So this is where your destiny begins. The simplest yet most complicated step in your entire gaming session. The meeting of great minds to determine the outcome of their characters. The scheduling. Yes, you laugh, but scheduling is one of the key components as to how far your character evolves in their storyline. Scheduling is a four step process.

Step1: My availability is now represented on two different calendars: iCalendar for Macintosh, iPAD or iPhone and Google Calendar. You should request permission to have access to one of these calendars so that you and your group knows my availability and can plan to schedule sessions. All players should request access.


Step 2: Electing a coordinator to touch base with everyone in their group

Step 3: The coordinator asking his group members what dates are good for them and presenting them to the me, the GM, once they have check my calendars. Spots fill up very quickly as groups plan three months in advance.

Step 4: I will look at the requested dates, pick from that pool, enter them into the calendar and follow up with an email. These listed times will be updates on everyone's devices.

There are some guidelines that should be adhered too

1. Before presenting the dates to the DM make sure you have some definitive times. I DO NOT want to be included in any email chain. Because the size of my gaming community if would be overwhelming to get email chains from everyone group in regards to scheduling.

2. There should be no more than 25% of your group missing. If you all decide on a date and two of four people back out and or can't make it then it is time to reschedule.

3. Adding souls to my collection is a hobby that I can't refuse, and playing a few times a week is dream come true. Please be serious about a cancellation. Multiple casual cancellations in a group will result in less investment time on my behalf.

4. People can schedule appointments that are not related to gaming if they want to research on the character or the game that is perfectly acceptable, cool, and you will gain experience points, bonus feats, magic items etc. I have also started having webinars every couple of weeks. I typically get requests for D&D therapy sessions where players want to map out their character's future, talk about optimzing their character, or look for solutions to problems that evolve as a player plays their character.

5.For main meals there is the following restaurants that deliver please click on the menu link below and it will take you the menus page.


6. House Rules.

House rules of my gaming system.  This is probably one of the most important points since it is brings up certain guidelines, rules and no tolerance policies on certain subject matters that participants must agree to be eligible for game play.   Due to the nature that the gaming events takes place at my house where my family resides there are house rules that all players must abide by since they will on the premises.  We try to create an atmosphere that is accepting of a diverse spectrum of people and players. Below is the list of actions that are not tolerated.  If these guidelines are acceptable to you then we can progress.  If they are not then my gaming system is not right for either one of us. 

1. Racist behavior

2. Sexist behavior

3. Homophobic behavior

4. Anti semitic behavior

5. Generally any behavior that marginalizes a group of people based on a certain attribute

6. Smoking

7. Carrying of firearms

8. Use of drugs

9. Inviting other people to my residence without prior notification and approval

10. Intentional destruction of property

11. Harassment of other players whether it be physical or verbal.