rd level and has access to the Evil Domain Neutral Evil +3 Bluff 2 ranks, Hide 4 ranks, Move Silently 2
ranks, Perform (any) 4 ranks
Iron Will, Spell Focus (Enchantment, Illusion,
or Necromancy).
Ability to cast 3rd-level divine spells. A
cleric candidate must have access to the Evil domain
None Complete Divine Web Enchancement  
Nightmare Spinner Dreams come to all sentient creatures, and some of those dreams are dark enough to frighten the heartiest of souls. The nightmare spinner can reach into the darkest recesses of the mind, draw forth his victim's nightmares, and make them seem all too real. He wields fear as his weapon and uses it to cut down even the mightiest opponents. It is irrelevant whether his magic produces real threats or not; they are real enough to his victims. Any arcane spellcaster wanting to use dreams as a tool to overcome their enemies Any None Bluff 4 ranks, Sense motive 4 ranks None Ability to cast third level arcane spell, ability to cast at least one fear spell and one mind affecting spell None Complete Mage
Nightsong Enforcer The enforcers of the nightsong guild focus on the stealth centered combat training that rogues generally learn. They learn to become deadly opponents who strike from hidden passages and move silently behind their foes ROGUES, MONKS, spellthieves ANY +5 HIDE 10 RANKS, MOVE SILENTLY 10 RANKS IMPROVED INITIATIVE None The character must undergo intensive training and tests with the nightsong Guild before she can gain the class abilities. EVASION CLASS FEATURE Complete Adventurer
Nightsong Infiltrator They areexperts at breaking and entering very secure areas. They are the perfect thief and spy Rogues, spellthieves, monks Any None Climb 10 ranks, Disable device 5 ranks, Open lock 5 ranks, Search 5 ranks Alertness None The character must undergo intensive training and tests with the nightsong Guild before she can gain the class abilities. EVASION CLASS FEATURE Complete Adventurer
Noble Defender The foremost of the responsibilities of a noble is to protect his subjects from outside threats, and so most become competent warriors in addition to rulers. In long established regions, nobility is a hereditary position but in some cases a charismatic warrior may find himself in charge of a barony Any class usually with fighting skills Any non chaotic non evil +9 Diplomacy Leadership None required Noble title of a baron or higher, and a keep or castle within at least 10 square miles of land. Must be part of a kingdom or nation operating with a feudal system Ultimate Prestige Classes
Noctumancer Noctumancers bridge the gap between shadow and arcane magic. Those who succeed in becoming one of these elite not only gain a boost to their mystery user and arcane caster abilities, but are able to manipulate the mysteries and spells of others as no others can Those that want to amplify their power of arcane and mystery casting simultaneously Any None Knowledge arcana 6 ranks, Spellcraft 6 None Ability to cast 2nd level arcane and mysteries None Tome of Magic
Nomad Lord The Nomad Lord wanders freely, without ties to land or possession except for his mount. He considers all those who live a settled to be deprived of the true riches of life: freedom, honour, and glory. Any fighting or adventurous class Any +4 Wilderness lore 2 ranks Mounted combat, Ride by Attack, Mounted archery None required Must be part of a nomadic tribe with a sizeable herd or spend one year with such a tribe. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Occult Slayer They are people who feel that mortals are too irresponsible to wield magic and those that dare should be slain fighters and rogue classes Any +5 Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, Spellcraft 3 ranks Improved Initiative, weapon focus any None None Complete Warrior
Officer of War Armies require leaders to function, and good leaders to attain victory. Officers of war are individuals who are trained to lead soldiers into battle and bring them home again safe. A good officer of war is one that can both fight and rally the troops Any fighting class Any non chaotic +7 Knowledge military 8 ranks Endurance, Leadership None Required Must have led a unit of at least 20 mecernaries Ultimate Prestige Classes
Ollam An Ollam is granted a special position in the temple hierarchy- Moradin gives her spells that allow her not only to delve into the secrets of the universe but also to heal and keep an eye on her charges Dwarves of lawful good class Dwarf Lawful good None Knowledge History 10 ranks, Knowledge other 10 ranks, Perform 5 ranks. None None None Complete Adventurer
Ordained Champion You entire being is devoted to war, war in the name of your deity, war in the name of your favored cause, even war in the name of war itself. Your focus on warfare has slowed your spellcasting advancement, but the wide variety of martial powers you have gained has more than made up for that Those that worship heironeous or hextor Any race any lawful, neutral good, or neutral evil None Knowledge religion 7 ranks Weapon focus with deity’s favorite weapon Able to cast magic weapon as a divine spell Must worship hextor or heironeous Complete Champion
Order of the Bow Initiate Order of the bow initiates see their weapons as an extensions of their being, and the bow as a spiritual experience. By learning the bow the initiate improves his precision and spirituality Characters good with bows and seeking spirituality Any +5 Craft bow making 5 ranks, knowledge religion 2 ranks Point Blank shot, Precise shot, rapid shot, Weapon focus ( longbow, shortbow, or the composite version ) None None Complete Warrior
Ordinator Ordinators are holy soldiers, servant to a god that lives among them. Grueling regimens forge muscles hard as iron and grind fighting skills to near mythical sharpness. Physical conditioning and martial training are smelted in a crucible of devotion that allows him to exceed his already impressive physical capabilities Those epic divine fighting classes wishing to form an tighter bond with their deity Any +15/ epic +2 Concentration 15 ranks, Knowledge religion 15 ranks Weapon focus (deity’s favored weapon) and any three divine feats or feats that improved divine abilities, or the extra smiting and empower Turning feats None Ability to smite, The candidate must be chosen by another ordinator to take the trials and then succeed in a series of quests. The DM Determines when these are complete

Dragon Magazine

Issue Number

Osteomancer Arcane Spellcasters that powers relating to their own bones and the bones of others. They do not delve into necromancy or seek to control undead creatures
Any None Heal 4 ranks, Knowledge Arcana 4 ranks, Knowledge Nature 4 ranks Toughness Ability to cast at least 5 transmutation spells one of which must be third level or higher. None Dragon Magazine Issue Number
Outcast Champion Outcast champions bring hope to those who have no place in society. They lead by example, but their methods differ widely. Some outcast champions unite under the banner of freedom and dignity, while others stir their charges with talk of rightful conquest of their oppressors. While one outcast champion might employ stealth and subtle measures to achieve his goals, another announces his intentions with a bloody sword held aloft. Any half breed that wants to utilize his no place in society position due to his race Half-elf, Half-orc, Half-ogre None Diplomacy 8 ranks or Intimidate 8 ranks None None but can have None Races of Destiny
Pact Bound Adept Pact bound adepts are sorcerers who have learned to transcend their beliefs about spells and magic and embrace arcane power as dragons do. they focus their innate connection to magic, becoming more like dragons in the way they cast spells any spellcaster with a connection to a dragon Any None knowledge arcana 9 ranks, Spellcraft 9 ranks Draconic heritage Must be able to cast 3rd level arcane spells Must have an active dragonpact with a dragon Dragon Magic
Palemaster Palemasters are those who desire mastery over the undead through the use of their arcane spell powers. Their necromantic control can grow to become powerful over the undead. Any arcane spellcaster wishing to control undead Any Non Good none Knowledge Religion 8 ranks Skill Focus ( Knowledge Religion ) Able to cast command undead and vampiric touch as arcane spells The candidate must have spent three or more days locked in a tomb with animated undead. This contact maybe peaceful or violent. A character slain by the undead and later raised still meets the requirements although the resulting level loss may delay compliance with the prerequisites Libris Mortis
Paragnostic Initiate Not all who follow the precepts of the paragnostic assembly are spellcasters. Melee fighters, archers, and practitioners of mundane skills can also join the eternal hunt for knowledge. You are dedicated to the hunt of secrets Any class Any +4 or see special Knowledge arcana 2 ranks, Knowledge religion 2 ranks, Knowledge any other 2 ranks none None Must be a member of the paragnostic assembly. Can either have a base attack of +4 or tumble skill 7 ranks Complete champion
Peacebringer Peacebringers seek to prevent conflict and attempt to foster respect and cooperation. They are consummate diplomats and negotiators who feel warfare brings ruin. As such, they seek ways to bring people together to prosper in peace. Any divine fighting class seeking to bring peace to the world and avoid conflict lawful good, neutral Good None Diplomacy 10 ranks, Knowledge Law 5 ranks Skill Focus Diplomacy Must be able to cast divine healing spells Possess the lay on hands ability, usually a paladin class, charisma 16+ Paths of the Righteous
Penumbral Lord Those that are seeking knowledge within the darkness rather than the candlelit tomes. The greatest shadow magicians are the spellcasters known as penumbral lords, who draw magical energy and power by transgressing the boundary between the material plane and the Plane of Shadows Spellcasters interested in the plane of Shadow Any None Hide 10 ranks Silent spell Ability to cast three different Illusion or shadow spells one of which must be from shadow conjuration None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Perfect Wight The perfect wight is a master of skulking , the ultimate prowler and thief. She has transcended the extraordinary, honing her talents to supernatural levels. She can bypass any protection and slip through any defense. Few see her as she is undetectable Any roguish class Any None Hide 24 ranks, Move silently 24 ranks Self Concealment None required Sneak attack +10d6 Epic Level Handbook
Physical Adept Physical Adepts are spellcasters who have learned to channel their arcane might in ways other casters not only find difficult but sometimes even worthless. Instead of throwing their arcane energies into the air to give shape they channel their power inward and boost their physical prowess. Spellcaster with a combo class other than a spellcaster Any None Spellcraft 10 ranks Spell Focus ( transmutation), Silent and still spell Must be able to cast 3rd level a arcane spells and at least half of them have to be from the school of transmutation None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Pious Templar Sworn to the defense of a temple site, the pious templar is a holy warrior blessed by her deity with combat prowess Holy warriors that defend temple sites Any good alignment 5 Knowledge religion 4 ranks True believer, Weapon Focus of her deity’s favored weapon None None Complete Divine
Platinum Knight the Platinum knight protects good aligned dragonkind from their natural enemies, the chromatic dragons, as well as any others who would prey upon these nobles creatures. Bahumut, Lord of the good dragons is the patron of the platinum knights Any Any race but good alignment +5 diplomacy 4 ranks, Knowledge arcana 4 ranks Dragonfriend None required Must speak draconic Draconomicon
Primeval The primeval is a warrior who has tapped into his racial memories to find and forge a bond with an ancient creature. he draws incredible power and strength from this bond and finds that he can change his form into this creature with increasing skill. Fighting class Any race but non-lawful alignment +8 Handle animal 5 ranks, Knowledge nature 5 ranks, Survival 5 ranks Endurance, self-sufficient, Toughness None required None Frostburn
Prophet Sometimes a god needs more than his clerics to achieve his goals. When such times arise, the god taps one of his followers and gives him more specific direction, making the follower a prophet. This is usually done by direct communication from one of the god's minions (such as an angel) or even by appearing himself. The god may continue to give direction during the prophet's quest. By serving his god under such circumstances, the prophet becomes less militant and gains greater access to his god's power. Any divine class that wishes to have close communication with their deity Alignment has to be the same as the deity None Spellcraft 8 ranks, Concentration 8 ranks, Knowledge religion 8 ranks Any two metamagic feats Can cast 3rd level divine spells Has access to at least one divine domain from their patron deity Thee Complete Librum Of Gar'Udok's Necromantic Artes
Prophet of Earthaol Prophet of Earthaol is a seer and visionary, a medium of the heavenly will pronouncing judgment on corruption and evil in the world, speaking words of comfort to the oppressed and downtrodden announcing the work of the archons in the world Any divine or arcane class
Any race but lawful good alignment None Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, Spellcraft 10 ranks Sacred vow, servant of the heavens, Spell Focus ( Divination ) Vow of chastity Able to cast 4th level divine or arcane spells None Book of Exalted Deeds
Psibond Agent A psibond agent sees through the eyes of others, gently guiding her puppet to go places she could never enter herself Psionically based characters Any None gather information 8 ranks, sense motive 4 ranks None None Sneak attack +1d6, three languages, power point reserve of at least 1 Complete Scoundrel
Psion Hunter Are hunters well versed in the arcane set out to help those that are being troubled by psionic creatures or people Any psion Any 5 Knowledge psionics 5 ranks Track, Iron Will Must be able to cast arcane spells None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 281
Psion Uncarnate Formless, fleshless, and unbound by the limits of corporeality—this is the goal of every psion uncarnate. “Flesh is weak, but mind is strong,” or so goes the mantra taught by the Golden Mind. The Golden Mind’s origin is rumored to be offworld or offplane, and the Golden Mind is said to be an entity that has lost its way home (or has been exiled; the truth is unclear). What is clear is that the Golden Mind teaches a potent skill—the ability to loose one’s spirit
from its shell and become a psion uncarnate.
Those that wish their minds to be free of the bounded form of their bodies Any None Knowledge psionics 8 ranks, Psicraft 8 ranks Psionic body Ability to manifest Must have had some instruction by another psion uncarnate, have access to the teachings of the golden Mind, or belong to an organization that has access to or is administered by the Golden mind Expanded Psionics Handbook
Psionic Guardian Left unchecked, the power of psionics can be a dire danger in an unsuspecting world. It is the duty of the guardian, the mission each one is to uphold is to defend against the threats of those who would Ill use psionic powers against those that are defenseless to such attacks. a sense of duty to protect the world. any psion Any +4 Concentration 8 ranks Iron Will, psionic bastion Manifest of at least four powers one of which must be telepathic None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Psychic Thief Psychic thieves are a rare breed of rogue that have tapped into the world of psionics. They use both their dexterous art and their mind to achieve their self serving goals Rogues that have psionic powers Any None Bluff 6 ranks, Innuendo 6 ranks Iron Will Manifester of any psychic powers None ( even though they require you to be part of an elite guild of psychic thieves this is not a required thing per order of the DM) Ultimate Prestige Classes
Psychic Vampire Hidden in the shadows a psychic vampire hungers for sweet elixir of thoughts. They feed on people thoughts and usually are left untouched physically. They feed on sentient beings any psionic class that meets the requirements Any +3 Psicraft 4 ranks Mental adversary Manifester of at least one power that must be first level Psychic vampires occur only when a sentient being with at least one psionic power point is brought to -1 or fewer hit points are depleting his power point. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Psycho Pyretic Some angry psions have little control over their own rage and hatred, while others learn to channel these hostile emotions into massive barrages of psionic force and the heat of their anger. The psycho pyretic even learns to channel his hatred into physical manifestations of heat that literally burn through the mental channels of other psionically aware entities, earning them the moniker of Brain Burner . Any psion that wants to tap into any internal rage they posses Any None None Mental adversary Ability to manifest at least on flame based psionic power Ability to manifest all 5 psionic attack modes. Base power points must be 10+ not including bonus power points Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Purebreath Devotee A purebreath devotee believes that the only way to become as pure as air is to consume nothing else. Members of this prestige class fast for long periods of time, living only off the air they breathe, until eventually, they no longer need to eat or drink. Eventually, The purity they gain by consuming only air grants them wondrous abilities. Characters of any class can follow this path, although monks are the most common adherents. Constantly in search of self-perfection. many monks see the lifestyle of the purebreath devotee as the palh to enlightenment. Some druids take up The class to grow closer to nature, and certain clerics view if as a path to spiritual purity. Any +5 Knowledge Nature 4 ranks Endurance, Iron Will   The candidate must go for three days without eating, drinking or using magic itemss that prevent hunger and thirst. Dragon Magazine 342
Puritan Puritans are stern zealots who strive to lead pure lives according to their religious nature and dogma. This usually imposes stringent restrictions upon behavior and stems from lawful neutral deities. Puritans are expected to spend time working, not having fun divine classes Lawful neutral +4 Profession or Craft any 8 ranks, Knowledge religion 4 ranks Iron will None Puritans may not be spellcasters of any sort except ex-paladins or ex-rangers. The candidate must destroy all magical items in her possession before becoming a puritan Ultimate Prestige Classes
Purple Dragon Night The purple dragons are regarded across the land as exemplars of disciplined, skilled, loyal soldiers that fill their career with heroic actions Fighters, paladins, rangers any lawful or neutral +5 Diplomacy 1 rank, or intimidate 1 rank, Listen 2 ranks, Ride 2 ranks, spot 2 ranks Mounted combat, Negotiator None Membership in the purple dragons Complete Warrior
Pyrokineticist Pyrokineticists know that a little psionic power goes a long way—for those interested only in fire. They find both beauty and utility in the chaotic shape of flame, its spectrum of fuel-dependent colors, its warming heat, and
its never-ending hunger. Those who take one or more levels in the pyrokineticist class are sometimes colloquially referred to as “pyros.”
those of the psionic classes that love fire Any chaotic none Concentration 8 ranks, Craft alchemy 1 rank, Knowledge psionics 2 ranks None Must have at least one power point in reserve Must have set fire to a structure of any size just to watch it burn Expanded Psionics Handbook
Radiant Servant of Pelor Pelor teaches the strength of good through charity and modesty. The point is that the strong don’t need to prove their power. Pelor urges his priests to perform so many acts of good that there is no room for evil to exist Priest of pelor or pelor is your patron deity Neutral Good Will +5 Heal 5 ranks, Knowledge 9 ranks Extra turning Able to cast first level divine spells and access to the SUN Domain Must have Pelor as your patron deity Complete Divine
Rage Mage An arcane spell caster whose approach to study is more primal. They look to tap into their emotional energy Spellcaster that use anger as a weapon Any non lawful +4 None Combat Casting Must be able to cast one 2nd level arcane spell Rage or frenzy ability Complete warrior or Dragon Magazine Issue Number 277
Rainbow Servants Deep in the ziggurats live the couatls who teach eager divine spellcasters a new measure of divine power Divine spellcasters seeking secrets of couatls Any non-evil and non-chaotic None Knowledge arcana 4 ranks None Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells Must find the hidden jungle temples of the couatls Complete Divine
Ranger Knight of Furyondy Warriors of the Kingdom of Furyondy that are involved in the war against IUZ
Any Good 5 Handle Animal 5 ranks, Hide 2 ranks, Move Silently 2 ranks, Ride 8 ranks Mounted Combat, Track, Trample, Two- Weapon Fighting None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 317
Raserei The Raserei are the unhinged warriors of various battle cults and chaotic war gods. Able to lose control of themselves in combat at a level unhoped for by even the irascible barbarians, Raserei are both feared and respected by their companions for wildly chaotic warriors
Human, Orc, Half-Orc, Dwarf, any primitive humanoid +5 None Toughness, Power attack, Cleave None Must worship a Chaotic god of War or Destruction and been inducted into a blood drinking cult, or must have the ability to
Rage at least once per day as a barbarian.
Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Ravager an individual that has dedicated himself to the service of Erythnul, deity of slaughter. Living a life of violence and savagery, the ravager seeks to spread the deity’s malignment wherever he goes fighters of an evil class Any chaotic evil or neutral evil +5 Intimidate 3 ranks, Knowledge religion 3 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Improved Sunder, Power attack None Must survive the ravager initiation rites Complete Warrior
Reaping Mauler Reaping maulers are the backbreakers, the limb twisters and the neck snappers among the pit fighters. grapplers of the highest order they wear nothing heavier than light armor to maximize their flexibility any class with tumble, escape artist, and unarmed strike Any +5 Escape Artist 5 ranks, tumble 5 ranks Clever wrestling, Improved unarmed strike None The candidate must have defeated at three opponents one size category larger than himself with his bare hands Complete Warrior
Reaver The reaver is the most powerful ally to have n boarding actions, whether in defense or attack, and every good privateer or pirate captain will eagerly employ a mate who demonstrates such skills Fighting classes Any +4 Swim 6 ranks Power Attack, Two weapon fighting None None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Reborn The reborn are a small close knit group of psionic creatures with only one thing in common, they each have the power to dissolve their physical forms into ectoplasmic energy and reform themselves into astral constructs at will Any highly intelligent psionic class Any None Psicraft 8 ranks, Auto hypnosis 5 ranks, Concentration 8 ranks Psionic body Manifester of five powers one of which must be metacreativity Intelligence 19+
A character may only take this class after making a peaceful contact with a reborn and the reborn encountered must decided to take the character on for training on not less than one month
Ultimate Prestige Classes
Red Wizard They focus on a school of magic more intently than any specialist, achieving incredible mastery of magic within a very narrow focus. Seen as cruel and evil tyrants by people across the world of Toril, a few choose to leave their region, assume secret identities, and practice magic without having to worry about political alliances and possible slave uprisings. Early in their careers, would-be Red Wizards specialize in a school of magic and acquire the Tattoo Focus feat that prepares them for entry into the Red Wizard prestige class. Any human wizard seeking to enhance their specialization power Any non good human None Spellcraft 8 ranks Tattoo focus Able to cast third level arcane spells None Dungeon Master's Guide
Redeemer Sites of religious significance are of more importance to the churches tied to them. They provide a very real and significant boost in temporal power for the churches that control them. While this makes religious sites very attractive to enemies. Redeemers work destroy rival sites and protect their own Divine classes Any +5 None Martial weapon proficiency Ability to cast hallow or unhallow None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Revered Elder A revered elder are wise leaders of their community, drawing upon decades of rich experience to advise rulers, guide their people, and keep them safe from hazards both mystical and mundane. Any spellcasting or manifesting class Any None Sense motive 8 ranks, Diplomacy 4 ranks, Knowledge local 4 ranks, Scry 4 ranks None Must be able to cast or manifest first level powers Must have a +1 bonus to wisdom either through age or by allocating a characteristic increase from experience. Must be accepted by elders or the community as one of their own. Must be older. Wisdom 15+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Rimfire Witch A character who follows the mysterious call of rimfire eidolons consisting of Hleid the deities essence to its source becomes infused with great power. This action forms a powerful bond between the character and the eidolon. Divine or arcane spell Any None concentration 6 ranks, Knowledge history 6 ranks, Knowledge religion 9 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks Iron Will, Mark of Hleid Able to cast first level spells Once a character meets all the requirements listed above, she soon has a vivid dream in which she receives a call from a rimfire eidolon. One she wakes from the dream, she knows the most direct route to the rimfire eidolon iceberg Frostburn
Risen Martyr Characters driven by revenge, greed, or other base desires may return from death as ghosts, revenants, or other undead. By contrast a risen martyr is an exalted character who continues in his earthly existence of his martyrdom. All good classes Any race but good alignment None Any one skill 9 ranks Nimbus of Light, any one other exalted feat None required The character must have suffered martyrdom and must not have been returned to life. see chapter two in book of exalted deeds and must earn experience to advance one level before becoming a first level risen martyr Must have a base will, reflex, and fortitude save of +2 and speak celestial Book of Exalted Deeds
Roadknights Road knights travel with their loyal mounts seeking dangers threatening travelers and trade. Outlaws, highwaymen, goblinoid raiding parties wandering monsters all bring danger. Their almost constant traveling means that road knights usually operate under their own discretion. Hardships of nature make the road knight a tough and rugged individual, often lacking the refined natures of civilized knights Any divine fighting class that is adventuring and rides to new dangers Any non evil, non chaotic +4 Handle animal 6 ranks, Intuit direction 2 ranks, Ride 6 ranks Mounted combat, Track must able to cast divine spells Must own a trained war horse Paths of the Righteous
Ronin An exiled samurai or other noble warrior that has been exiled. A masterless warrior cast adrift in the world Samurai, ninja, fighter, paladins or rangers, Any non-lawful +6 None Exotic weapon proficiency ( bastard sword None Must have fled or been exiled from the service of a feudal lord, commonly for disobeying orders, displaying rudeness, or cowardice at a crucial juncture or failing in a crucial task Complete Warrior
Roofrunner Roofrunners are like shadows moving in their city and, while their abilities are confined to the city, they are nothing to laugh at. as people whisper that a roofrunner may disappear in closed ally and enter in the tightest of rooms in a matter of minutes Any adventuring class confined to a city Any None Climb 5 ranks, Balance 5 ranks, Gather information 5 ranks, Jump 5 ranks Knowledge local 10 ranks, Move silently 5 ranks None None The character must have lived in the city for at least 80% of the past five years. This is their home city and the only one which they can use their class abilities Ultimate Prestige Classes
Ruathar Also known as “elf-friend” or “star-friend,” a ruathar is a person of some other race who has earned the special friendship of the elven folk. While many individuals who render the elf people some notable service are known as elf-friends, a ruathar is truly blessed—the recipient of a powerful magical ritual that infuses him with the real and lasting blessing of the elf race. The elves extend the invitation to become ruathars to very few individuals indeed, but those so honored have a home among the elf people for the rest of their days if they so desire. Any character that earned a special friendship with an elf or elven folk Any +6 Any Skill 9 ranks or higher None Ability to cast 3rd level spells None Races of the Wild
Runesmith While nearly any member of dwarf society can learn a little bit of arcane magic, becoming a runesmith requires a whole different level of dedication. Runesmiths are respected members of dwarf society, always in high demand before any sort of athletic competition, expedition, or battle. A runesmith has learned to harness the power of runes and can fling fireballs and other staple arcane spells even while encased in full plate armor. As his power increases, he can inscribe runes that even non spellcasters can use. At the height of his powers, he can use himself as the surface for a powerful, permanent rune. Any dwarf wanting to enhance their character with arcane or psionic powers through runes Dwarf None Concentration 5 ranks, Craft Stone working 8 ranks Armor proficiency heaving, Scribe scroll Able to cast first level arcane spells or first level psionic spells This class can also be adopted for those dwarves that have psionic powers as well. Per order of the DM Races of Stone
Sacred Exorcist Through elaborate rites the exorcists hope to drive away the spiritual forces of evil. They are devoted to their religion and the driving away of evil outsiders Divine classes Any Good None Knowledge the planes 10 ranks Knowledge 7 ranks None Able to cast dismissal or dispel evil Adopting this prestige class requires the sanction of a church or order that ordains sacred exorcists. Only characters judged by their church to be exemplary in faith and devotion, strong of will and upright in morality, are made sacred exorcists Complete Divine
Sacred Fist Aestic members that have turned their divine magic inward bringing their bodies and minds gifts from their deity and they believe that not developing those gifts to their fullest potential is a sin Fighters, rogues, bards, and even monks any non evil 4 Knowledge 8 ranks Combat casting, combat reflexes, Improved Unarmed strike, Stunning fist Able to cast first level divine spells None Complete Divine
Sacred Purifier Sacred purifiers are priestly characters who specialize in destroying undead. They belong to a loose-knit order affiliated with the church of Pelor (or another similar faith), though they disdain hierarchical bureaucracy in favor of action and forthrightness Any divine class whose main purpose to eradicate the undead Any good None Knowledge religion 8 ranks Extra turning Able to cast second level divine spells Able to turn or rebuke undead, base will save +5 Libris Mortis
Sacred Warder of Bahamut Sacred warders of Bahamut protect others from the power of Tiamat's brood. Any character with some metallic dragon racial heritage that can cast divine spells and worships Bahamut Any lawful good or neutral good +15 None Endure Blows, Power Attack Able to cast divine spells, possesses the Protection domain Has damage reduction 5/magic Internet Web Document  
Sanctified One The cleric, the paladin, the priest, and the holy warrior. all these classic divine hero archtypes. Whatever the differences they may have, all divine heroes owe their power to deities or to their faith and devote themselves to the service of powers beyond the mortal plane Any divine class Any +5 Knowledge religion 5 ranks None None required Must complete a sanctification ritual performed by a priest or other authority of the chosen deity’s church Complete champion
Sand Shaper The secret of their power remains for those with the courage to find it and the mettle to prove themselves worthy to wield it. You few who walk the path of the sand shaper are living legends to your allies, or nightmares reborn to your enemies. You are part prophet, part priest, part magician,
and part assassin. In time, you might even be a conqueror, as well—the first in a new dynasty of sand shapers
Any character with arcane spellcasting Any neutral None Knowledge nature 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Touchstone (City of the dead) Arcane spell caster of fifth level None Sandstorm
Scar Enforcer Scar enforcers are angry, embittered half-elves who have rejected both sides of their ancestry. They band with others of similar attitude, collectively known as the Scars, using stealth and violence to strike back at the societies that marginalize them. Any Bitter Half-elf that has a chip on their shoulder about their ancestry Any non good Half-elf +3 Bluff 8 ranks, Hide 4 ranks, move silently 4 ranks None None required None Races of Destiny
Scarlet Corsair Many pirates sail the seas, but few reach the infamy of the scarlet corsair, so called from the trail of blood left n her wake. Where most other pirates are content to use intimidation to cow their opponents into submission,
allowing them to plunder as they please, the scarlet corsair revels in combat and slaughter.
Any non good adventuring class that loves the sea Any non lawful +5 Bluff 8 ranks, Intimidate 8 ranks, Profession Sailor 4 ranks None None required Must have established a reputation as a fearsome pirate and sneak attack +1d6 Stormwrack
Scion They are rare, precious, living embodiments of the divine being they revere. No church has more than one, and many churches will never have one at all. Those that are suited to becoming scions simply do so when the time is right. Scions wield considerable might in the name of their beloved deity Any Divine class Any None Knowledge religion 10 ranks None Must be able to cast 4th level divine spells The character must have the attention of his deity to begin taking levels of scion. This prestige class has a special rate of progression. It cannot be multiclassed out of once a level has been gained. Once it is chosen you must see it through the end Ultimate Prestige Classes
Scion of Dantalion Scions of Dantalion trace their lineage to an ancient, long forgotten human empire, a civilization in which justice, love, and art reigned supreme. Scions of Dantalion believe themselves to be part of this line, cursed by the gods but blessed by association with Dantalion, the vestige that is the conglomeration of all their ancestors’ souls. The scions believe that their destiny is to one day take up the crown, bear the scepter of rulership, and
rebuild the empire that could rival the stars
Binder class that can bind dantalion Half elf, half orc, or human None Knowledge nobility and royalty 2 ranks None None Ability to bind dantalion Tome of Magic
Scion of Tem-Et-Nu Paladins of the temple of Tem-Et-Nu are sometimes selected to become the guardians of the rivers. The waterways of the wastelands are sacred to the river deity, and the source of life and livelihood for the plains people. It is given to you to enforce the deity’s laws and ensure that those who misuse
the river are punished. To that end, you can draw upon your ever-increasing martial skills, but you must also learn the many ways of the river, its strengths, and how to tap those strengths when you need its power most.
usually a divine class or any sort but could be arcane that has power over water and water ways Lawful good, Lawful neutral +5 Diplomacy 8 ranks, Swim 4 ranks None Usually any divine spellcasting class or possibly arcane You must be blessed by Tem-ET-NU in a ritual held in one of her temples Sandstorm
Scorpion Hunter The desert scorpion is thought to symbolize revenge, and sometimes cruelty. In the waste, the scorpion also symbolizes stealth, passion, and perseverance in the face of extinction. By emulating the essence of the scorpion and becoming one with the scorpion’s strength, desert people can tap into the scorpion’s vitality. Scorpion heritors, through a special relationship with the scorpion spirit, gain the mystical abilities of the scorpion, and can even take its shape. Any sort of class but usually adventuring or fighting Any +3 Hide 8 ranks, Knowledge nature 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Scorpion’s resolve None required Must have survived the venomous sting of a monstrous scorpion Sandstorm
Sea Witch version 1 Masters of wind, wave and spell, these spellcasters have long been known for their dedication to protection their ship and crew at any cost. They are trained not to only command the elements of the sea but also summon and control its beasts Spellcasters that will form an affinity for a boat and the sea Any None Concentration 8 ranks, Profession sailor 8 ranks None Ability to cast 3rd level spells A sea witch must accept the character as a student. Mentor sea witches typically arrange tests that try all their pupil’s attributes and abilities. Would be sea witches rarely come away from their testing and training unchanged and many have long unkempt hair that seems tormented by the wind even on still days Ultimate Prestige Classes
Sea Witch version 2 Astride the crashing waves comes the sea witch: a terrible chaotic mage who wields the power of water and calls on the living horrors of the deep. Mariners blame sea witches for every mysterious shipwreck or monstrous
raid, even when such events occur naturally—and since sea witches thrive on destruction and fear, they do not protest.
Any arcane spellcaster that has an affinity for the sea Any chaotic None Speak language aquan None Ability to cast arcane spells, which must include control water, control weather, or favorable wind as well as summon monster III or higher None Stormwrack
Sea-Hawk A master of the open sea, the sea-hawk braves the challenges that turned many others away. High seas trading, piracy and even pirate hunting are the bread and butter of the sea hawk Any adventuring class Any None Balance 2 ranks, Climb 5 ranks, Profession sailor 8 ranks None None required The character must have spent at least half of his time at sea during the six months Ultimate Prestige Classes
Seeker The seekers are a small order of sorcerers who dedicate their life and talents towards finding things, be it objects or people, and always for the right price. The seekers are not bounty hunters, but they often hire out their services to law enforcement personnel or when specifically asked those wishing to find and search for items through magic Any +1 Spellcraft 4 ranks, Scry 4 ranks, Use magic device 2 ranks None Cast spells as a first level sorcerer Must be able to cast first level spells as a sorcerer Ultimate Prestige Classes
Seeker of the Divine Presence Seekers believe each being has the capacity for divinity within but that unlocking this power is rarely achieved. Paladin seekers believe their divine patrons invest part of their own essence within them to enable then to unlock their internal power. The drive to understand the nature of this essence leads seekers to release their own power Any that wish to connect with their deity’s divine Presence Any Good +6 Concentration 10 ranks, Knowledge religion 12 ranks Great fortitude, iron will, and lightning reflexes Able to cast second level divine spells or higher Immunity to fear and disease, Healing as a class ability, The ability to remove disease as a class ability, charisma 15+, Wisdom 15+, Constitution 13+ and Dexterity 13+ Paths of the Righteous
Seeker of the Misty Isle Gruumsh revenge was taken out on a colony of elves called the misty isles that he has hidden away never found by corellon or any elves. The elven brethren trapped on the isle can’t escape. The seekers are a class of elves trying to find it elves or half elves wishing to find the misty elves Elf or Half elf None Knowledge 4 ranks, Survival 8 ranks None Able to cast 2nd level divine spells Must be inducted into the order by another member able to cast Complete Divine
Seeker of the Song There is a music that is so profound and powerful that even the gods quake at its sound. This primal music of unknown origin and no limit to its power is incomprehensible to the mortal ear. Some who have heard but a fragment seek to the whole song to unlock its power Bards Any None Knowledge arcana 13 ranks, Perform ( any one ) 13 ranks Skill Focus ( Perform any one) Bardic Music Ability Must have been exposed to the primal music by hearing g another seeker of the song use seeker ability Complete Arcane
Sentinel of Bharrai Respect and power of nature , the desire to further the ends of good, and the resolve to destroy evil are the core beliefs of the sentinels of BHarrai, strong willed spellcasters who venerate the Great Bear of Elysium Any good class Any race but good alignment None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge nature 8 ranks Spellcraft 8 ranks Sacred vow, Vow of obedience None required None Book of Exalted Deeds
Servants of Bone The servants of Bone are granted incredible toughness and the ability to command the bones of the dead. Their near immunity to poison allows them specialize in spells that use it to great effect. As they grow in power, they come to resemble the skeletons they revere until one day a seeming of unlife is finally granted to their once mortal bones. Those divine or arcane classes wishing to harness the power of bone Any non Good
Knowledge arcana 6 ranks Knowledge Undead 10 ranks Augment Animations, Spell Focus Necromancy Ability to cast animate dead None Thee Complete Librum Of Gar'Udok's Necromantic Artes
Shadow Adept Some spellcasters who discover the existence of the Shadow Weaveare cautious about using it, altering their magic slowly to take advantage of its effects. Others are more reckless, hurling themselves into the abyss of the Shadow Weave immediately to acquire all the gifts available to the casual student and discover secrets unavailable to all but the most dedicated. These latter spellcasters are the shadow adepts, who make great sacrifi ces with respect to some aspects of the Art in order to reap greater benefi ts elsewhere. Any Spellcaster Any non Good alignment None Knowledge Arcana 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks Shadow Weave Magic, any one Metamagic feat Able to cast 3rd level arcane or divine spells None None  
Shadow Sentinel Shadow sentinels are elite illumian warriors who protect their people from githyanki raiders, demonic invasions, and hordes of barely imaginable monsters from the Plane of Shadow. They have learned to imbue their weapons with shadowstuff itself, causing them to flow like quicksilver, then strike as the hardest steel. ANY ILLUMIAN THAT WISHES TO TAP IN THE POWER OF SHADOWS TO ENHANCE THEIR DEFENSES ILLUMIAN +5 WEAPON FOCUS ( ANY SLASHING WEAPONS ) NONE NONE Must pass combat examination from sentinel leaders Races of Destiny


Shadowbane Inquisitor Along with their comrades the shadowbane inquisitors find and confront evil wherever it hides. Unlike shadowbane stalkers they emphasis purging evil rather than finding it
Any Lawful good +5 Gather information 4 ranks, knowledge religion 2 ranks sense motive 8 ranks Power attack None Detect evil as a divine spell or a class ability to detect evil
Turn undead and sneak attack class feature 1d6
Complete Adventurer
Shadowbane Stalker Those that they protect from darkness call them saviors and defenders of the truth. They root out evil , hunting it to destroy it. Any Lawful Good None Gather information 8 ranks, Search 4 ranks, Sense motive 4 ranks None None Detect evil as a divine spell or a class ability to detect evil
Turn undead and sneak attack class feature 1d6
Complete Adventurer
Shadowblade Shadowblades are martial combatants with an innate link to
shadow. Those who master the arts of the unseen weapon become warriors with few equals. Their ability to manipulate darkness and shadow enhances their martial skills, allowing them to target weak points, land blows that should not strike true, and even attack foes who are paces away.
Any person wanting to use the shadows a physical weapon Any +5 Bluff 5 ranks, Hide 5 ranks, Move silently 5 ranks Blind fight None
Tome of Magic
Shadowcraft Mage aka Illusionists Illusionist is one of the most popular spellcasting classes among gnomes due to their natural affinity for illusions. Some gnomes have an even greater affinity for illusions than the average representative of their race, resulting in the prestige class known as the shadowcraft mage. Any gnome interested in delving into the world of shadowmagic and illusions Gnome None Bluff 4 ranks, Hide 4 ranks Spell Focus Illusion Able to cast three illusions spells and at least one shadow spell of 4 level or higher This class used to be a class called an illusionist, also see illusionist pdf, they are similar for those that know the old school Races of Stone
Shadowdancer Operating between the borders of light and darkness, shadow dancers are nimble artists of deception
any None Move Silently 8 ranks, Hide 10 ranks, Perform 5 ranks Combat Reflexes, Dodge, and Mobility None None

Shadowmind Those that have forsaken many of the worldly goals they had before joining the shadowmind monastery, instead devoting themselves to peering insides the minds and secrets of others Adventurer any +3 Hide 5 ranks, Move silently 5 ranks, Sleight of hand 3 ranks None None Manifester level 3 Complete Adventurer
Shadowsmith Shadowcasters draw power from darkness, and masters of shadow command it, but no one truly manipulates the darkness as does the shadowsmith. Combining martial and mystical skills, and possessed of a driving will, the shadowsmith forms his tools and weapons from shadowstuff itself, drawing forth matter from empty night. Those that want to imbue shadow into their weapons Any +5 Craft blacksmithing, armorsmithing or weaponsmithing 5 ranks, Knowledge arcana 3 ranks, Knowledge the planes 3 ranks None None Must have been exposed to shadow at some point prior to taking this class, either through travel on the Plane of Shadow, being subject to a mystery or a spell with the darkness descriptor, or through physical contact with a shadow or dark creature (such as a shadow mastiff or a dark lion) Tome of Magic
Shadowspy Shadowspies are the covert arm of Pelor’s shadow guard. Members of this subsect work individually or in small groups to locate hidden sources of evil. They usually lead double lives masquerading as normal folk Any divine class of pelor Any race but good alignment None Gather Information 6 ranks, hide 6 ranks, Move silently 6 ranks Good devotion, healing devotion, Strength devotion, or Sun Devotion Able to cast first level divine spells Must be a divine class worshipping pelor Complete champion
Shadowstriker The elite group known as the shadowstriker is the military arm of Pelor’s Shadow Guard. Its members make little attempt to hide their presence because they prefer to stand as constant reminders to the minions of evil and decay that divine consequences await their vile actions Any worshipper of a good aligned deity Any race but good alignment +5 Knowledge religion 2 ranks Good devotion, healing devotion, Strength devotion, Sun Devotion, law devotion, or war devotion None None Complete champion
Shadowy Avenger The shadowy avenger stalks this blighted landscape , striking out at those that would abuse the law and protecting those who lack the ability or money to protect themselves. While the avenger takes out criminals and others that victimize the innocent, they make enemies in their wake Any class but leaning towards adventuring classes Any non lawful +4 Alchemy 4 ranks, disguise 8 ranks, Intimidate 8 ranks, Sense motive 8 ranks Alertness, Improved unarmed fighting, toughness None required You must have lost a loved one to a criminal act Ultimate Prestige Classes
Shining Blade of Heironeous Heironeous' teachings focus on promoting good through the use of armed force Priest or fighters of heironeous Lawful Good 7 Knowledge 7 ranks None Able to cast first level divine spells Must have Heironeous as a patron deity Complete Divine
Shock Trooper The deep mine complexes and tunnels dug by dwarves and gnomes are prime targets for many monsters that lurk deep. Shock trooper serve as emergency shock troops responding to threats and deal tremendous amounts of damage to them quickly as possible. Subterranean races Dwarf, gnome or any subterranean troops +5 None Power Attack, Quick Draw, Run None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Singer of Concordance The Singers of Concordance are a small order of wandering draconic spiritual guides who begin as servitors of Io, the Ninefold Dragon, creator of all dragonkind. Their mission is to bring peace and comfort to Io’s scattered children, especially the often isolated half dragons and draconic creatures. They are more than simple preachers and healers, however—they have been entrusted by the father of dragons with the task of protecting the Spheres of Concordance that he created to ease his children’s pain Any dragon blood subtype that worships IO Any None Knowledge religion 8 ranks None Ability to cast 3rd level divine spells Dragonblood subtype, deity is Io Races of the Dragon
Skald The power of a skald lies in his connection to his tribe, but these warrior poets are not limited to their own lands. The world around the tribe is important to their history, as a skald well knows. Sometimes, the tribe will send out a skald to bring back news of what lies beyond And adventuring class with arcane spell casting Any None Knowledge local 8 ranks, Knowledge history 8 ranks, Diplomacy 8 ranks Skill focus any knowledge Must be able to cast 2 level arcane spells and have access to the bard list Coming from a barbaric or tribal land. Intelligence 12+ and Wisdom 12+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Skylord An elf crusader, a skylord uses his kinship with creatures of the sky and power of the winds to fight evil. His ties with the elven community are generally loose at best, since he sees much more urgency in the day to day events of the world. Any elf or half elf that is good elf, half elf, and any good alignment +7 Handle animal 10 ranks, ride 10 ranks Mounted combat, either mounted archery or ride by attack, one exalted feat None required The character must spend one week meditating in top of a mountain Book of Exalted Deeds
Skypledged The skypledged represent a mystical tradition among the raptorans that hearkens back to an ancient pact with powerful lords of the Elemental Plane of Air. The sky pledged are a tangible manifestation of that pact, exchanging divine power with one another and with powerful air elementals. Any races that wants to form a pack with powerful lords of the Elemental plane of air Raptoran but I am allowing most None None Ability to cast summon monster IV or summon Nature’s ally IV None Flight extraordinary ability Races of the Wild
Slayer Slayers are the hunters of the paladin ranks. They devote their lives to ridding the world of one particular flavor of evil. The slayer chooses one enemy and dedicates their life to hunting them down and destroying them. Enemies they choose can vary greatly, but all are creatures that pose a threat to ordered society. As such the slayer’s mission is often questioned by other paladins, questioning their virtues. Therefore the slayer leads their life as a model of virtue and discipline, not giving anyone any reason to doubt their faith or motive. Paladins who hunt a particular type of evil Lawful good, lawful neutral +5 Knowledge chosen foe 4 ranks Extra turning None required Ability to turn undead, smite evil class ability, usually paladin class Paths of the Righteous
Slayer of Domiel Assassins of course, are evil by their nature and the nature of what they do, committing murder for money is a completely evil act. However, sometimes the skill set of an assassin is required for a more noble purpose. They are assassins that serve law and good Any lawful good evasion classes. Any race but lawful good alignment None Hide 8 ranks, Move silently 8 ranks Sanctify Martial strike, servant of the heavens None required Sneak attack 3d6 evasion class ability Book of Exalted Deeds
Sniper The extremists of the archer set, snipers are guerrilla and tactical archery experts. Instead of working with teams of other archers and longbowmen, snipers often set up independently and shoot for particular targets, usually officers, spellcasters and unit leaders. Often they will setup positions before a battle high in trees or in other camouflage locations in preparation for an upcoming battle. Any fighting class using a bow Any Non chaotic +6 None Point blank shot, Precise shot, Weapon focus any bow None required None Three Arrows for the King
Society of Atheists Known as prayer Breakers, this network of magi contends that the gods are nothing more than powerful mortals who, through, the use of their own magical abilities and a few clever ruses, have tricked mortals into serving their whims and surrendering free will for obedience to harmful doctrines Those spellcasters that don’t believe in the divine Any None Diplomacy 4 ranks, Knowledge religion 8 ranks Spell penetration Ability to cast arcane spells or 3rd level, no ability to cast divine spells A potential member of the society of atheists must either have never chosen a patron deity or publicly denounces his previous affiliations within the nearest temple of his ex deity. Ultimate Prestige Classes
Sonomancer Sonomancers walk a line between a bard’s love of song and curious nature and the calculating battle-readiness of a hardened sorcerer. They love music but also love the crack of thunder, the roar of a waterfall, or complete silence, as all of these are manifestations of sound. They most likely use destructive magic to aid them Bards and arcane spellcasters any None Perform 8 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks, Knowledge arcana 6 ranks None Arcane spellcasting Should either have a bard and/or arcane class Ultimate Prestige Classes
Soulbow In the tradition of the soulknife, a soulbow realizes the direct capacity of her own mind to give shape to weapons of psionic perfection. Through desire alone, a soulbow creates shafts of deadly grace she can launch with all the force of a composite longbow. Any mind blade class Any Any Autohypnosis 8 ranks point blank shot Able to create a mind blade Throw mind blade class feature Complete Psionics
Soulforger Soulforgers seek to create life. They use their arcane powers to forge wholly new creatures, spawning them from vats, culturing them in their laboratories, and customizing them to fit their needs. Soulforgers research the limits of arcane spells, discovering methods to replicate the healing capacities of divine magic. Arcane spellcaster interested in creating new life forms Any None Heal 4 ranks, Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge nature 8 ranks Craft wondrous item, Brew Potion, Spell Focus necromancy Arcane spellcasting Discover the forbidden book of blood and bone, an ancient codex that contains the secrets of creating life from raw materials both mundane and fantastic Ultimate Prestige Classes
Soulguard Soulguards openly oppose hell’s devils that make deviously foul bargains with mortals or stealing souls as they travel to their final rest, or use whatever means they can to feed their own power through the misery and corruption of mortals Any divine or fighting divine class Any race but lawful neutral or lawful good None Intimidate 4 ranks, knowledge religion 9 ranks iron will ability to cast first level divine spells Language infernal Tyrant's of the Nine Hells
Spelleater The art of spelleating teaches its practitioners how to rip into the mind of another wizard and tear away his prepared incantations. Beginning spelleaters can literally knock spells out of an opponents mind, crippling his ability to work magic Any arcane spellcaster with a pension for stealing spells Any None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, spellcraft 8 ranks Endurance, Iron will, Toughness Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells or higher None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Spellsword The dream of saddling magic with weaponry is fulfilled by person of the Spellsword. A student of both arcane and martial techniques gradually learns to cast spells with less failure and cast or stores spells in her weapon combo of fighters and arcane spellcasters Any 4 Knowledge Any 6 ranks Weapon and Armor Proficiency: All simple and martial weapons and all armor Ability to cast arcane spells of the 2nd level or higher Must have defeated a for through the force of arms alone without recourse to spellcasting or special class abilities Complete Warrior and Tome of blood
Spellwarp Sniper The spellwarp sniper contorts spells, changing area effects into rays that deliver precise and devastating attacks Any spellcasting class with some roguish abilities Any None Concentration 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks Point blank shot Ability to cast 3rd level spells Sneak attack or sudden strike +1d6 Complete scoundrel
Spirit Speaker Are the few can speak to the spirits. They can unlock the secrets of breaking down the barriers between the spirit world and the natural world,. With this comes power Those of a druidic or arcane class that wish to commune with the spirits and tap into their power
Any 5 Diplomacy 3 ranks, Knowledge Arcana 1 rank, Knowledge Nature 1 rank None None Base Will Save +2 Dragon Magazine Issue Number
Spymaster Spymasters are rarely popular, but so long as nation distrusts nation there will be work for those who gather information that others wish to keep hidden Any in the business of gather information Any None Bluff 8 ranks, diplomacy 4 ranks, Disguise 8 ranks, Forgery 4 ranks, Gather information 4 ranks, Sense motive 4 ranks Skill focus ( bluff ) None None Complete Adventurer
Squire Legend Some wish only for a slight taste of their hero’s abilities, other simply recognize that no champion can stand alone. Other are needs to aid these champions. It is this philosophy that the squire of legends embraces any class Any none Knowledge history 3 ranks and one of the following: diplomacy 7 ranks, Intimidate 7 ranks, Knowledge arcana 7 ranks, Knowledge religion 7 ranks, or move silently 7 ranks None None Must be a member of the disciples of legend complete champion
Stalker of Kharash Kharash is one of the five companions of talisid, is the greatest of the wolf-like lupinal guardinals. As a fierce opponent of evil, Kharash acts as a patron to those who use stealth to track and hunt evildoers. Any stealth class any race but neutral good alignment None Hide 8 ranks, Move silently 8 ranks Alertness, Favored of the companions, Track None required None Book of Exalted Deeds
Stoneface A consummate liar and actors
any but no lawful alignment None Bluff 8 ranks, Concentration 3 ranks Persuasive, Skill Focus Knowledge any None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 310
StoneLord Special Dwarves that have a fine mystical attunement to the earth and stone Dwarves Any dwarf 5 Craft Stoneworking 6 ranks, Speak languages Terrain Endurance None A ritual involving three processes must be fulfilled where they are immersed in sacred loam, long fasting periods done underground, and the ingestion of 1,000 gps worth of powdered gemstones. The gem must be of the dwarf’s totem gem and must be carried at all times to access spell like abilities and must be able to speak terrain Complete Warrior and Dragon Magazine Issue Number 278
Storm Disciple a storm disciple is a character who decides that the best way to serve his ideals is through the natural power, fury, and splendor of the storm. While he retains knowledge of mantles, he might have come to feel that those mantles are of lesser value than his connection to the storm mantle based class Any race but chaotic in alignment +5 Knowledge religion 8 ranks None Able to possess mantles Energy mantle or Natural world mantle Complete Psionics
Stormcaster Stormcasters are drawn from the ranks of arcane or divine casters. The wizard who pursues this path needs to understand the primal energies inherent in the storm. The sorcerer, on the other hand, often feels that he is laying claim to some terrible birthright—many such sorcerers have in their heritage the blood of blue dragons or of other creatures who are at home in a wild storm’s fury. Druids occasionally pursue the path of the stormcaster but at the risk of turning their backs on much of their natural powers Any spellcaster wanting to tap into the power of the storm Any non lawful None Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, Knowledge nature 4 ranks None Must have the ability to cat gust of wind, and either lightning bolt or call lightning None Stormwrack
StormGaard Stonegaards are a large military force comprised of dwarves that have wanted to concentrate on the broader goals of improving their sense of defense instead of narrowing their field of expertise. Eventually they do move on to more focused professions but until then receive a sense of purpose Dwarf with any fighting class Dwarf and any non chaotic +1 None required Armor proficiency (medium), Martial weapon proficiency (any), Shield Proficiency None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Stormlord Those divine spellcasters that seek to gather and harness the power of the air and weather any divine worshippers that seek power in the air any Fortitude 4 None Endurance, great fortitude, Weapon focus ( any spear or javelin) Able to cast 3rd level divine spells The character have been hit by a bolt of lightning whether natural or one created by magic and survived Complete Divine
Stormsinger The stormsingers have learned the secret methods of harnessing the magic powers of music to influence and control the weather. Bards Any race None Concentration 8 ranks, Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, knowledge geography 8 ranks, Knowledge nature 4 ranks, Perform sing 8 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks magical Aptitude, Storm Magic None required The stormsinger must have the bardic music ability Frostburn
Stormtalon The stormtalons are consummate aerial warriors, using both their weapons and their razor-sharp foot talons to dive on their hapless foes. They are elite protectors of the raptoran race, sent by the high chieftain whenever a raptoran flock is in trouble. Any aerial race Raptoran or any race with aerial affinity +5 Flight extraordinary ability None None None Races of the Wild
Streetfighter version 1 Streetfighters never rest easy . They have see violence and depravity to rival any dungeon adventurer, and they have survived because they never let their guard down. Any any +5 Bluff 5 ranks, Intimidate 5 ranks, Knowledge (local) ranks Combat expertise, Improved Feint None None Complete Adventurer
Streetfighter version 2 In the streets and back alleys of the greatest cities a culture of violence flourishes. At the heart of this world the street fighter reigns supreme. he fights with flair, pounding his opponents into bloody ruin. Any class with unarmed ability to fight any except lawful good +4 Perform 5 ranks, Intimidate 7 ranks Improved unarmed strike, weapon focus Unarmed, toughness None required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Student of the Dragon Legend has it that in isolated monasteries dragons take the form of men and practice the martial arts amongst the unwitting monks in training. The draconic form does not lend itself to fighting style practiced by most monks, but while in human form dragons can attain the skill of the renowned. Draconic species interested in monk fighting class Any +7 Knowledge arcana 13 ranks Improved unarmed strike Arcane Have to be some sort of dragon or draconic offspring. Must speak draconic Ultimate Prestige Classes
Sublime chord Music is an expression of mathematical relationships fraught with significance. Music is a stepping stone to a true universal insight to the legendary song of creation at the dawn of time. An astute student can unravel its power Bards Any None Knowledge arcana 13 ranks, Listen 13 ranks, Perform ( any ) 10 ranks, Profession astrologer 6 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks None Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells Bardic music ability

Suel Arcanamach Served as guards to the archmages of the suel empire becoming masters or sword and spell fighter and spellcasting class mixed or spellcaster with some fighting Any 6 Concentration 4 ranks, Jump 4 ranks, spellcraft 5 ranks Tumble 4 ranks Combat casting, Iron will The ability to cast spells Must be proficient with at a least four martial weapons or exotic weapons. Must have read grimoire arcanamacha or study with a willing instructor who has done so. Reading requires one full week of uninterrupted study and the ability to read sueloise Complete Arcane
Summoner The summoner is a spellcaster that has a special connection to a powerful patron. He draws on that connection for his spells and other abilities. Unlike a bond between a priest and his deity, the summoner’s pact is with an entirely different type of entity. Spellcasters wishing to advance their power through the use of others Any None 5 ranks in the knowledge skill dealing with the summoner’s potential patron. Skill Focus on the knowledge skill dealing with the summoner’s patron Ability to cast three different summoning spells , all of the same type either arcane or divine The pact: The formation of the pact must be role-played extensively. The summoner to be must seek out and gain an audience with his potential patron and impress it with his knowledge and abilities. The meeting often involves tests of various sorts. If the patron is pleased it agrees to enter into a pack with the character Ultimate Prestige Classes
Sun Mage Some elves seek to harness the power of sunlight and put it to use with their magic. To these sun mages, there is no better patron than one that is associated with the sun. They drive back the shadows and endure in the face of evil, and stand stalwart as eternal guardians Arcane spellcasters who wish to harness the sun’s power Elf or Half elf None Knowledge astronomy 4 ranks None Ability to prepare and cast 3rd level arcane spells The would be sun mage must dedicate themselves to the study of celestial bodies observing the moon, sun and stars for a week. During this time, he may not eat, speak or use magic of any sort. Typically they do this from a high vantage point Ultimate Prestige Classes
Swanmay Swanmays are members of secret order sword to protect wilderness areas from evil Any female good character that is tied to nature Any race but must be good alignment None Knowledge nature 8 ranks, survival 8 ranks Sacred vow, Vow of purity Able to cast speak with animals The character must be female and must have wild empathy class feature as well they must knowingly or unknowingly perform a great service for another swanmay. Must speak sylvan Book of Exalted Deeds
Swashbuckler Prestige Class Version 1 Eschewing armor in favor of mobility, the swashbuckler is a dashing hero, always ready to do battle against an enemy with nothing more than a flashy blade and witty retort. Typically found wenching in urban areas, the swashbuckler mixes combat style, the latest fashion, and the flamboyance of a theatrical star Any adventuring class that meets the requirements Any +5 Climb 6 ranks, Jump 8 ranks, Tumbling 6 ranks Dodge, Expertise, Improved disarm, mobility none required None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Swashbuckler Prestige Class Version 2 What place indeed, for the suave swordsman? The swashbuckler is a man of style over substance, one who hopes his reputation and fancy showmanship can win through any fight. He is about wits and style, daring-do and aplomb. This is not a job for the armored
fighter, swashbucklers don t do it with huge axes, they do it with style and flair.
Any adventuring class that meets the requirements Any +6 Jump 6 ranks, balance 6 ranks, Tumbling 6 ranks perform 6 ranks Dodge, Expertise, ambidexterity, mobility none required None Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Swift Wing In a few churches , the use of allegory to dragons becomes so strong worshippers actually begin to refer to their church as a holy dragon and themselves as parts of the dragon any worshipper of a divine class Any +3 None none Able to cast 3rd level divine spells Ability to turn undead and speak draconic Dragon Magic
Sword of Righteousness The call of exalted deeds does not exclude the path of the warrior. Though few in number, warriors of every stripe devote themselves to good, choosing a higher calling than their fellows. Any fighting class Any race but good alignment +6 None Either favored of the companions, Knights of the stars, or servant of the heavens plus one additional exalted feat None required None Book of Exalted Deeds
Sworn Slayer An unstoppable engine of vengeance and destruction. Choosing to foreswear all other mortal motivations, a sworn slayer pledges a lifelong oath of enmity against a specific kind of creature Any
Any +6 Knowledge any 4 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks None None None Dragon Magazine Issue Number 324
Tainted A tainted was once a noble hero who has fallen under the sway of a fiendish parasite. The demon, devil, or yugoloth slowly tries to control the character’s will, offering him vile powers in dark whispers. For those noble people that slip away from their good moral compass and form a parasitic bond with a fiend Any Non Evil +2 None NOne None The character must share his soul with the personality of a particular fiend. This fiend might or might not have knowledge of the character’s actions depending on how the character became a tainted. base Will +1 Dragon Magazine Issue Number 302
Tattooed Monk Certain monastic orders bestow supernatural or spell powers on their members by inscribing magic in tattoo Clerics, monks Any Lawful +3 knowledge 8 ranks Endurance, Improved Grapple, Improved unarmed strike None None Complete Warrior
Tempest Typically hardy individuals, tempest rarely learn their skills through former training. Instead , they must master their art through constant application of its disciplines and experimentation Any any non good +6 None Dodge, Improved Two weapon Fighting, mobility, Spring attack, Two weapon Fighting None None Complete Adventurer
Temple Raider of Olidammara Olidammara’s worshipers don’t have many temples of their own, but some of them spend a great deal of time in the temples of other deities, robbing them of every valuable that’s even remotely portable Temple raiders that worship olidammara Any chaotic 5 Disable device 4 ranks, Knowledge 1 rank, Open Lock 4 ranks Search 8 ranks None None The character must worship Olidammara and be invited to join the ranks of the temple raiders by at least three current members of that prestige class Complete Divine
Tenebrous Apostate Some Tenebrous apostates revere Orcus, seeing Tenebrous as part of their sundered god and the seed from which he will one day sprout anew. Others see the corpulent fi end as the embodiment of Tenebrous’s downfall. These followers believe that Tenebrous is a separate deity who attempted to
manifest through Orcus, only to be laid low when the demon proved unworthy
Any Any non good None Knowledge religion 5 ranks, Knowledge the planes 5 ranks None Divine spell casting class Ability to turn and rebuke undead, must worship tenebrous as a god, Ability to bind tenebrous Tome of Magic
Thaumaturgist Thaumaturgist reaches out with divine power to other planes of existence, calling creatures to do his bidding
any None None Spell Focus Conjuration Able to cast lesser planar ally None

Thayan Night The thayan nights act as a bodyguards and enforcers for the red wizards. They lead common thayan troops into battle and help guard the wizard enclaves. They have no code of conduct fighters, rangers, or monks Any non-good +5 Intimidate 2 ranks, Knowledge arcana 2 ranks, Knowledge Local thay 2 ranks Iron will, Weapon focus longsword None Sworn allegiance to the Red Wizards of Thay Complete Warrior
The Archmage Most advanced practitioners of magic
Any None Knowledge Arcana 15 ranks, Spellcraft 15 ranks Skill Focus (Spellcraft) Spell Focus in two schools of magic) Ability to cast 7th level arcane spells. Knowledge of 5th level or higher spells form 5 schools None

The Bloodhunter The bow, no matter how simple, is the creation of a master craftsman, and the act of striking a target from afar the work of an artist. Nothing pleases the bloodhunter more than watching their victim fall to the ground struck in the spine by a blooded arrow they never saw coming. In the bow, the bloodhunter has found some part of himself. Something visceral and dangerous, deadly. In the craft of these deadly tools, the bloodhunter invests some part of himself. Most wield masterworks composite bows they made themselves, usually enchanted by themselves or others close to them. Ranger class or any class proficient in bows Any +8 Craft bowyer/fletcher 8 ranks, Move silently 8 ranks Martial Weapon proficiency Any bow, Point Blank Shot, Pinpoint accuracy, either far shot or precise shot. None required Personally Made masterwork bow Three arrows for the king
The Fist of Raziel The fist of raziel represents a knightly order dedicated to the celestial patron of the holy warrior against Evil. Any class usually divine Any race but lawful good alignment +6 Diplomacy 5 ranks, Knowledge religion 5 ranks Power attack, Servant of the heavens Able to cast divine favor None Book of Exalted Deeds
The Hoardstealer The hoardstealer specializes in relieving wealthy individuals from large amounts of said wealth. In most cases, these individuals are dragons, since few creatures keep so much wealth in one place. Stealing a dragon’s hoard is a challenging task, to be sure, but if it were easy, it probably wouldn’t be worth doing. Any Any non lawful none Appraise 8 ranks, disable device 4 ranks, Escape artist 4 ranks, hide 8 ranks, Move silently 8 ranks, Open Lock 4 ranks, Search 8 ranks None None The character must have participated in the location and recovery of a treasure hoard, dragon or otherwise valued at 5,000 gp or more Draconomicon
The Knight On many battlefields, in the midst of carnage and mayhem, there can be found a body of people utterly steadfast in the face of all adversity. Well equipped, these hardened warriors sit upon warhorses, lances crouched, swords loosened in the scabbards until the call of battle is unleashed Fighting and holy classed fighters or divine A permitted by the order +5 Ride 6 ranks, Knowledge religion 6 ranks Armor proficiency Heavy, Martial weapon proficiency None required Many orders have strict entry rituals or requirements. A character must fulfill any of these requirements to become a knight of that order Ultimate Prestige Classes
The Legendary Sharp Shooter Legendary Classes are much akin to Prestige Classes, but are for very high level characters and are of legendary power and ability. In addition to standard requirements based on feats, Base Attack Bonuses and skills, Legendary Classes require both a feat or two chosen by the GM (which allows for feats not included as Open Game Content) and a quest or great achievement to become a member High level character pursuing to perfect their archery Any +12 Spot 10 ranks, craft bowyer/Fletcher 12 ranks Far shot, Killing shout, Point blank shot, Precise shot, Pinpoint accuracy, weapon focus any bow, and any one feat of the GM choice None None Three Arrows for the King
The Order of the Silver Hearts Silver hearts transcend the barrier of race and nation , an implacable force of good to defend all creatures in the land. Two things separate this order from knights and paladins: first they are all female and second they ride only unicorns Female elves, half-elves, or humans that are pure Elf, half-elf, or human Female and good +7 Ride 8 ranks None None required A character must be a maiden with all that maidenhood entails Ultimate Prestige Classes
The Paragnostic Apostle The paragnostic apostle are the most devoted of the paragnostic assembly, the most erudite of a sect dedicated , mind and soul, to the acquisition of knowledge. Their eminent scholars use the secrets they’ve learned to augment their spells and shape the world around them Any spellcasting class Any Any Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, Knowledge religion 5 ranks, Knowledge any other 5 ranks None Able to cast 3rd level spells or spell like abilities Must be a member of the paragnostic assembly Complete champion
The Talon of Tiamat The talon of tiamat furthers the goals of evil dragonkind. He takes particular delight in causing harm to metallic dragons ad their allies. Any Any race but evil alignment +4 Bluff 4 ranks, Intimidate 4 ranks, Knowledge arcana 4 ranks Dragonthrall none required Must speak draconic Draconomicon
The Wild Mage A character who aspires to cast spells without structure. By taking the risk of substituting an element of randomness you allow the potential of power greater than other casters can hope for Arcane Spellcasters Any chaotic None Knowledge the planes 4 ranks, spellcraft 8 ranks, Use magic device 4 ranks Magical Aptitude, any metamagic feat Arcane spellcaster level 1st None Complete Arcane
Thief Acrobat A thief acrobat excels in getting in and getting out. . Most are thieves that have worked their way through the ranks of the guild before they learned their second style of fighting Any rogue
None Balance 8 ranks, Climb 8 ranks, Jump 8 ranks None None Evasion as a class feature Complete Adventurer
Thrallherd Thrallherds manipulate the minds of others as if they were clay in the hands of a sculptor. Some creatures are more susceptible than others to the thrallherd’s unconscious, but continual, call to service. And so they come, `eager to be led, happy to follow, and completely under the thrallherd’s control. In this way, thrallherds keep a minor menagerie of enthralled servants that are anxious to do their will. Any psionic class interested in controlling the mind of others Any None Diplomacy 4 ranks, Knowledge psionics 8 ranks Inquisitor Manifester of the fifth level and able to manifest mindlink None Expanded Psionics Handbook

Time Shade Warning the path of a Time Shade is often a lonely one. Not that you can’t make friends, but no one besides
another Time Shade can truly understand you, your magic, and the lonely life you can lead. As a Time Shade you have all of time and unlimited universes to see with all the time to see them.
Characters who wish to master not only the time and space, but the ever changing universes as well often choose this class. This class attracts the lower health, highly mobile characters. Usually characters will come from the time mage, or timewalker classes, but anyone who meets the requirements are welcome. Dexterity is the most important in this class, with charisma, wisdom, and intelligence as close seconds. This may seem strange however in order for one to master time one must first be faster than time itself.
This class attracts the lower health, highly mobile characters. Usually characters will come from the time mage, or timewalker classes, but anyone who meets the requirements are welcome. Dexterity is the most important in this class, with charisma, wisdom, and intelligence as close seconds. This may seem strange however in order for one to master time one must first be faster than time itself. Any non-lawful None 5 ranks in Concentration, Knowledge Arcana, and Spellcraft Dodge, Lightning Reflexes or any two time related feats. Be able to perform at least 2 spells manipulating time and 1 spell manipulating speed. 2 levels in any caster class(does not include fighters, barbarians, and the like).


Tomb Raider The tomb raider doesn’t study his chosen field from behind a desk like normal sages and scholars, but instead journeys out into the world and seeks experience in the field. The tomb raider seeks to learn first hand the wonders of lost civilizations, artifacts and mysteries Any adventuring class or those seeking knowledge firsthand Any None Knowledge any two different areas 6 ranks each, tumble 10 ranks Dodge, lightning reflexes, mobility, and skill focus on one knowledge None required Dexterity 15+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Trapmaster Moved by unending curiosity, trapmasters have learned ways to detect, circumvent, and if everything goes wrong, resist traps. Their experience with these devices is such that they learn to build traps themselves. They can act as security consultants for those wishing to build protected vaults Any class interested in the art of making traps Any non chaotic None Craft trapmaking 6 ranks, Disable device 10 ranks Skill focus disable device none There can only be on trap master per Guild or party Ultimate Prestige Classes
Treasure Hunter The treasure hunter specializes in tracking down legendary treasures and claiming them as his own. Much of a treasure hunter’s work takes place in libraries and other center of learning rather than mold old tombs. Treasure hunters are not simple opportunists looking to make a quick fortune Any class interested in obtaining and seeking treasure Any None Search 8 ranks, knowledge ancient history 4 ranks Lightning reflexes None None Ultimate Prestige Classes
Troubadour of the Stars They offer their patronage to certain mortal bards, granting them the ability to channel their celestial music through their mortal voices and instruments. These blessed bards are troubadours of the stars, gifted musicians, and champions of good. Any bard class Any race but chaotic good alignment None Perform 6 ranks Knight of the stars Able to spontaneously cast 4th level arcane spells None Book of Exalted Deeds
True Necromancer People choose this class that seek the power to raise and undying , unkillable servant from the husk of a formerly living being. They feel a need to design a learning of how to combine the foulest of both into a single , necromantic whole. Those who combine their arcane and divine powers to the art of necromancy Any non-good None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge religion 8 ranks None Ability to cast divine spells, one of which must me animate dead and arcane spells, which must include spectral hand and vampiric touch Must have access to the Death Domain, Ability to rebuke or turn undead Libris Mortis
Two Fisted Sorcerers of T’arg Deep within the deserts, far from the great cities of the realms,
can be found the Two-Fisted Sorcerers of T’arg, a group of sorcerers and bards who have learned to produce magic using both hands. These nomadic spellcasters consider themselves an elite corps of brawling sorcerers
Spontaneous arcane spellcasters that want to learn to cast with two hands. Any None Spellcraft 6 ranks Ambidexterity, still spell, improved unarmed strike Ability to cast arcane spells spontaneously of third level or higher Been witnessed and considered worthy in a bare hand brawl by a member of the two fisted sorcerer’s of t’arg. Libris Equitis Volume 1&2
Ultimate Magus Sorcerers channel unknowable powers, and wizards are Experts in ancient lore, but few individuals have as thorough an understanding and mastery of arcane magic as the ultimate magus. By combining both sorcerous and wizardly abilities into a unified whole, the magus empowers herself in ways even the greatest archmage can't duplicate Those that want to combine the powers of spontaneous arcane casting and prepared arcane casting any None Knowledge arcana 4 ranks, spellcraft 8 ranks Any metamagic feat Ability to cast spontaneous first level arcane spells, able to prepare and cast second level arcane spells from a book None Complete Mage
Uncanny Trickster The uncanny trickster combines the features of his primary class with a wider range of skill tricks than any other character can achieve. Any class that has a lot of skills Any none Any four skills 8 ranks each None None Any four skill tricks Complete scoundrel
Union Sentinel A union sentinel is a member of an elite police force that guards the demiplane city of union. Union sentinels patrol city streets, enforcing laws of Union and ensuring that peace reigns supreme. Any fighting class Any race but lawful alignment +21 Diplomacy 8 ranks, knowledge local 8 ranks alertness, Improved disarm, armor skin None required Must reside on the demiplane City union Epic Level Handbook
Unseen Seer Mysterious and elusive, the unseen seer trades in secrets. Subterfuge is her business in the same way that death is the assassin's business, and she uses her magic to help her gather other people's secrets while keeping her own. arcane spellcaster wanted to become adept about finding out secrets and using them to her advantage Any None Hide 8 ranks, Search 8 ranks, Sense motive 4 ranks, spellcraft 4 ranks, spot 8 ranks None Ability to cast first level arcane spells , including at least two divination spells None Complete Mage
Ur-priest despise the gods. However a small number of them have learned to tap into the divine power and use it for their own needs without praying to or worshiping a deity. Instead they go into a trance and steal the divine power Ex clerics, rogues, Any evil For +3, Will +3 Bluff 6 ranks, Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, Knowledge 5 ranks, Knowledge 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks Iron Will, Spell Focus evil Never been able to cast divine spells The characters must have no ability to cast divine spells Complete Divine
Vassal of Bahumut Most of Bahumut’s emissaries and champions are dutiful and mighty metallic dragons. Occasionally bahumut finds a non draconic champion whose reverence of good is unshakable and whose hatred of evil dragons rivals that of the purest good dragons Any follower of bahumut Any race but lawful good alignment +7 Craft ( armor smithing) +5 ranks, diplomacy +5 ranks Sacred vow None required The character must have single-handedly slain a juvenile or older evil dragon Book of Exalted Deeds
Vengeance Sworn Born from the aftermath of dragonwrought tragedy, death, and destruction, the vengeance sworn focus their hatred of dragons and their desire for revenge into a divinely sealed oath that drives them beyond the limits of mortal endurance. Battle-hardened and tested by the harsh environments in which they live, vengeance sworn characters travel through rugged mountains and across trackless seas to safe their burning desire for draconic blood. Those that have suffered a terrible tragedy at the hands of a dragon and want vengeance Any +6 Intimidate 5 ranks, Knowledge arcana 5 ranks, Wilderness Lore 5 ranks Ambidextery, Two-Weapon Fighting, Expertise Ability to cast divine spells Must have been killed by a dragon or have had a loved one killed by a dragon. Must have the rage ability Dragon Magazine Issue Number 296
Vigilant Part reconnaissance expert, part border guard, part spy, and part diplomat, the vigilant is a highly trained warrior who can be confidently sent into any situation, no matter how grim the odds. Any class
Any non evil +5 Diplomacy 5 ranks, Gather information 5 ranks, handle animal 5 ranks, Wilderness lore 7 ranks endurance, Track None Vigilants must pass an initiation test and swear an oath of allegiance to their patron nation, an oath that is enforced by their fellow vigilants Ultimate Prestige Classes
Vigilante a person that combines magical and mundane investigative techniques to assess a crime scene. He is adept at learning the word on the street about crime, analyzing clues, and identifying likely suspects fighter rogue Any non evil +4 Gather information 8 ranks, Intimidate 4 ranks, Knowledge ( local ) 8 ranks, Search 4 ranks, Sense motive 8 ranks Alertness None None Complete Adventurer
Virtusoso Typically outgoing, charismatic, and gregarious, they love to be around people and is quick to make friends. His place is on the stage and not in smell dungeon. Though people feel that he can sometimes be an egomaniac people always feel better around him Bards
Any None Diplomacy 4 ranks, Intimidate 4 ranks, Peform any 10 ranks None Arcane Spellcaster level first None Complete Adventurer
Void Disciple Out of all the elemental forces that make up the universe, the most powerful and the most difficult to control is the one that lies between and joins the others: The void those interested in the elemental planes any neutral None Spellcraft 1o ranks Heighten spell, Spell Penetration Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells or divine spells None Complete Divine
Walker in the Waste A walker in the waste embodies the harsh, unforgiving of the desert. The waste’s dryness can perfectly preserve a royal city, a wondrous creature, or a towering forest—caught at the very moment of death, before age and decay can spoil it. Maybe you want to protect your chosen environment and warn away those who would intrude. For you, most living things are nothing more than potential exhibits, and your soul is as parched as the sands that surround you. those divine classes of a harsh bent of the dry waste of the desert and your body becomes an embodiment of that Any non good None None Heat endurance Ability to cast at least three spells of the sand or Thirst domain as divine spells None Sandstorm
War Chanter The roar of battle, the screams of dying, the howl of a warrior’s cry are all notes composed by the war chanter. His music flows across the battlefield like a raging torrent catching friends and foes in its wake Bards, fighters that have multiclassed as bards Any non-lawful +4 Perform sing or perform oratory 6 ranks combat expertise, Weapon Focus None Able to use the inspire courage bardic music ability Complete Warrior
War Mind War minds are expert fighters who claim to possess unequaled knowledge in the art of war. Through a combination of inner contemplation and external study of an ancient text called the Talariic Codex, war minds grow in their craft of arms and war. Those who study the Talariic Codex
learn several tenets, collectively known as chains of war. As a war mind masters one chain, he opens himself to learn the next chain in the series, should he desire to continue to bend his mind to the intensive studies required to advance in this class
Any psionic fighting class Any non chaotic +3 Knowledge history 2 ranks, Knowledge psionics 8 ranks None Must have a power point reserve of at least 1 power point Must have had some instruction by another war mind, have access to the talariic texts, or belong to an organization that access to talariic texts. Expanded Psionics Handbook
Warpriest Warpriests are fierce, earthy clerics who pray for peace but prepare for war. Their strong wills , powerful personalities and devotion to their deities make them fearsome combatants Any holy divine person any +5 diplomacy 8 ranks, Sense motive 5 ranks Combat casting Able to cast at least one divine spell from one of the following domains: Destruction, Protection, Strength, or war Ability to turn and rebuke undead Complete Divine


Shen (Warriors of the Animal Fist) In windswept mountain temples,
fortresses buried in the heart of forests,
and training halls hidden in city alleyways,
small sects of martial artists follow a different road. They embrace the natural
world, using combat techniques inspired
by the movement and fighting spirit of
one of seven animals: crane, dragon,
mantis, monkey, panther, snake, or
tiger. Known as shen, or “spirits,”
their training goes far beyond imitation;
they master deadly skills and can transform
into humanoid versions of their
chosen animal
Anyone who wants to unlock the fighting secets of their chosen animal. Most shen begin adventuring as monksor druids, but barbarians, rangers, and
rogues sometimes find themselves drawn
to the way of the animal fist.
Any +5 Knowledge (nature) 2 ranks, Survival 3 ranks Improved Unarmed Strik Additional requirements are listed for each animal
shen. Upon taking a level of this class, a character must
choose an animal shen and meet the additional requirements. Each animal shen is treated
as a different prestige class

Crane: Combat
Expertise, Dodge, Balance 5 ranks,
Jump 5 ranks.
Additional Class Skill: Bluff.

Dragon: Additional Requirements: Weapon Focus
(unarmed strike), Concentration 4 ranks,
Intimidate 3 ranks.
Additional Class Skills: Diplomacy,

Mantis: Additional Requirements: Combat
Expertise, Improved Trip, Concentration
2 ranks, Escape Artist 5 ranks.
Additional Class Skill: Intimidate

Additional Requirements: Weapon
Focus (quarterstaff), Balance 5 ranks,
Tumble 5 ranks.
Additional Class Skills: Bluff, Perform.

Panther: Additional Requirements: Improved Initiative,
Hide 5 ranks, Move Silently 5 ranks.
Additional Class Skill: Search.

Snake: Additional Requirements: Stunning Fist,
Concentration 4 ranks, Heal 2 ranks.
Additional Class Skills: Heal, Profession

Tiger: them, even when not in hybrid form.
Additional Requirements: Power Attack,
Concentration 2 ranks, Intimidate 4 ranks.
Additional Class Skill: Intimidate

Dragon Magazine 319 Page 68  
Warshaper The warshaper finds the use of natural endowments to be sadly limited. They evolve their own weapons to suit the threat at hand. Blessed with the ability to change form at a moment’s notice they delight in surprising their foes with various shapes fighters, or any class with shape changing ability Any +4 None None
Must be able to change in 1 of the following 5 ways:
1. Change shape supernatural ability
2. Shapechanger subtype
3. Polymorph as a spell like ability
4. Able to cast polymorph spell
5. Wild shape or similar class feature
Complete Warrior
Wavekeeper The druid is a creature of many habitats, and the average druid is able to make himself at home in the mountain heights as easily as in the depths of the forest. But some druids, particularly the druids of marine races, feel the call of the primal deeps. These druids seek to understand the life patterns that ebb and flow with its currents; they embrace the power of the oceans. The ocean answers the wavekeeper’s call, with awesome and devastating results. And divine class draw to the sea and the manipulation of water Any neutral +4 Survival 8 ranks, Swim 5 ranks None Ability cast first level divine spells Animal companion with aquatic subtype or swim speed Stormwrack
Wayfarer Guide For a person who is bent on focusing her skills at instantaneous transportation. She learns secrets of the trade through the Wayfarer’s union. Your ability for teleportation exceeds even the greatest mages Spellcasters that travel among lands Any None Knowledge Arcana 10 ranks, Knowledge geography 10 ranks None Ability to cast teleport A prospective wayfarer guide must join with the Wayfarer’s Union, but you can later quit if you want without losing levels Complete Arcane
Whisperknife Many halflings are rogues; everyone knows that. Some towns are careful to befriend halfling caravans, offering honest work and a fair deal in the expectation that halflings won’t steal from friends. Other settlements are standoffish and suspicious, relying on vigilance and harsh laws to discourage any larcenous intent. Still other places greet halflings with violence, cruelty, and scorn, sheltering brigands and thieves who feel free to murder and rob those who are smaller and less numerous than they are. Halfling caravans avoid such settlements from then on—but the halfling whisperknife seeks them out, repaying murder, theft, or humiliation in the same coin. Any halfling wanting to avenge halflings that have been wronged Halfling +4 Balance 3 ranks, Climb 3 ranks, Hide 6 ranks, Jump 3 ranks, Move silently 6 ranks, Tumble 3 ranks Point blank shot, Quick Draw, Two weapon fighting, Weapon finesse None required Sneak attack 1d6+ Races of the Wild
Wild Plains Outrider Many of the dangers of the plains necessitate trust between mount and rider. They are a band of powerful druids and rangers that have sworn to protect the plain forming a bond between mount and ride rangers, druids, clerics, fighters, barbarians any None Ride 9 ranks mounted combat, Track None Animal companion large enough to serve as a mount or a paladin’s special mount Complete Adventurer
Wild Soul Like the waters of a stream, magic’s flow never ceases, but it does congregate in reservoirs of natural magic These “pools” of magic are the fey, certain magical beasts, and other creatures of both innate magic and strong natural bonds. So-called wild souls are arcanists who have tapped into this natural flow of energy. Those that wish to tap into the wild pools of magic Any non lawful None Knowledge arcana 8 ranks, Knowledge nature 4 ranks None Must be able to cast second level arcane spells, must make peaceful contact with a fey creature and peacefully spend at least one day among fey None Complete Mage
Wildrunner Wildrunners give themselves almost wholly to nature, seeking to return to their untamed roots and eventually become fey creatures. Though seemingly barbaric, wildrunners retain their civilized learning and judgment while tapping into the primal forces within themselves and within the land. Some wildrunners choose to live after the fashion of untamed animals, unfettered and beholden to nothing but their own desires and their fundamental needs. Most, however, become guardians of the land and of the communities that gave them birth. Any elf or half-elf that wants to get in touch with their wild fey roots Elf or half-elf, Any good or chaotic None Hide 5 ranks, Knowledge nature 5 ranks, Move silently 5 ranks, survival 8 ranks Endurance None required None Races of the Wild
Wind Speaker Through listening , wind speakers gain a new vision of the world. They hear the things that others hope to hide. They see the truth that lives behind the lies men tell. Wind speakers hope that by listening they will uncover the mysteries that plague others Any divine class Any None Listen 5 ranks, Wilderness lore 5 ranks Alertness Must be able to cast 4th level divine spells Charisma 13+ Ultimate Prestige Classes
Windsinger A bard who singing ability can control the winds and sky The bard must have survived a great trial at sea
Any None perform 10 ranks, knowledge nature 5 ranks, None Able to cast 0 level arcane spells The character must have survived a great trial at sea Dragon Magazine Issue Number
Witch slayer Witch slayers devote themselves to capturing and destroying those who share their souls with other entities. Not content with hunting only binders and other practitioners of pact magic, they seek out and destroy anyone who gives up command of his soul. To a witch slayer, it doesn’t matter whether the target is a possessed wizard or a virtuous binder; anyone who harbors two souls in the same vessel is an abomination. Those who feel that no two souls should occupy one vessel Any +5 Knowledge religion 4 ranks, Sense motive 4 ranks None None Must have fought a binder or a possessed creature Tome of Magic
Wonderworker Among spellcasters, some are so devoted to good that they sacrifice some of their spellcasting ability in order to grow closer to the ideal of goodness they revere. Any caster or psion class Any race but good alignment None None One exalted feat, plus either Favored of the champions, Knight of the Stars, or Servant of the heavens Able to cast 3rd level arcane or divine spells or to manifest psion powers 3rd Base Will save +5 Book of Exalted Deeds
Wordbearer The wordbearer focuses on the words to weave magical spells. He studies ancient tomes that date back to the original discoveries of the arcane arts. Through arduous study of these aeons old texts, the wordbearer uncovers a series of words, each encapsulates a portion of the primal energies Any arcane spellcaster interested in words of power Any None Knowledge arcana 13 ranks Quicken spell Ability to cast power word blind, kill, or stun Spend 2 months studying ancient libram of power, a massive volume written by one of the first mortals to use and discover arcane spells Ultimate Prestige Classes
Wyrd The wyrd sees their condition as a curse and a blessing. For one they can’t control the influx of rage around them but on the other the source of power of the combined might of a barbarians physical capabilities and the sorcerer’s powers are a craving they can’t resist Any half-orc class wanting to combine the might of the barbarian with the power of the sorcerer Half-orc +5 Spellcraft 6 ranks, Concentration 6 ranks Empower spell, Enlarge spell, maximize spell any two of them Ability to cast first level arcane without preparation Rage Heroes of High Favor
Wyrm Wizard Wyrm wizards are spellcasters who learn new spells not through research and experimentation but rather by tapping into the vast wealth of arcane knowledge possessed by dragons spellcasters Any None knowledge arcana 9 ranks, Spellcraft 9 ranks Any metamagic feat Ability to cast first level arcane spells Speaks draconic Dragon Magic
Zerth Cenobite The core of a zerth cenobite’s studies involve strict meditation on the nature of time and the body’s movements through it, culminating in a marital art known as zerthin. It was first used at a special githzerai monastery in the chaos boil of limbo psionic monks or monks with some power points Any +4 Concentration 9 ranks None None Still mind class feature and power point reserve of at least 2 Complete Psionics
Zombie Master The paths of the necromancer are many, but few are as single-mindedly devoted as that of the Zombie Master. While the true necromancer and many other lords of the dead work with the many varieties of animated corpses and life beyond death, the Zombie Master focuses on the simpler to control animated corpses of his namesake. Many arcane necromancers have come to this path, while it remains significantly less common among divine spellcasters who gain access to more powerful undead creations at higher levels. Any class wishing to animate and control corpses for power Any Non Good None Knowledge undead 8 ranks, Heal 5 ranks None Ability to cast animate dead Must surround self with animated dead for a least one month, never separated from them for the duration Thee Complete Librum Of Gar'Udok's Necromantic Artes